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January Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

Of course we brought you lots of cutting edge training and supplementation information again this month, but we also wanted to share some insights into what makes the fitness industry tick...

January 2005

Many do not realize that the body grows through the need to adapt. This means new ways or stimulus are needed that replace those that the body has long since adjusted to. Of course higher intensity training also means greater needs for antioxidants to destroy free radicals.

In the inaugural January 2005 issue of Core Performance Magazine we are proud to bring you a variety of new training ideas to help you move heavier weights and grow more lean mass than ever before. We also share some much needed insights in common errors suffered from incorrect ideas such instinctive training.



Question & Answer

Featured Article

    Muscle Separation Training.
    Bodybuilders can set their watches by it. 12 weeks before the contest, around the time they decide to cut calories, insecurities emerge like a fat chick at Dairy Queen.

Nutrition & Supplementation

    The Art Of War: The Battle Against Homeostasis (Part 1).
    So ya wanna be a freak - or even just have a nice degree of muscle and a dialed in six-pack. Well your body and tens of thousands of years of evolution have second thoughts in regard to this pursuit...

    Initial Body Fat & Body Composition Changes.
    A more recent idea making the rounds in bodybuilding nutrition is that, prior to trying to gain lean body mass, people should diet down first.

    Toxicity - Do You Brush Your Teeth?
    There is logic in that strange title. Scientists call brushing your teeth an 'investment'. Besides good hygiene, the main reason people brush their teeth is for future reward; clean teeth get less dental caries (cavities) and gum disease.

    All About Alpha Lipoic Acid.
    Alpha lipoic acid is a coin with two sides. As an antioxidant, it inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen or peroxides that destroy or corrupt cells. When taken as a supplement, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) increases...

    The Government & The Supplement Industry.
    Soon you may not be able to purchase the natural supplements and vitamins! You may also have to get a doctor's prescription before you can buy the remaining versions.


    An Interview With Eric Serrano, M.D - Part 1.
    I am joined today by world famous nutrition and supplementation expert Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Dr. Serrano is well known amongst elite athletes and coaches who seek his help for the most complicated cases.