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The Real Comeback, Chris Cormier: What Is New In His Life?

What has the 'Real Deal' Chris Cormier been up to since his life threatening emergency paralyzed him and tested his will to fight back? Get the real answers right here as he prepares to make a comeback!

The Real Comeback, Chris Cormier!

[ Q ] What's been going on? Last we heard you we're all messed up. What's the real deal today? How do you feel?

A: Well I'm doing a lot better; it's been really hard to deal with mentally, and physically. I got a lot of letters and cards from the family and it was a huge boost - I cried a lot lying there in that bed, watching show after show of sports story's. It was getting to me knowing the Olympia was near and I am half the man I used to be (laugh out loud).


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Man it was the lowest point in my life, but I must say people who wrote me that we never even met gave me so much will to want to make a big comeback - this time it will be 110%.

There was this lady whom was visiting her dad (who was my roommate) - he was really old and he would get out of bed and fall sometimes... and I am like wow; I am pushing the nurse button every five minutes for the dude.

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Chris Cormier In Contest Shape.

Anyway, I called her over and told her I am looking out for her dad - she smiled and grabbed my hand and asked me, "Do I accept the lord as my savior?" I said yes, and she prayed over me for 20 minutes to help me get back to my life, my son, walk again, and strengthen my body (the god given body she said).

I just cried the whole time; it was wild 'cause at the time I was using a walker to walk. The next morning was the first day I got up without any help, so I started walking the hospital floor. I was so happy I started calling people to tell them the big news.

[ Q ] When did you start back training?

A: It's been a month or so. I am doing my best to take it slow and easy; rushing back too fast everyone reminds me could be a mistake. I am doing leg press, hack squats, leg curls, extensions, etc. I was nervous at first but it's like riding a bike you know?

[ Q ] How did it feel to see people at the "O" and in the gym after what you went through?

A: It was great, really awesome, because that's been my life, all my life, so just to hear the sound of the gym made me feel so much better. And while at my sponsor's (MuscleTech) booth all the fans at the show that I talked to and signed photo's for just made it all the better. The fans make all the training, the shows I've competed in the world over, made it all worth doing.

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Chris Cormier In Contest Shape.

So many people, competitors, and judges all came up and wished me well - I thank them so much even still today; it makes my eyes water. I felt alone and forgotten while recovering, even with family and friends telling me to stay strong - it was hard to know how people outside of that feel about you.

[ Q ] So when can your fans aspect to see you next, or compete next?

A: I am planning on being at the first couple of shows in 2007; I am still building back my size so I don't want to commit to a show until all my mass is back. Currently using Anator P70, and plenty of Cell-Tech Hardcore, and Leukic for sure. I want to go to Australia to Melbourne - if I am competing or not my homey Tony Dee is putting together another great show - I love it there, the fans are unreal, and the trade shows are one of the best you'll see, so it will be on my calendar for sure.

Anator Cell Tech Hardcore Leukic
Anator P70, Cell-Tech Hardcore & Leukic.

[ Q ] After competing in over 70 pro shows, wining 12, 53 top six pose downs... you still want more?

A: This is what I do, I have a good three, maybe four years of tread on these tires (laugh out loud). I have unfinished business in the IFBB - a couple of shows like the Iron Man, the Arnold, the Aussie Show, New York Pro, even the Texas show; I want to win them all.

When I was lying on my back after being on the go for all my life I never had to lay there and think, "Well it is burning inside of my heart to do what I do, this is what god put me here to do, he can give it or take it away." So while I was forced to ponder about my life and what I wanted out of it, I just needed to change some things, about my life, and redo it like a real champion would.

Guest: Chris Cormier
Date: 01/16/06
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For now I need to make changes on things like my web site, some coaching of other athletes, and bodybuilders for comps, and camps for kids that want to get the edge in sports, etc.

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[ Q ] Anything else you want to get out to the readers?

A: Well you can follow my progress here as I get ready to go back into battle and I hope to give you lots of info on that, thanks to MuscleTech for being behind me, Schiek Sports, Jagwear Posing Suits, of course, and all you fans from around the world: my Aussie fans, Brazil fans, England, Germany, France, Amsterdam, across the USA, it's been all worth what we bodybuilders go through.

The Realdeal Fam.

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