April Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

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April 2005

We have several different topics again, ranging from the war on drugs to methods in training and recovery.

Post Cycle Recovery

    A To Z Post-Cycle Recovery: From Soup to (Your) Nuts.
    Two of the most critical factors bodybuilders are concerned about when coming off a steroid or prohormone (PH) cycle is keeping the muscle gains they made on the cycle and recovering their natural testosterone levels...


    Double Session Burst Training.
    Double session burst training is an extreme, 6 week-blitz scheme, geared to diametrically increase muscle mass while concurrently shedding body fat. Like most great things, this type of training will require selfish time and dedication...

    Pro-Style Mass Methods.
    I'm more convinced than ever that we've stumbled onto something very big, something that could help you trigger extreme mass gains fast. And its directly connected to how the biggest bodybuilders get so outrageously huge...

    AMPk: Master Metabolic Regulator.
    The molecule I want to talk about is called AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPk for short, a compound that is turning out to be one of the major metabolic regulators in the liver, skeletal muscle, fatty acids, and the brain.

    An Interview With Mavis Tozzi.
    Since they first came out it seems we get more letters every day asking who that beautiful lady is in the ALRI XXX Rush ads. Many in the fitness and physique industry already know her as Mavis Tozzi.