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Female Weight Training!

I am writing an article specially dedicated to women and their fear of weight training. There is a lot of false information and myth about this subject! So, let's talk about it. Get over your fears with this article!

Female weight training. There is a lot of false information and myth about this subject! So, let's talk about it...

A lot of women avoid weight training because they are afraid to get 'bulky' and loose their femininity (I used to think the same way many years ago). I think that many of them don't realize that there is a big difference between fitness and bodybuilding.

Women & Weight Training! Women & Weight Training!
Weight training offers women a number of benefits including weight loss and fat burning, improving muscle tone as well as fighting osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
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To begin with, building lean muscle mass doesn't happen overnight. You can achieve a great physique, keep your feminine curves (even enhance them!) by working with a reasonable amount of weight. In a way, the media has a lot to do with the fact that many of us women strive to be thin at any price.

How many commercials on T.V. and ads in magazines show tall, skinny females as the "way" to be? How many teens have eating disorders because they try to be like these "models"? Personally, a well-toned body is much more attractive. Being healthy and looking it, can be achieved through weight training.

The Benefits Of Weight Training

A woman who starts lifting weights will soon discover that the benefits and results are astonishing! It could be to rehabilitate an injury, lose weight, add definition... it doesn't matter! I am convinced that everyone has a use for it! Strength training also has the positive effect of helping prevent osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular exercises are great and I think they should be part of a good regular training program. However, by themselves, they only do so much... How many well-intended women endlessly pedal on the stationary bike, perform hours of aerobic classes and still do not obtain the shape they are looking for? They've hit a plateau!

What's A Plateau?
A level of attainment or achievement in weight loss or bodybuilding where one gets "stuck in a rut", barring further progress or noticable results. As obvious as it may seem, if you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results. Click here for tips on breaking through plateaus.

Weight Training Q & A For Women! Weight Training Q & A For Women!
I am often asked questions, in the gym, by ladies who are concerned about and intimidated by weight training. With this in mind, I would like to cover some of the most common questions that I hear.
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They might lose weight (from fat, water, or even muscle - which, by the way, you want to avoid), but they don't reshape or improve their bodies. How can one expect to have different results by keeping doing the same things over and over again? Break the pattern. Their missing link, one more time: weight training.

Nutrition & Supplementation

The nutrition and supplementation parts are very important as well. It can be as much as 80% of the results. It is the "fuel" your body relies upon to perform, change, and progress. You see, it is a combination of positive acts that will give you what you are looking for, a synergy of forces. I will talk more about nutrition and supplementation in my next article.

Lean, Sexy, & Hard: Weight Training For Women! Lean, Sexy, & Hard: Weight Training For Women!
I decided to write this article to show how a woman should train and at the same time dispel some of the common misconceptions regarding female trainees...
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penny For the beginners, I would highly suggest working with a personal trainer for several sessions. It will allow you to learn the proper techniques, good basics and posture, and how to avoid injuries. It is worth every penny of it. Like I always say, better safe then sorry...

Take care, until next time!