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Mash Monster Number 24: Shawn Littleton.

Find all about who the newest Gripboard Mash Monster, Shawn Littleton, see pics and video of his incredible feats of grip strength!

[ Q ] Could you tell us a little about your background in lifting (age, when started lifting, why you started, what you do now as far as lifts)?

    I started lifting at age 15 for football. I like to keep it simple and do squats, deadlifts, atlas stones, sled dragging, and overhead press.

[ Q ] How did you get into grip training?

    The book Dinosaur Training got me into it.

[ Q ] You are now a GripBoard Mash Monster, what would you recommend to those aspiring to close this gripper?


[ Q ] You are also a Certified Captain of Crush. How long did it take you from when you first started working on the grippers to closing the #3?

    About one year, approximately.

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Closing The MMG

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[ Q ] What does your current grip routine look like?

    Every once in a while when I am at Clayton's house, I pick up his grippers and squeeze them. Other than that, nothing special.

[ Q ] How has your grip routine changed since you first started training your grip?

    It has decreased from what I first started.

[ Q ] There seems to be a significant variation in the frequency of grip workouts among trainees even with the common goal of ultimate grip strength. Have you experimented with workout frequency and it's affect on your training?

    I like very intermittent training; once a week at most.

[ Q ] What are your favorite grip exercises?

    Pinch and thickbar.

[ Q ] What kind of starting routine would you recommend for a trainee new to grip training?

    I don't feel qualified to answer that question, but make sure you focus on all areas of grip development.

[ Q ] Who do you most admire in gripdom?

    John Brookfield and Richard Sorin.

[ Q ] If you were to start over again with your grip training, what would you do differently?


[ Q ] What do you believe is the most difficult grip exercise?

    Thickbar (Rolling Thunder). I get the sorest from that.

[ Q ] What are some of your personal bests in grip exercises?

    190 two hand pinch, blob (either hand), inch lift without tilt, 50 lb. clean with either hand, elite close, grade 8 bend, and tear deck of cards.

[ Q ] What do you believe is the most common mistake made by new grip trainees?

    Thinking they can't do it.

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You Can Do It.

[ Q ] What do you consider to be the greatest grip feats of all time?

    Lifting the 50 lb. blob by the face is pretty impressive to me. And the guy that can do the rafter walking is pretty cool.

[ Q ] Do you have any parting advice for readers?

    If you don't take your grip training seriously, you can be just like me!