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Ask Author L. Rea - June 2005.

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[ Q ] In BTPB you make reference to how the Beast at one point in time used T3 two days on two days off wth Trimax on the other days? Is this still a valid protocol? What are the advantages?

    When the use of any variant of thyroid hormone analog there is an additive effect to existing natural levels when this type of protocol is utilized FOR A BRIEF PERIOD. The period is about 28 days in most cases and yes this is validated with blood work. So this means that the natural average 25mcg of T-3 made daily by the body is added to the dosage administered. However it is important to note that the amount made by the body will decrease as the TSH negarive feed back loop increases.

    The advantages? Thyroid hormones control the rate of cellular activities. This means the rate at which anabolism, fat expenditure and recovery occurs as well. An increase in thyroid hormone activity also increases these events to a surprising extent but abuse is not wise.

Butterfly Effect: The Basics Of The Thyroid
I will discuss the basics of the thyroid here in part 1, which will cover what it is, what it does, and what problems sometimes occur.
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[ Q ] Also can you make any reference to how you have heard of people combining T4 and T3 in a cutting cycle to provide a slightly more "normal" but elevated hormone profile? Would you recommend Armour or other natural thyroid for cutting since it has a more even division of Thyroid hormones?

    Hmmm, those that know me know I have been a researcher and that I did seminars for HRT clinics and groups for some time.

    What Is HRT?
    Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a system of medical treatment for postmenopausal women, based on the assumption that it may prevent health problems caused by diminished circulating estrogen hormones. The treatment involves a series of drugs designed to artificially boost hormone levels. Estrogens and progestagens are the two main types of hormones involved.

    Also, though retired from doing so, I have consulted for over 3000 athletes. And I assume at least one of you has seen pics of me somewhere. I seldom go over 6% BF and average 240-260 lbs. In short, from over 20 years professional experience.

    I do not advise doing long cutting protocols using thyroid analogs simply due to cellular lag post use and the high potential for heart issues in many. However, Armour certainly is a better option for use due to its multi-analogs.

[ Q ] Also with reference to Trimax, do you know if it caused a rise in endogenous T3 or dose it just create a false positive high level on T3 blood tests since it is a T3 analog?

    There is a degree of conversion to active T-3 and short term (like 2 days) use usually results in a spike in TSH initially. Long term use is no different than using any thyroid hormone analog as the result is still a decrease in TSH release and lag.

[ Q ] Do you feel that HOT alone, or one of these similar substances is enough for a standard PH/PS cycle (4-8 weeks) PCT, or do you think in most cases a SERM like nolva is advisable as well? Thanks.

    My experience has been that it works fine alone and most note maintaining significant lean mass aquired durring the PS protocol.

    Naturally a quality diet and training are required but from what I have learned of the lads here, that goes without saying.