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[ Q ] I recently turned to the wisdom of Author L. Rea after searching for a better alternative to 'legal' bodybuilding products. I've looked into several resources, including "Chemical Muscle Enhancement", by Mr. Rea, and decided that the only way to get real results is to take the real thing...AAS.

But now I find that Mr. Rea is advocating prohormones (or was advocating, since the new law dropped by our President). So, I guess my question is... are prohormones as effective as AAS?

And what are Mr. Rea's reasons for promoting something that is second best to AAS?

Also, I believe that Mr. Rea is about quality... so are the products ALRI really better than what I'd find from other labels?

And will prohormones go away now, leaving us with AAS as our only choice? (Not that I mind... just curious)

    ALR: Eric, first, how old are you? Age is important in regard to products employed and methods of use. If you are under 21? bad idea.

[ Q ] Are prosteroids as good as AAS?

    ALR: The fact is yes as they actually are AAS. The problem is than in the real world certain chemical structures induce more powerful effects than others. On paper some once called prosteroids are far more powerful than common AAS.

    If you look at the new site you will note Oxanavar by HM Gear.

    It is basically orally active Deca that is more anabolic milligram for milligram than nandrolone decanoate (injectable Deca). 20mg daily of Oxanavar is equal in "actual real world results" to about 57mg daily of injectable Deca minus the water weight.

    Another example is Testosterone-OH versus Testosterone Cypionate. On some papers the Test-OH is twice as anabolic but only 1/10th as androgenic. Sounds like the OH would add 20lbs a week at 600mg weekly, doesn't it. But in the real world 100mg of Testosterone Cypionate is equal to 63.7mg of Testosterone-OH due to the lack of androgenic push.

    I realize this all seems a little confusing (I spent 16 years in academia and 25 years in the field and lab to get to the point I am at now? and still finding new information daily) but my point is that it is all dose and application dependent. And yes, the more active prosteroids are quite effective if used correctly. Unfortunately they are soon to be banned so I certainly understand why so many people are stocking up.

    Hmmm, are the products my staff and I create better than other companies? Eric, first I only select those compounds to offer that I have personally had good results from both myself and with clients, and have had at least 3 years of experience with.

    Second our team makes every possible effort to assure the very best quality or we do not sell it. We focus on real people, real products, and real results. Why believe me? Does anyone else offer a money back guarantee in this industry?

    My name is behind every product and my integrity is not for sale. If it were, I would be making a lot more money than I do... but I would be ashamed to face my wife and son when I get up in the morning, and certainly would not be answering this in a forum that over 120,000 readers see.

    In fact it is the very reason we now have ALR Industries! Now all that my companies offer, from supplements and books to foods and services, is within my personal view at all times.

    We are even closing out the HM Gear and AGR Nutrition lines and will not be designing any new products for those companies because it had reached a point that I did not have complete overview of the quality any longer. After the prosteroids in stock are gone (almost there) I will have no affiliation whatsoever with them.

[ Q ] What Choices Will The Future Offer Beast?

    ALR: Hmmm, what to do when the prosteroids are gone? In February 2005, we are releasing our newest muscle growth enhancer ALRI ErgoMax LMG. It is not a prohormone or prosteroid, it is naturally occurring, and it is 12 times as anabolic as methyltestosterone. Interesting?

    Our plan for this year is to release my book Building the Perfect Beast?Legally that will out-line the training, diet and supplemental protocols I use with many of my clients. You may be a bit surprised, and hopefully thrilled, to realize what can be done legally.

[ Q ] Coach, I always carry a lot of water when I cycle. Do I need to use more anti-estrogens? I had my body fat measured and it was only 9%, but when I am on you can't even see where my abs should be.

    ALR: It sounds as though you are like many whom simply have a high rate of aromatization. Many have solved this by focusing upon AAS that do not aromatize such as androstanes, DHT derivatives or 4-OH structures. Oxandrolone, stanozolol, Test-OH, Nandrolone-OH and methenolone are all examples.

    The reason is simple in that these all decrease natural estrogen production while also being resistant to the aromatase enzyme that converts susceptible AAS into estrogens.

    The problem with out of control estrogen levels is that it triggers the production and release of another hormone called aldosterone. Aldosterone is the hormone that causes water retention by increasing sodium levels outside of cells thus giving athletes that "Krispy Kremes" look so popular in very dark (but not dark enough) dance clubs.

    Androstanes tend to inhibit estrogen which in turn decreases aldosterone levels. Many have achieved far drier looks (with good abs) by using stacks that allow for androstanes to inhibit the estrogen promoting nature of aromatase susceptible AAS, and adding an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex. (As a rule 2mcg/d of Arimidex is employed per 1mg of testosterone per week. So, 2000mcg? or 2mg of Arimidex daily for 1000mg of testosterone per week).