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Mash Monster Number 39: Adam Demnowicz.

Adam is the newest Gripboard Mash Monster. See the pics and video of his incredible feats of grip strength. Learn more about him right here.

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Here is Mash Monster numer 39, Adam Demnowicz.

Name: Adam Demnowicz
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 230 lbs
Date of Feat: 5/10/07
Witness: Bill McCaslin (fatboy), Arron Corcorran (acorn)
How Long Grip Training: 2 ½ yrs

Current Grip Training Program: Everything grip: I'm not great at just one thing but I'm pretty good at everything, so I train it all.

Other Training Info:
I do some bending although not a whole lot and I've been doing strict curl for about as long as I've been doing grip. I also dabble in powerlifting and strongman stuff.

Other Info:
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Bill for getting me started on all this stuff (weight related) and being my partner through it all. Also, thanks to Val and Kimmy for putting up with the crap that Bill and I put them through.


[ Q ] Could you tell us a little about your background in lifting(age, when started lifting, why you started, what you do now as far as lifts)?

    I started lifting when I was about 14 when I met Bill, my training partner. I did that for about 1 1/2 years then I had to stop for a while due to grade slippage. I slowly got back into and still do it today along with doing curl contests.

    Then one day Bill came to me and had a nail in his hand and told me to try to bend it and at the time I couldn't, and I really wasn't that interested it. Then one Saturday Bill brought a bender bag from Iron Mind and we started trying to bend and once I got a yellow and Bill didn't I was hooked, I had found something that I was actually better than Bill at. Ever since then grip has been my thing.

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Adam Demnowicz.

[ Q ] You are now a GripBoard Mash Monster, what would you recommend to those aspiring to close this gripper?

    Shave down all your grippers, and find someone who is good with a camera and lighting.

[ Q ] You are also a Certified Captain of Crush®. How long did it take you from when you first started working on the grippers to closing the #3?

    I'm not totally certified on the 3 yet but I will be, but it took about a year and I never thought in my wildest dreams that thing would ever close in my hand, it just seemed so far away but I just kept working at it and finally it went down.

[ Q ] What does your current grip routine look like?

    Sunday-Thursday: do something grip related. Unfortunately we don't have a perfect set schedule, although we need one, but there is just so much in the grip world to work on and we like it all so we just do what we can, when we can.

[ Q ] How has your grip routine changed since you first started training your grip?

    It just became for frequent and intense.

Closing The MMG.

[ Q ] There seems to be a significant variation in the frequency of grip workouts among trainees even with the common goal of ultimate grip strength. Have you experimented with workout frequency and it's affect on your training?

    Kind of. I've learned that if it hurts don't train. Some say that if you work it all the time then it will always get better, I don't think so. Ya it's good to have a solid routine, but you need time to rest and heal completely.

    Some workout routines are every night for 3 weeks then take a week off. My buddy Bill did that and I just did my own routine and he hurt himself and I got stronger. Maybe it could be the difference in our bodies or just how we do it I don't know.

[ Q ] What are your favorite grip exercises?

    Hub, RT, Grippers, & Pinch.

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Closing The MMG.

[ Q ] What kind of starting routine would you recommend for a trainee new to grip training?

    Hit it all and see where your strong points are and your week points are; but just keep going it will get better.

[ Q ] Who do you most admire in gripdom?

    Gary Hunt (gazza), Kevin Bussi, and Bill for his determination, even against bad odds.

[ Q ] If you were to start over again with your grip training, what would you do differently?

    Work harder.

[ Q ] What do you believe is the most difficult grip exercise?


[ Q ] What are some of your personal bests in grip exercises?

    Hub... all...

[ Q ] What do you believe is the most common mistake made by new grip trainees?

    Hurt themselves and don't learn proper technique.

[ Q ] What do you consider to be the greatest grip feats of all time?

    The Millennium dumbbell, but the main thing is feats done with small hands. I don't think that the blob by the face is a great feat. Congratulations you just have HUGE hands.

[ Q ] Do you have any parting advice for readers?

    Don't give up... and be sure to visit the #1 place for grip... The GripBoard.

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