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If you keep up with the fitness industry, you know that has been one of the most groundbreaking companies in the fitness/bodybuilding industry. They were one of the first companies to sign athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders that were not only well known in the fitness industry, but also in Hollywood.

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Timea Majorova & Bob Cicherillo.
Photo By Taryn Battram.

They were also the first company to do the live webcasts of all the fitness events, have their own radio show, advertise in mainstream magazines such as Star, Maxim, Stuff, In Touch Weekly, etc., and also now one of the first companies to attend an amazing Hollywood award event, the pre-party celebrity event for the 2006 MTV Movie Awards.

2006 MTV Movie Awards:
Pre-Party Celebrity Event.

The event was held at one of the most prestigious and elaborate private mansions in the Hollywood Hills. This 50 million dollar privately owned home that was previously used for Jaime Foxx's birthday party, and the hit TV show "For Love Or Money," was rented out by The House Of Hype for what would prove to be a ridiculous soiree of hip clothing lines, cigars, designer swimwear, expensive jewelry, strut jewelry for celebrity cars, rims, and products!

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The Mansion.

The way the event worked was it was a huge party thrown by special invite to celebrity attendees only that would either be at the MTV Awards Show, or presenting. The people in attendance were photographed by paparazzi and 944 Magazine, who also sponsored the party.

They were forced to park at the bottom of a huge hill, and bussed up to the private gate, checked through security several times, then given a goodie bag and told to go to town! Funny how Hollywood works, the celebrities who can afford anything they want always get crazy amounts of free everything!

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DC Shoes Setting Up A Skate Ramp.

The Booth

    This awards show was no different. hooked up every person with great information provided by myself, Timea Majorova, or Bob Cicherillo, a good poolside workout with some new Bo Flex equipment they are set to be selling online shortly, and lots of new products! It was amazing to see how many celebrities were already familiar with the products, and the name.

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    Bob Cicherillo Giving A Hollywood Rocker A Good Workout.

    Some of my favorite people that came to our booth include:

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    One Of Ludacris' Homegirls.

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    Taking Some Time Off From The Office.

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    Desperate Housewives Star Shawn Pyfrom
    Stops By The Booth.

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    Tyson Beckford Is A Big Fan Of BSN NO-Xplode.

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    Christina, Shannon Elizabeth, Bob & Timea.

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    Hal Sparks.

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    Christina & One Of The Cast Members From The Lost Boys.

    • Entertainment Tonight
    • Chop of the hot clothing line "Chop Shop" seen in all the celebrity weekly magazines
    • The cast and crew from KTLA out of Los Angeles
    • Jason Williams

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    Jason Williams & Jeremy Deluca.

    We actually had a really great spot by this amazing pool set up where people could come train, and check out the products. Timea really trained a lot of girls, and Bob chatted with everyone there as only Bob can. I mostly pointed out who everyone was to Russ, and tried to get free stuff myself!

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    Christina, Timea & Bob.

    Just kidding, I got to meet a lot of great people and answer quite a few training and fitness questions myself. At one point, the owner of the home, that MTV rented, came over and chatted with us.

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    Timea Hanging Out By The Pool.

    We found out that he had actually invented the machine used in every hospital that does a full body cat scan to detect cancer, or other illnesses. He was a really nice guy.

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    The Reality TV Show
    The Bachelor Was Filmed Here.

    Look for footage of the actual event in all the celebrity gossip mags, and we are also including quite a few pictures shot by our amateur staff photographers Russ and Timea!!! They both had disposable cameras that were put to good use.

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Timea & Russ Take In The View.

First Of Many

This is set to be the first of many different events that is planning to do with various entertainment venues and awards shows so be on the look out... is going Hollywood.

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Russ Has Found His Calling:
Pool Boy!

Do not, however, worry your pretty little heads about us getting Hollywood prices! They will continue to provide the cheapest prices anywhere you can find them delivered direct to your door. Even I know that!

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Timea & Christina.

Thank you,
Christina Lindley

The House Of Hype In Celebration Of The 2006 MTV Movie Awards Event Recap June 1st & 2nd, 2006.

In celebration of the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, The House of Hype hosted a two-day, two-night event coined, 'The Ultimate Gentleman's Retreat', located at an outstanding private estate in Beverly Hills.

Hollywood Hollywood
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Timea & Bob.
Photo By Taryn Battram.

Unlike many gifting lounges, the House of Hype catered to the 'upscale male', providing clients with an interactive gifting suite featuring resort style amenities. During the day portion of the event, celebrities were encouraged to sample lifestyle luxury products in the automotive, fashion, gaming, health, sports, and technology industries. In the evening the venue transformed itself in to an ultra sleed nightclub featuring celebrity DJ's Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and DJ Steve Aoki (DJ Kid Millionaire).

Celebrities Who Attended:

  • Aaron Carter (Musician)
  • Al Santos (Actor, Jeepers Creepers)
  • Anthony Michael Hall (Actor, The Breakfast Club)
  • Andrew Keegan (Actor, 10 Things I Hate About You)
  • Andy Milonakis (Actor, 'The Andy Milonakis Show')
  • Benji and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte)
  • Beverley Mitchell (Actor, '7th Heaven')
  • Billy Morrison (Musician)
  • Billy Wirth (Actor, 'CSI')
  • Blue Cantrell (Musician)
  • Brian Baumgartner (Actor, 'The Office')
  • Chris Ferguson (Poker Pro)
  • Christina Millian (Musician)
  • Clonie Gowan (Poker Pro)
  • Cuttino Mobley (Pro Basketball Player)
  • Declan Joyce (Actor, Main in the Chair)
  • DJ Tiesto (DJ)
  • Eddie Griffin (Actor, Deuce Bigalow)
  • Edwin Hodge (Actor, 'Invasion')
  • Eric Christian Olsen (Actor, 'Tru Calling')
  • Fall Out Boy (Musicians)
  • Farnsworth Bentley (Influencer)
  • Greg Grunberg (Actor, 'Alias')
  • Hal Sparks (Actor, 'Las Vegas')
  • Hoobastank (Musician)
  • Howie Dorough (Musician)
  • Ian Somerhalder (Actor, 'Lost')
  • Jackie Long (Actor, ATL)
  • Jason Wahler (Actor, 'Laguna Beach')
  • Jason Williams (Pro Basketball Player)
  • Jay Williams (Athlete, Chicago Bulls)
  • Jenna Fischer (Actor, 'The Office')
  • Jesse Spencer (Actor, 'House')
  • Justin Chatwin (Actor, War of the Worlds)
  • Kevin Chapman (Actor, Two for the Money)
  • Kevin Dillon (Actor, 'Entourage')
  • LaToya Jackson (Musician)
  • Lauren London (Actor, ATL)
  • Linkin Park (Musicians)
  • Lit (Musicians)
  • Ludacris (Musician)
  • Maggie Gracee (Actor, 'Lost')
  • Marty Casey (Actor, 'Rock Star: INXS')
  • Matthew Lillard (Actor, Scooby Doo)
  • Natasha Henstridge (Actor, 'Commander in Chief')
  • Nick Cannon (Musician)
  • Nick Carter (Musician)
  • Randy Jackson (Judge, 'American Idol')
  • Ray J (Musician)
  • Ray Wise (Actor, '24')
  • Rider Strong (Actor, Cabin Fever)
  • Robert Patrick (Actor, Walk the Line)
  • Robert Shapiro (Founder of the Brent Shapiro Foundation)
  • Ryan Sheckler (Pro Skater)
  • Samantha Mumba (Musician)
  • Scott Caan (Actor, Ocean's Twelve)
  • Sean Stewart (Rod Stewart's Son)
  • Shannon Elizabeth (Actor, American Pie)
  • Shawn Pyform (Actor, 'Desperate Housewives')
  • Simon Rex (Actor, Scary Movie 4)
  • Strong Arm Steady (Musicians)
  • The Game (Musician)
  • The Hilton Family (Socialite)
  • Tyson Beckford (Actor, Into the Blue)
  • Will Estes (Actor, 'Law and Order')

Media In Attendance:

  • Access Hollywood
  • A-List Magazine Blogspot
  • Apparel News
  • Bizbash
  • Book LA
  • BPM
  • Clear Magazine
  • Coast to Coast Magazine
  • Coast to Coast Newspaper
  • Complex Magazine
  • Daily Celeb
  • E! Entertainment- Director of Talent
  • E! Online
  • E! Online- Nightlife
  • Entertainment Today
  • Flaunt
  • Freelance Reporter Ben Bloch for LA Confidential
  • Freelance Reporter Steve Baltin for Venice Magazine, LA Times, Rolling Stone Genlux
  • GOTV Networks
  • GQ
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • In Touch Magazine
  • Intersection
  • Item Magazine
  • KTLA Channel 5
  • LA Confidential
  • LA Magazine
  • Life & Style Weekly
  • Life & Style Weekly- Nightlife
  • Lucire Magazine
  • Malibu Magazine
  • Men's Journal
  • Nylon Magazine
  • OK! Magazine
  • Orange Coast Magazine
  • People Magazine
  • People Magazine-Nightlife
  • Power 106
  • Robb Report
  • Rolling Stone
  • ShowBiz Reporter
  • SOMA magazine
  • Sportswear International
  • Star
  • Stuff Magazine
  • SwagTime
  • The Daily News
  • The Source
  • TV Guide & Seattle Times
  • US Weekly
  • V Life
  • Vapors
  • Westside Chronicle
  • What Celebs Wear