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Editor's Picks - A Week In Preview.

Editor's Picks - A Week In Preview.

When you click onto the SuperSite, I can sympathize with the mental digestion of what is before you. Here's an insider look at what new content we have coming up!


Editor's Picks
A Week In Preview


When you rely on a GPS system, you don't notice that the sun is in the wrong place in the sky. You stop using your inbuilt compass and your innate sense of which way is up. Everyone can navigate by instinct, and if you can't, there's something wrong with you and you should be in prison. The only people who can't navigate instinctively are my passenger map-readers, as I scream at them while driving down a one way street... the wrong way, and those trying to locate their zipper after 8 beers, 6 vodka's and tequila slammer... So I have heard.

As your Editor in Chief, I have already navigated this week's content, so you don't have to get lost. Please be my guest as I serve to you my picks of the week for your reading and viewing pleasure, and to ensure that you take the stable steps forward in reaching your goals - Kris Gethin

Monday December 6th

The Top 10 Rules of Successful Clean Bulking is my pick for Monday. It's my pick for good reason too; it was penned by our resident guru Derek Charlebois. Derek has helped 1000's of people reach their peak potential, including Mark Lobliner, so when he speaks, it's wise to listen.

His simple strategies are great for those wanting to put on size without having to lose most of their muscular gains when leaning out. The lean bulk also ensures you don't feel like an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping when attempting a bout of cardio.

The Top 10 Rules of Successful Clean Bulking

Tuesday December 7th

For Tuesday, I am going with Beat the Christmas Bulge with Interval Training, by Gregg Giles. This time of year, there are so many work colleague parties, parties with friends, and a general craving for inactivity and custard (unless the custard is part of your activity), that, before you know it, you will require a heavy goods vehicle license when walking down the street.

Gregg tells you how to best capitalize on fat loss, even without the use of a gym, and provides some great short, and long, interval printable workouts to take anywhere a Christmas gathering calls.

Beat the Christmas Bulge with Interval Training

Wednesday December 8th

First impressions are always important, and no aspect of the physique has more an immediate impact than a great pair of... shoulders. Sit back, relax and watch Wednesday's video of top NPC Bodybuilder, Justin Lovato, as he puts you through a high volume shoulder workout.

If you think a nice car or a suit makes a man, wait for the attention you will bring with boulder sized shoulders once you apply Justin's regime into your program.

High Volume Shoulder Workout

Thursday December 9th

We have all been the beginner, and more often than not, we eventually learn from our mistakes, which can take a couple of years of trial and error. Roger Lockridge has written 6 Weight Training Mistakes a Newbie Should Avoid to give you a head-start and a helping hand towards your goals, so you don't have to deal with the frustration and embarrassment of being a gym virgin.

If you don't want to attract attention for the wrong reasons, avoid injury, and remain motivated for the long term, this article is a great introduction to your first step to success.

6 Weight Training Mistakes a Newbie Should Avoid

Friday December 10th

If you want a short, but not sweet, way to suppress your appetite, look no further than Matt Weiks Top 5 Appetite Suppressing Ingredients.

If your belly feels the urge to eat a second helping of Christmas cake, or drink another glass of Eggnog, I urge you to armor yourself with the ingredients that Matt has researched and has recommended so you don't wake up on January 1st sharing the silhouette of an Onion.

Top 5 Appetite Suppressing Ingredients

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