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Is it a good idea to stack boldenone and nandrolone? Will stacking interleukin-15 with insulin-like growth factor turn even the most ordinary physique into a freak show? Author goes into these questions below with some brief detailed answers.

[ Q ] What's your idea/experience on using a low dose of eq and deca together say 300mg/EQ and 300mg/Deca?

IMHO they work fine together but I get the occasional argument "they cancel each other out and compete for the same receptor LOL!)

Thanks, and Best Regards from Shine.

    A: Only a few years ago many would have replied to this with the silly answer of "...boldenone (EQ/Equipoise) and nandrolone decanoate (deca) are the same in effect so why stack?"


      Boldenone is similar to testosterone in anabolic action with only about 50% the aromatization rate (conversion to estrogens). It is only moderately androgenic yet provides a hardening effect commonly realized due to the employment of highly androgenic non-aromatizing AAS (Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids).

      Since boldenone increases red blood cell production an increase in vascularity is often reported as well as rapid recovery between work-sets. This is great if the red blood cell count does not reach a point of excess leading to blood clots.

      The result of these qualities is a highly anabolic environment with low water retention and few reported cases of gynecomastia (bitch tits). Unfortunately boldenone is a veterinary drug only.


      Nandrolone is a progestin of sorts (having progesterone-like qualities) that aromatizes at about 20% the rate of testosterone. Its aromatization product is a nor-estrogen having much less estrogenic activity. It is more anabolic than testosterone and low to moderately androgenic.

      The result of these qualities should be a very high rate of protein synthesis (muscular growth), no female pattern fat deposits or gynecomastia, with a dry and hard look to the physique... but it doesn't. (Huh?)

      Since it has progestin qualities the drug is able to interact with progesterone receptors and cause water retention and bitch tits. (But it gets worse) Additionally the progesterone effect can have an inhibitory effect upon libido (Looking semi-hard but not in a manner of speaking).

    Combining The Two

      Several AAS users have reported a beneficial value to co-administration of lower dosages of both boldenone and nandrolone in comparison to high dosages of one or the other.

      This is due to the resulting degree of negative potential side effect cancellation: The androgenic value of boldenone seems to cancel the anti-libido effect of nandrolone and the reduction in necessary boldenone dosages decreases the excessive red blood cell production concern.

      The reduction in progesterone-like activity and reduced total circulating estrogens (from aromatization) also reduces the chances of winning a wet T-shirt contest and a much harder musculature.

      My observations have always been that 1.5-2mg per pound of body weight each of boldenone and nandrolone weekly resulted in fewer negative side effects and better lean tissue accruement than 3-4mg per pound of body weight weekly of either alone.

      By the way, the idea of canceling each other out is an oxymoron. AAS molecules do not cancel each other; they replace one another in occupying the androgen receptors on/in muscle and other cells.

      The period of time an AAS molecule remains in a given androgen receptor (binding time) is determined by its structure... not by what other molecules are around to piss it off. Geez!

[ Q ] One of the huge dude's at the gym said that IL-15 will make anyone a freak. Is it true?

    A: Interleukin - 15 (IL-15).

    This is one of the newer drugs appearing on the bodybuilding scene that I would like to comment only briefly on. The human body produces several growth factors that are mediators and intermediates. In short this means they translate or decrease/increase the effect of hormones and other growth factors.

    A study published in the Journal of Endocrinology in 1995 showed IL-15 doubled the rate of hypertrophy in skeletal muscle tissue. Interesting? Well the same study showed that stacking IL-15 with IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1; the stuff GH is converted into by the liver and other sites) increased muscular hypertrophy (excessive development/growth) by 500%. How is that for mediation?

    What Is Hypertrophy?
    Hypertrophy is defined as a condition of overgrowth or excessive development of an organ or body-part.

    I have known only a few athletes whom have utilized this stack, and to be honest, I have always believed (and seen that) freaks can be created even from those with below average genetics anyway. Yes, the results were amazing.

    The down side of IL-15 use is that lack of research. Some have speculated that IL-15 can trigger cancer cell growth. However, available research has not shown a connection between IL-15 and organ growth as of yet.

    I will not, at this point, explain reported cycles or use. There is not enough research as of yet concerning possible negative side effects. However as more research becomes available, you can bet I will be happy to share the reported results.

    A Note Of Serious Interest.

      There is also an Interleukin-6. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

      It is used by AIDS patients as an immunocytochemical. This means it modulates an immune reaction to infection.

      It creates an inflammatory reaction and very high cortisol levels while suppressing IGF-1 and Androgen levels. So do not chase AIDS victims around asking for some. They have enough problems to deal with.