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Letter From The Editor!

CORE is a collaboration of articles from a variety of writers helping you with physique and performance excellence.

Once again the saga between freedom and control in the supplement industry takes another turn. Last month we let out a sigh of relief as a Federal Judge ruled that the FDA had failed to prove that all doses of Ephedra were unsafe. While this is not a final victory in the battle to keep Ephedra legal it was a big step in the right direction.

Rick Collins Speaks On The Ruling

In this issue Rick Collins explains in detail the implications of this ruling. Rick is considered by many to be the foremost expert on steroid law and legal matters relating to our sport. Rick has also been a true friend and advocate for the bodybuilding community.

The Interview With Rick Collins.
Many times an athlete is sitting in the can right now watching his hard earned muscle ebb because he was just ignorant of his rights. Learn the truth about the law with this interview with Rick Collins!
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Please support Rick by checking out his site Rick's book " Legal Muscle" has quickly become the bodybuilder's desk reference for steroid and drug related legal matters. Rick also writes "BUSTED" a legal Q&A column for Muscular Development.

Michael DiMaggio & The Anti-DHEA Bill

It's no surprise however that our freedoms are being jeopardized on yet another front. DHEA initially escaped the pro-hormone ban as a compromise to allow the remaining anti-prohormone legislation through. But no one should be surprised to find out it's under attack again.

Also included in this issue is Michael DiMaggio's review of the proposed bill and the implications this has on our freedoms. We've also included information on what you can do to support the fight for your supplement freedoms. This new legislation will likely pass without aggressive opposition. Please, take action today!

Perhaps to an unfamiliar outsider it seems that anything done to improve the human physique that is achieved through a pill or injection is considered by our government to be morally objectionable. I haven't heard anyone in congress calling women with breast implants cheaters. And what about laser eye surgery. No one objects to this obvious performance enhancement? I wonder how many senators pop Viagra to improve their "performance?"

Dr. Bruce Nadler & Gynecomastia Removal

At least for now, the art of cosmetic and plastic surgeons across the country remains unimpeded. Speaking of breasts, Dr. Bruce Nadler, appears in this issue to talk about the correct way to perform gynecomastia removal. (And yes, Dr. Nadler is also very skilled at performing breast augmentations).

Dr. Nadler long ago set the record for this type of operation and actually trains and instructs other doctors on how to perform gynecomastia correction. Unfortunately, Dr. Nadler has also had to correct other surgeon's mistakes.

Author L Rea

Despite the turmoil in our industry, Author L Rea and ALRI stays on the leading edge. It never ceases to amaze me the products that come out of Author's lab. I have had the privilege of seeing many happy customers reporting their results. Check out our Letters to the Editor section for an inspiring letter from one of our customers.