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Letter From The Editor And Responses About Ephedra And Easter Seals!

Unfortunately the safety profile of a substance (such as prohormones and Ephedra) is less important to our government than political agenda. Here we are shown how hypocritical our government can be. The concern here is how OTC medication seems ignored.

Last month, a Federal Judge overturned the Food and Drug Administration's ban on Ephedra one year after the ban went into effect. This is welcome news after the sweeping ban on prohormones just a number of months ago.

While this should be of some encouragement, political agenda and dogma still challenge our sport every day. In the Ephedra case, the judge based his decision on the lack of evidence that the FDA provided, to show that all doses of Ephedra were dangerous.

Ephedra Is Back? Yes, No, Maybe So...
Nutraceutical Corp. and Solaray, Inc. have fought long and hard against an FDA ruling that they may now have finally overthrown...
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Unfortunately the safety profile of a substance (such as prohormones and Ephedra) is less important to our government than political agenda. Last month Rick Collins (the foremost expert in steroid law) testified for the United State Sentencing Commission. Rick explains why steroids are different than the other substances that share Schedule IIIC status.

Rick's testimony is included in this issue of CORE.

And what about baseball? Will Carroll shares his thoughts on the matter in "Radio Silence: The Media's Response to Steroid Testing." (Read Will's Interview with Author L. Rea in his new book The Juice)

What's interesting is despite these roadblocks our industry continues to move ahead. ALR Industries and others have stayed one step ahead and continue to bring great supplements to market that really work. While it's sad that so many effective products are no longer available, ALR Industries has stepped up to the plate and delivered. You'll notice that ALRI doesn't carry hundreds of products - just a handful of products that really work.

On the ALRI website, you can find real people who use our products. People like you and me.

This month, CORE Performance and ALRI are announcing the ALRI's Battle of the Boards. The ALRI Battle of the Boards is a physique contest for real people who use ALRI products. And the first place winner will enjoy a trip for 2 to Hawaii!

But there's more! CORE Performance readers will be able to see contestants on line and submit your vote for most improved physique. Get ready for some good ol' fashioned rivalry between our sponsoring message boards and partners. Not only are we excited for a great contest; we're also going to help some good people along the way.

During the ALRI Battle of the Boards promotion, one dollar of every ALRI product sold will be donated to the Easter Seals organization. The Easter Seals provides services and rehabilitation programs to adults and children with disabilities. With recent government spending cuts, the Easter Seals is in a time of great need. Please take a moment to read our Letters to the Editor. You'll find comments from Marty Melvin (Development Director, Easter Seals) that explains more about their services and their current situation.

Letters To The Editor

Ephedra Ruling

    The FDA never had the scientific evidence to enact the sweeping ban they imposed on Ephedra and still don't have that evidence today. I congratulate Mr. Hough and Nutraceutical in taking a stand for what they believed was right and scientifically accurate.

    While insurance issues and importation of Ephedra will continue to be a challenge (road block) this ruling puts the FDA on notice that they must do their work thoroughly before acting (setting political pressure aside). It has always been my opinion that if Ephedra is not "safe" then neither are several OTC drugs and countless prescription drugs that cause many more adverse events and deaths than Ephedra ever has on a yearly basis.

Do You Think Ephedra Is Safe?

Yes - Absolutely!
No - It Will Kill You!

    Where are the cries of wrong doing when counting the deaths caused by OTC or prescription drugs? In the eyes of many, deaths from prescription drugs are irrelevant because they are prescribed under doctor supervision and are accounted for during drug trials (as a percentage of users), making those deaths considered "ok or acceptable". These discrepancies are hypocritical at best when considering the grave consequences involved.

    It will be interesting to see the results of this action against the FDA moving forward and how it influences the other issues currently in the forefront.

    Best regards,
    Alan E. Shugarman, M.S., R.D.
    Discovery Nutrition, Inc.
    Editor's note: Alan's letter is in response to the recent Federal ruling overturning the ephedra ban.

Easter Seals

    One of the hallmarks of civilized societies is their willingness to provide care for those less fortunate among their citizens. These include both the economically disadvantaged and those individuals with special physical, emotional and psychological needs.

    Most often these services are provided by private institutions and non-profit agencies. The ability of those organizations to maintain high quality service is being challenged by cuts in government funding, insurance payments and employee benefit programs.

    This year alone Easter Seals Tri-Counties needs to raise more than $300,000 in funds from individuals in order to cover deficits.

    For over 50 years Easter Seals Tri-Counties has been providing health and rehabilitative services to children, adults and families with special needs. Our mission is to help children and adults with disabilities or other special needs live with equality, dignity and independence.

    Easter Seals provides high quality rehabilitation programs to address the diverse needs of people throughout the Tri-Counties. Over 4,000 children and adults benefited from our programs in 2003. Our programs and services fall into three major categories: Children's Services, Medical Rehabilitation and Support Services.

    We are proud of our heritage as a non-profit health and rehabilitative agency serving children and adults with special needs. Through the generosity of individuals like you we continue to provide these services with integrity and compassion.

    Easter Seals is recognized as a leader in service efficiencies. Last year fully 84% of our funding went directly to client services. Easter Seals was recently named "One of America's 100 Best Charities" by Worth Magazine.

    For information on how you can help Easter Seals Tri-Counties fulfill our mission please call: Mary Lincoln 805.659.3786 Ext 19.

    Thank you again for helping Easter Seals. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


    Editor's Note: ALRI will be donating $1 for every product sold during the ALRI Battle of the Boards promotion.