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Australian Con Demetriou Explains Road To 2010 Phoenix Pro!

Big guns from down under: leading Australia Pro Con Demetriou makes his assault on the 2010 Phoenix Pro. From burnout to pro find out what he did!

Article Summary:
  • Leading Australia Pro Con Demetriou will be competing in the 2010 Phoenix Pro!
  • Demetriou is now taking a more holistic approach to building his body.
  • The Phoenix Pro takes place February 20th.

Beginning his bodybuilding rise in 1989 with an overall win at the Australian Teenage Mr. Western Suburbs show, professional newcomer Con Demetriou quickly established himself as a formidable force in the Australian iron game.

Over the following five years he would win several national titles including that of overall Mr. Australia, firmly cementing himself as a future pro with his symmetrical and razor sharp physique. Set on becoming one of the world's youngest pros he resolved to make the great leap to the big time. A few more pounds of quality muscle and he would be a legitimate contender. It was not to be.

In 1995 - after six years of all-out training with very little rest - burn out had set in and Demetriou, having lost interest in the sport that he had given so much to, quit bodybuilding to focus on business interests and life beyond the confines of 24/7 dieting and arduous workouts.

But the iron was still in his blood, the winner's mentality still a constant in his life, and he continued to compete sporadically, but failing to achieve a similar level of success to which he had become accustomed in the early '90s.

Ever the extremist, Demetriou decided that if he were to continue competing he would need to take his training endeavors seriously, and his physical development to the absolute limit.

In 2006 he buckled down and again began his quest to turn pro. After a convincing win at the 2006 County Classic Championships, back-to-back victories at the 2006 Australian Nationals and 2007 Elite Australian Championships and elevation to the super-heavyweight category where he claimed the 2007 Australia title he achieved professional status.

Making his pro debut in 2009 Demetriou placed 15th at the Ironman Pro, but made quite an impression with his combination of size and shape. As a newcomer and an unknown this placement was not unexpected given the established line-up that year.

Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro. Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro.
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Con Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro.
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With another solid year of training behind him Demetriou is now bigger and better than ever. With a change in training have come fresh gains in muscle quality, and quantity.

No longer is he constantly thrashing his system with continuous intensity. Rather Demetriou is taking a more holistic approach to building his body with higher reps and more rest along with a relaxed lifestyle and natural supplementation. In the following interview he shares his new training approach and his plans for his assault on the 2010 Phoenix Pro.

Con Demetriou
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Australia Pro Con Demetriou.

Con Demetriou Interview

[ Q ] Hello Con. You have been on the bodybuilding scene for quite some time, but as a competitive pro for a relatively short period. How did you get started in bodybuilding and what attracted you to becoming a pro bodybuilder in the first place?

    Well David I actually grew up on a farm and loved playing sports as a kid but could never get to training because it was too far from home. I started pumping weights at home with the few dumbbells and barbells I was given as a Christmas present.

    I started competing at a young age and won the Mr. Australia title four times by the age of 23. I was very disciplined and focused and as a result I sacrificed many things to achieve these goals. By the age of 23 I was burnt out and bored with my lifestyle so I quit and pursued all the things that I really wanted to do growing up as a normal teenager.

    I really wanted to be a pro and use it to come to USA and experience this great country. I guess the time was not right. I decided to start a business so I opened a gym. I still had bodybuilding in my blood and tried to make several comebacks but failed.

    It wasn't until I lost my gym that I decided to pack my bags and move to Thailand with the money I had saved and focus on becoming a pro bodybuilder. I was 33 years old and I thought well time is running out. It is now or never!

Con Demetriou
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It Is Now Or Never!

[ Q ] The 2010 Phoenix Pro line-up is quite strong. How do you feel you will stack up in this show? Do you have any predictions at this point?

    Yes the line-up is strong. I just hope I get my condition right on the day so I look good up against these guys. If Troy comes in top condition I think he would be hard to beat.

[ Q ] At what point in your career progression did you know that you could become one of the pro elite?

    Well I always knew I had the right shape and frame to be a pro it was just a matter of putting the muscle on and coming in condition. I still need to put a little more muscle on and then I should be able to give these guys a run for their money.

Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Australia Pro Grand Prix IX. Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Australia Pro Grand Prix IX.
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Con Demetriou At The 2009 Australia Pro Grand Prix IX.
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[ Q ] What improvements have you made to your physique since you last competed?

    I have added more muscle and have come in leaner a lot earlier. My legs have come up as well as my delts and arms. I don't go so heavy anymore and as a result my midsection has trimmed down a little.

Con Demetriou
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I Don't Go So Heavy Anymore And As A Result
My Midsection Has Trimmed Down A Little.

[ Q ] You appear to have an excellent combination of symmetry, proportion and size. What of your physical attributes will capture the judge's attention at the Phoenix Pro do you think?

    My symmetry, shape, proportion and - hopefully if I don't screw it up again this time - my condition will get the judge's attention, I will not impress them with my size - that will be Quincy's job.

[ Q ] Could you describe the training program you have used to prep for this show?

    Yes I have been training a larger body part in the morning and a smaller one at night. I have been pumping my biceps up before training chest and shoulders and pumping my triceps up before training back.

    I never tried this before but it seems to be a good warm up for me and by the time I start training the larger muscle I am ready to hit it hard but not tired at all because the arm exercises are merely a pump. This extra stimulation I give my arms has definitely made them grow.

    With my solid training I use a variety of high reps and low reps. Low is about eight and high up to 30. These high reps have really made a difference. I have not excluded the good solid eight rep stuff and do train heavy, I just don't do the crazy lifts that I used to do. So many of my friends have torn their chest or biceps lately that it has been a real warning for me to take precautions not to do the same.

    The high rep stuff really gorges the muscle full of blood and I believe it is what has really brought my delts and arms up. If I go real heavy with shoulder training my traps seem to grow but I do not get those nice capped delts that I am looking for.

Con Demetriou
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With My Solid Training I Use A
Variety Of High Reps And Low Reps.

[ Q ] What changes, if any, have you made to your training to prepare for the Phoenix Pro?

    I used to go very heavy in my early days. Now I have been doing a lot of high reps and using exercises that really focus on the muscles I am training. I am not working at the moment so most days I train twice per day. I have increased my cardio sessions once per day for 80 minutes. This extra 20 minutes seems to be making a lot of difference.

    I am very happy with my current training regime. If anything I would have liked to be more stable in my living arrangements but training is good, I would not change anything. I guess this is the price I pay for all the traveling I do.

[ Q ] What has your basic training philosophy always been and how has this approach helped you in the past?

    Well I believe that with most aspects of bodybuilding you must do a lot of research on things and then apply them. Keep what works and discard what doesn't even if everyone is doing it a particular way you must really identify what works for you and keep doing it for as long as it is delivering results.

    Try doing things your own way as well and use a bit of instinctive training. What I really search for though in my workouts is the pump. The main thing I do is try to fill the muscle I am training with as much blood as possible, whether it is by going heavy or light, high reps or low reps.

    I have broken many rules lately doing 30 reps even for some body parts like delts and arms. I keep trying to find the right exercises, angles and rep range that hit the muscle I am targeting.

Con Demetriou
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Keep What Works And Discard What Doesn't.

[ Q ] Could you provide an outline of the nutrition plan you used for your Phoenix pro prep?

    I have been focusing on eating protein sources that my body seems to crave. I get most of my fuel from fats so this is great because it makes eating protein sources so much easier. I will go to the supermarket and push the cart around and what my body craves I will buy.

    Some days it is fish, other days beef or chicken. I do not eat chicken breasts or tilapia but instead eat salmon or chicken thighs. When I eat my food it tastes delicious and since I have been eating this way I always look forward to eating my meals and feel that my body digests them a lot better. I get some carbs from the dairy I eat and low calorie fruits and vegetables. I feel less bloated and more satisfied with this diet.

    There is more that we don't know about food than we know about it so I am a strong believer in using my instincts in choosing what foods to eat and combine together. Many foods and nutrients complement each other and the quantities and combinations vary from person to person and day to day, so it is quite difficult to try doing it all measured and calculated with each meal. Sometimes we need more sometimes less depending on our activities and daily stresses we place on our bodies.

Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro. Constantino Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro.
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Con Demetriou At The 2009 Iron Man Pro.
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[ Q ] Have you made any changes to your nutrition for the Phoenix Pro?

    Yes, I have moved to Miami and have been doing my competition prep here. I met a guy named Leo Rosenberg, who has been living here for years. He is also into training and has taught me a lot about natural supplementation and foods.

    I have been picking the coconuts fresh from the palm trees here and drinking the juice. I have been cutting fresh aloe vera and eating the flesh mixed in with yogurt. These natural ways I have been practicing along with many others has really made a huge difference in the way I feel. I feel that my body is cleansed and refreshed and my digestive system is much stronger.

    My weakest link all my life ever since I was a kid is my digestive system. I always had trouble eating enough food. This year I have worked on building my weak links instead of trying to gorge my body with excessive amounts of protein and lifting copious amounts of weight.

    I feel so much healthier this way and along with the cardio I do on the sand at the beach with the fresh ocean air, I feel revitalized. I also believe that the environment one lives in and trains in has such an impact on their results. Here in Miami it is like a paradise, no wonder my training is going so well.

Con Demetriou
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I Also Believe That The Environment One Lives In And Trains In
Has Such An Impact On Their Results.

[ Q ] When you began bodybuilding did you have any specific genetic weaknesses that you needed to overcome? If so, how did you overcome these?

    Yes, I sure did. Like I just mentioned my digestion was weak and after reading in the magazines that I was supposed to eat a certain amount of protein and carbs with each meal I stopped listening to my body's feedback and was instead listening to the magazines.

    As a result it was so mechanical and I was a bit obsessed with the whole thing and it made me develop a sort of eating disorder. I would often sit in front of my meals for over an hour to force it down.

[ Q ] Were you a so-called easy gainer when you began bodybuilding? How did you make your initial bodybuilding progress?

    I was a hard gainer but because I played so much sport and was so active working on the farm lifting a lot of heavy things people thought I was naturally muscular.

    Truth is I was a very skinny kid and developed my physique through hard work along with the passion of exercise and nutrition. I would study nutrition books from the age of 15 and topped all my biology, anatomy and human performance and physical education classes. So you can see how important knowledge is as well as a little tenacity.

[ Q ] Have you worked with anyone for your Phoenix Pro prep? If so, how have they helped you?

    I have worked with Leo Rosenberg for my nutrition and supplementation and also Ntuk, a fellow pro bodybuilder here in Miami with my posing and motivation.

[ Q ] What are your immediate bodybuilding goals?

    I am not really focussed on winning. It seems so far away, but I certainly want to place higher and higher and bring to the stage something I have never brought before. Basically to look better than I have ever looked before.

Con Demetriou
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I Certainly Want To Place Higher And Higher
And Bring To The Stage Something I Have Never Brought Before.

[ Q ] What are your long-term bodybuilding goals?

    I would like to compete until I am 45. Since my comeback at 33 years of age after having ten years off I feel great. It makes me feel young again. I want to keep on learning and pass my knowledge and experience on to others.

[ Q ] What will be your competitive plans following your Phoenix Pro showing?

    I have just extended my Visa so I will like to do as many shows as possible while I am here and then go back to Thailand and chill out for a while. I think USA and Thailand is a perfect balance for me.

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