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Smash Out Your Fear & Self-Hatred With True Motive!

I believe a lot of the reasons gym goers are consistently working out has more to do with fear, envy, anger and self-hatred. The purpose of this article is to induce awareness and understanding of your true motive.

Article Summary:
  • What you bring into the gym will blossom into your workout.
  • Many of the strongest people are suffering from self non-acceptance.
  • People find their only sense of power in the gym.
  • You're staring at the clock, counting down those last seconds, pouring all of your energy into those groundbreaking last few reps. You count eight, nine, ten, eleven. At this point your arms are going numb, your veins are pulsing like a live tree root, twelve!

    You slam the weights down and scream in victory as you peer at your explosive biceps with rope-shaped veins running down your swollen arms to your hands.

    Every day it's one-on-one as you fight and push your way through another hard workout. Every day it's a battle to conquer that person in the mirror.

    Every Day It's A Battle To Conquer That Person In The Mirror.
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    Every day it's a battle to
    conquer that person in the mirror.

    But what exactly is the driving force that is controlling your every pump, every set? How exactly are you getting into the gym every day? Putting in the extra work to beat last week's gains?

    The purpose for this article is not to persuade you to stop going to the gym, but to induce awareness into all of your workouts. I feel it is important to understand all of your true motives in order for you to have a successful life in the gym as well as outside of the gym.

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    The Reasons For Working Out

    I am an ISSA personal trainer and I have been involved with the gym for more than 10 years. I am a psych major and I have much experience with the mind, body, and soul connection.

    In my opinion I believe a lot of the reasons bodybuilders, and consecutive gym goers are consistently working out has nothing to do with the lifestyle but more to do with fear, envy, anger and self-hatred. Though it is great for gym goers to be consistent, but it's also a shame to see gym goers pound away at the weights because of the wrong reasons.

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    There was this kid at my gym, who showed up regularly and was consistent and hard working. A lot of the other trainers where applauding him and so was I, but that didn't stop me from thinking to myself, why is this kid training like a bodybuilder at such an early age?

    My psychoanalytical theory suggested that he was in some type of fear, maybe security, abandonment, hopelessness or not being loved. After some time the kid eventually ended being one of my clients and we began to get to know each other.

    It's A Shame To See Gym Goers Pound Away At The Weights Because Of The Wrong Reasons.
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    It's a shame to see gym goers pound away at
    the weights because of the wrong reasons.

    My theory was running through my mind during our sessions and eventually I asked him, "Hey man, why do you want to work out all of the time?" I asked. He replied with the answer I figured he was going to say which was, "To be a bodybuilder."

    Then I replied to his answer with another question and I asked, "What motivated you into becoming a bodybuilder?" His answer was the answer which I was seeking from the start. And he told me, "Well Tommy, I used to get picked on a lot by the other kids in school and I want to get stronger so they won't pick on me anymore."

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    Marie Spano

    Marie Spano

    It's answers like this and many more that make me worry that young and old gym goers are suffering from an inferiority complex or a moderate to mild case of body dysmorphic disorder.

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder:
    Body dysmorphic disorder is a (psychological) anxiety disorder in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by a perceived defect in his or her physical features (body image).

    In my independent research I have witnessed many people's lives crumble as soon as they walked into the gym and see that someone else is already on their machine!

    Or while doing supersets someone would step in and remove your weights so they could use the machine without asking for your permission and to watch in horror as you witness some old man rape your precious machine, without even running it by you first.

    Do you get upset when someone else is using the machine you were going to use?

    Yes - But I Don't Do Anything About It
    Yes - And I Let The Other Person Know That It's My Machine
    No - It Doesn't Bother Me

    It's somewhat humorous and pathetic. Over the years I have developed my own theories by my own experience and by other people's behavior.

    What Do You Bring To The Gym?

    First, it is my belief that what you bring into the gym will blossom into your workout. It is easy to see that when a person is rushing through all of their sets and throwing their weights around that they must be in some type of hurry. Too bad that's not always the case.

    It is my belief that people are controlled by mind-made fear and powerlessness and it's being expressed through their workouts. In my experience with the mind and body connection over the years I have developed awareness through self-analysis.

    What You Bring Into The Gym Will Blossom Into Your Workout.
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    What you bring into the gym will
    blossom into your workout.

    Whenever I noticed that I was finishing my workouts really quick or I wasn't gaining any results I would ask myself, "What is going on inside my head?"

    A majority of the time I was worried about school, work, relationships, money, and so on. As time went on I began to practice awareness in the gym and slow every set and rep down, making sure that each squeeze was complete and all of my focus was that last pump.

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    As time went on, I began to notice a lot gains and progress in my workouts. Also, to my surprise, my awareness helped me be aware of my total surroundings and the people in it. It's a great learning experience to see you in others. This helped me remember what I used to be like and reminded me to slow down.

    Another theory of mine is that the gym goers and big bodybuilding freaks out there are actually putting on the greatest acting show in the world. Not so much in their workout but by their underline driven determination. It's a sad but it's true, many of the strongest and biggest people in a gym are suffering from a non-acceptance of self, and an expectation that they can never reach.

    Many Of The Strongest And Biggest People In A Gym Are Suffering From A Non-Acceptance Of Self.
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    Many of the strongest and biggest people in a gym
    are suffering from a non-acceptance of self.

    My theory even goes farther into the idea of never being good enough, never being loved enough and isolation. I love to hear people talk about how they stay consistent with their workouts or how it takes time and good eating and a passion for the sport to get where they are at.

    Too bad a majority of those jokers are really saying a lot of fear and self hatred is how I got my awesome abs and big chest. It's true and not to many people want to be honest about the motivations that drive people's workouts.

    Does your motivation for working out stem from a much deeper source?

    Yes - Definitely
    Not That I'm Aware Of
    No - Definitely Not

    If you told someone that their workouts were wrong and needed some improvement, they would laugh at you or get very defensive.

    It's my opinion that people find their only sense of power in the gym. All day long people are being told what to do, and what to be. But as soon as they hit the gym floor it's all about selfishness, expectations, and self-control, which is triggered all by self-hatred.

    People Find Their Only Sense Of Power In The Gym.
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    People find their only
    sense of power in the gym.

    Why Be A Bodybuilder?

    A great question to ask yourself is why then do people want to be bodybuilders in the first place? It's just not like one day you wake up and you're a bodybuilder. There has to be some conditioning of the mind through whatever reasons to get people to be where they are.

    Similar to the story of the young man I was training. He told me he loved the sport and wanted to be a bodybuilder. I didn't believe for one second that this was true and I asked him a serious of questions about his social life and school.

    He proceeded to tell me that he got picked on a lot in school and wanted to gain some weight to be strong so no one could mess with him anymore.

    His story is a prime example of the wrong reasons to be in a gym. It's sad that this was coming from a 13-year-old. His story proves that anyone can suffer from a lowered sence of self and that no is no age limit to protect you from fear and non-acceptance.

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    Lisa Sutton

    Lisa Sutton

    So what can you do to protect yourself from fear and to develop right motives for working out? It's pretty simple when all you need is acceptance, patience and change. As little as that sounds it has proven to be an almost impossible task to complete. But it can be completed with dedication and time.

    Instead of coming into the gym repeating to yourself, "hurry you fat boy hurry," how about you accept and love yourself as you are in the present moment. Remind yourself that it's your human right to live your life and make your own decisions and it's your human right to be as you are and where you are at this time.

    Remind Yourself It's Your Human Right To Live Your Life And Make Your Own Decisions.
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    Remind yourself that it's your human right to
    live your life and make your own decisions.

    Once you find your acceptance then you can be more aware in the gym, you will also notice that it's never going to be a destination you have to meet either. Instead you will feel like going to the gym is just a part of your life and the time constraints on your workouts will diminish.


    So, by this time my friends you should have embraced the concept of a true motive for going to the gym and don't fear the change or problem but embrace it as if you chose it, and the rest will speak for itself.