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ST CLAIR STRENGTH AND FITNESS is a business offering: personal training, athletic strength and conditioning, sports nutrition and specialized training for powerlifting and strength athletics. Based out of Boise, Idaho, ST CLAIR STRENGTH AND FITNESS (SSF) has been in business for since September of 2001. Clients range in age from 17 to 47 with all different skill levels and goals in mind. If you would like information regarding services please contact Corey St. Clair at:


    Corey, owner of SSF, is an amateur strongman and powerlifter who has competed for close to 5 years in strength athletics. Starting when he was a student at Boise State, Corey began lifting and competing with the Boise State Powerlifting Club under the watchful eye of Joe Kenn (currently the Director of Football Strength & Conditioning, Arizona State University). He saw great results and combined with proper nutrition and supplementation, Corey began to move up the ranks of Idaho and Northwest powerlifting. After getting married in July of 1998, Corey began to look at the sport of Strongman and set his sites on success in that sport. His first competition was the Central USA Strongman Competition in Kokomo, Indiana in June of 2000. Out of 59 competitors, he finished 14th overall, just missing the finals by 4 places. Not bad for his first competition, however this would not be his last. In June of 2001, just one year later, Corey won the Big Sky's Strongest Man-Amateur Division in Missoula, Montana. He had trained both mentally and physically for this event and the success was great for him. Just nine weeks later, he entered his first professional contest-the Washington State Strongman Challenge, in Seattle, Washington. Corey finished 3rd out of 10 professionals and while he didn't win an event, his points weren't that far off second place. Those who close to him knew that he had really trained hard for this competition. Probably harder than he had for anything else and it paid off for this up and coming American strongman.

Sample Programs

SSF offers different programs for clients whose goals differ as much as they do. Workout programs range from 5 day/week programs that include cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training as well as full nutrition and supplement programs designed with their needs in mind, to once a month, one-on-one sessions where clients can discuss workouts, eating, difficulties, and other topics that are related to their goals. I implement an athletic based workout program for intermediate and advanced weight trainers including Olympic lift derivatives, an emphasis on free weights, and strong trunk (low back/abdominal) strengthening. Other workouts are based on weak-point training, bodybuilding programs, as well as many others. Corey implements the latest technology in exercise equipment including Swiss ball work, balance and agility training, and functional strength-based exercises designed for different lifestyles in mind.

Corey is open for phone/email consultation and fees vary depending on the situation. Or if you live in the Boise area and would like to set up an appointment with him, please email him at the address above to set up a time.

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    If you're interested in competing in powerlifting or other strength athletics, get the real story and a great program from a qualified, experienced and knowledgable trainer like Corey St. Clair!

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