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Ask A Fitness Model Issue 12: Leaving Behind Mediocrity - Taking It To The Next Level.

You made the initial investment in your body. You bought the gym membership, all of the appropriate supplements ... Now, are you ready to put forth the persistence to succeed? Get fired up with these suggestions.

The most common questions I get asked in the Ask A Fitness Model Column directly relate to this topic as a generality of improving health and the physical exterior; taking what you have done to the next level.

For example: dropping the last ten pounds, getting rid of the thigh fat that won't seem to dissolve, losing the spare tire of remaining fat when the rest of the 4-pack has come in just fine, and toning once the fat has been dropped.

Taking It To The Next Level

You made the initial investment in your body. You bought the gym membership, all of the appropriate supplements, maybe even hired a personal trainer. You eat right for the most part, well except for the weekends, the game, traveling, etc (INSERT EXCUSE HERE) ... you get the point.

Mediocrity Loves Company:

    You have seen results, your body is coming along, but isn't where you thought you would be at this point. Guess what, sometimes life gets in the way. At the end of the day, we all have jobs, kids, boyfriends, pets, tragedies that distract us consistently and on a daily basis.

    All of these things can be overcome and easily. You do what is expected of you by yourself, your spouse, your job, etc. Being mediocre is encouraged in our society. Instant gratification abounds. Have you ever heard the phrase "Mediocrity loves company?" Well guess what, it's true. Did you ever stop to realize you are exactly where you want to be in your body image, and life?

    You might say "I didn't ask for this last ten pounds to stay on my body?" Weeeeeellllllll ... guess what, you did. At the end of the day, your body looks exactly like what you have allowed it to look like.

    Plateau Busting Articles:

Successful Habits:

    Hate working out? Don't like the gym? Not a fan of skimping on butter and dessert? Successful people make a habit of doing things that are not fun, are difficult, and usually things they do whether they feel like it or not.

    What you are willing to put in over what is the norm, or expected, will directly determine your success. This is not to say ups and downs and temptations won't get in your way. The only way you can be successful in your goal of taking your physicality, body or any other aspect of your life to the next level, is to react to trouble in a controlled manner, deal with the problem, and continue back on your path.

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    Determination and persistence are the only things that will allow you to rise in life, and overcome. Do you self-correct or wait for your wife, husband, significant other to point out the flaws in your plan for success in achieving and maintaining a perfectly balanced, healthy, and toned body? TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

    Don't be self critical, be self motivating. Take stock of what you have done thus far, what more there is to do, what needs to be improved. Then do it. Don't hesitate. Begin immediately. Don't stop, not ever. When you achieve exactly what you have set out to do, then maintain it.

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Be Self Motivating.

Visualize Everything:

    Use visualizations every day; when you are training VISUALIZE EXACTLY how your body will look by visualizing it looking like that now. The key to the visualization technique that most people miss is not to picture it in some distant future, but to VISUALIZE yourself there now.

    If everything you affirm and visualize is only pictured in the future, the future will not come. You have to see yourself as exactly how you want to appear, now. Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques of the subconscious mind.

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    If you can convince your subconscious that not only will you achieve every workout goal you have set for yourself - it will come fast, and soon - your actions will immediately reflect that.


One of the most effective uses of the mind is about manifesting what it is that you want into reality. There is a theory called "The Law Of Attraction," which essentially states that whatever is in your life, you have attracted there.

What you put out constantly through your verbalizations, thoughts, and actions ... is exactly what comes to you in life. Do you constantly affirm to yourself, "I am skinny, I am dropping the last 10 pounds this month, I am happy and healthy."

Which Do You Do More: Affirm Yourself Or Put Yourself Down?

I Affirm Myself.
I Put Myself Down.
A Little Of Both.

Can you picture how amazing every day would be if you began it this way? It would be impossible for you not to do what it takes each day to achieve your goals, starting with the positive attitude and affirmation that you can, will, and are currently pursuing whole-heartedly each and every one of your goals.

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Whole-Heartedly Pursue Every Goal.

Integrity For Yourself:

    Persistence and determination ... affirmations every day will eventually resonate as truth, and the last thing you want to do is make a liar out of yourself. We can all lie to everyone, but no one wants to make a liar of themselves to themselves. Have integrity for yourself, know that if you choose to do something, that you are going to get it done, no matter what the cost.

    Your success will be directly related to how you take control of your own situation or life. When you want to quit, don't have it in you to do the last ten minutes, YOU are the one who CHOOSES whether or not you finish the 45-minute goal of cardio that you have set for yourself for that day.

    It is obvious that we are all going to have a cheat meal, but the difference between someone with self-respect and self-discipline, and someone without, is they know it is a meal, not an all weekend long splurge. Every good deed you do can easily be undone if you aren't persistent, determined and positive on the road to success.

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Minimize Negative Influences:

    There are several things people don't look at when they are trying to figure out why they are fat, too skinny, not toned, (insert whatever your goal is here). One major factor is negative people in your life. You are who you hang around.

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Avoid Nagative Influences.

    If you lie down with dogs you are gonna get fleas. Whatever catch phrase you want to use, it is true. It would be impossible to completely eliminate every negative person from your life, but it is possible to minimize the time around them, and the credence you give to their verbage and negative energy.

Are The People In Your More Of A Negative Or Positive Influence?

All Positive.
Mostly Positive.
Mostly Negative.
All Negative.

    I have to work with negative people every day, whether on a set, a photo shoot, on a plane traveling ... it is always there. I choose to walk away from anyone being negative about health, if someone degrades me because I choose to eat healthy, or train incessantly, I merely laugh and reaffirm to myself that I am on the right track, and doing exactly what it is that I told myself I would do.

Changing Your Interpretation: Making A Negative Situation Positive! Changing Your Interpretation: Making A Negative Situation Positive!
While we may not necessarily be able to control everything that happens in our world, we can always chose to make the best of it.
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Be Happy

Set yourself up to win. You are your own president, cheerleader, boss. Whatever inspires you to train and eat right, surround yourself with it. What makes you happy? What are you passionate about? Whatever it is, DO THAT.

If you are a happy person, you are a positive productive person with amazing energy (grateful for all they have brought to themselves in their own life). Compliment yourself for what you have done, constantly reaffirm that you are amazing, beautiful, healthy, and strong of body, spirit, and mind. Don't just say these things. Truly live them, believe them, and act accordingly.

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Be A Positive Productive Person.

Then and only then will you have the strength and determination to take YOURSELF to the next level. No one else can do it for you. I look forward to meeting you there!