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Ask A Fitness Model Issue 10!

This issue brings about some great questions and answers about skin care, info on becoming an aspiring female impersonator, the risks of lipo and more...

Hi Christina,

I just read your bio on and I think your commitment to helping out others who want to succeed in the industry is very humbling. As you have experienced many people are just in it to 'get ahead' and will do anything to stop others from getting in their way!

I have often wondered about trying my hand at modeling and many people have commented that I should be doing it. The thing that puts me off giving it a shot is my skin. I have a few light scars left from acne and am still prone to the occasional break out. I know it does not look as bad as it appears to me but I still get very self conscious about it and it is a big factor that is holding me back. How important is it to have 'perfect' skin in the industry?

I know make up and airbrushing can fix a lot of things but in the back of my mind I always wonder what the photographer and make up artist (not to mention other models) will be thinking.

Any insight you can share would be greatlly appreciated.

Best wishes to you, Kristi

    Kristi, thanks for writing and asking. I have actually had several other emails from girls with very similar questions about getting into modeling. Perfect skin would make life a lot easier, but the truth is very few models or actresses have it.

    Jessica Simpson

      Take Jessica Simpson for example, up until she became the spokesperson for ProActiv, she says she had terrible breakouts all the time that would have to be airbrushed out screen by screen in her music videos.

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    Cameron Diaz

      Cameron Diaz is another model turned actress I would point out who has publicly admitted to battling terrible acne all her life. I still see pictures of her in paparazzi magazines where they catch her without makeup from time to time and she has some outbreaks. That did not stop her from becoming a well known model for Elite, and going on to becoming one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses.

    Blue Laser Facial

      The bottom line is that it can hinder you if you allow it to. There are tons of things that can be done to improve acne and scars. The first step is finding a great dermatologist who can also offer facial treatments such as the blue laser facials talked about here on Extra that minimize and even get rid of acne for up to six months: Blue Laser Facial

      The dermatologist featured in this bit is my personal dermatologist who I would highly recommend if you are in the Los Angeles area. If not, there are several ones as qualified around the country, just do lots of research to find them.

      Don't let anything that can be minimized, and really doesn't matter at the end of the day like some acne, get in the way of your dreams to model.


My name is Tony and I am an aspiring female impersonator. I hope this doesn't offend you because you seem like such a great person, I hate to freak you out.

I am in need of training, specifically getting a more female physique (waist to 26-27 and a more rounded shape (hips). I hired an online fitness trainer and she has me on 3-4 cardio (30-45 min's) days/week and light workouts(no weights above 15 lbs). I do 2 sets of 25-30 reps for each exercise:

In addition I do 50 reps x 2 sets of:

Click Here For A Printable Log Of This Workout.

She recommended less carbos (no breads, cakes), kashi cereal, fruits, veggies, and yogurt.

I'm currently 5'9 and 138lbs (36-32-37) and would like to get to 36-26-37. Is it possible? I've followed her advice and have lost 1 inch on my waist (1 month so far) but fear my arms are bulking and my hips shrinking. I know this is an odd request but could you set a program for me or give any advice? I'm taking a soy protein shake (14 g protein/drink), genisoy protein shake once a day. Is it worth it?

Bless your heart, Tony

    Hi Tony. Of course you do not freak me out, and I try to never judge anyone for what they do or who they are, because at the end of the day who is to say someone is right or wrong. I'm not perfect, and I'm sure no one reading this is either.

    As far as answering your question, my initial response has to be one of logic to tell you that biologically as a man, waists are generally larger compared to women. Obviously men are naturally straight up and down , and women are curvier including usually an hourglass shaped smaller waist.

    Keeping that in mind, you can still change your diet and exercise enough that you will lose abdominal fat. 26" might be unrealistic, my boyfriend has one of the tiniest waists I have ever seen on a guy, and it is only 29". It sounds like you are right on with your diet.

    The two diets I recommend the most and feel like are most along the lines of how I eat are either the Zone Diet, or the South Beach diet.

    Definitely cut out the sweets, find a sugar free alternative to munch on. Cardio will be absolutely essential, I would tell you to do cardio every day for at least 45 minutes until you get down to where you want to be, then you can cut it back some to maintain.

    I think 50 reps might be to high, I would say to do 30 reps, twice going through the routine in a circuit format. Also, do more abs than she told you to do.

    Do lower abs, and some type of side crunches to taper in the waist.

    Side Crunch Variations.
    Click To Enlarge.

    Soy protein may serve you well for two purposes, it is a good source of protein, but also a form of estrogen, which would be great for you for obvious reasons (wanting to appear more feminine). Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Hi Christina, I work out regularly about 2-3 times/wk, and I'm pretty happy with the results overall, except I'd like a smaller waistline - I especially hate the area on my back, between my lower ribs and above my butt! It drives me nuts! I wish lipo wasn't so scary, then I'd do it. I'm also afraid if I lipo'd I wouldn't be able to work out for a while and then all hell would break loose. Any suggestions? Please help!

Thanks, Carina

    Hi Carina. I am glad you are at least thinking about the potential problems with getting lipo. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, In fact, I know several models who have undergone such a procedure. I have seen their scars, and how they look when the weight comes back but in a different place.

    Last Resort

      I think that lipo is a great alternative for someone who has worked out and dieted perfect for years, and has fat nowhere but one place genetically that will absolutely not come off. That is the only time I feel someone should consider lipo. The bottom line is that it is a surgery, and surgery requires lots of time off of work to heal, it is very stressful on the body, and there are always risks of side effects.

Is Lipo Worth The Risks Of Side Effects?


    Increase Workouts First

      Please bump up your workouts from 2-3 times a week to 4-6 times a week. Do more cardio, everyday if you have to. Get yourself on a diet program and stick with it. Do this for six months to a year before you consider surgery. At the end of the day, if you can lose the fat without going under the knife, your body will be much better off.

      You will also appreciate the results much more because you will be able to tell people you worked your butt off to look like that, and it wasn't at the hand of a surgeon.

Just came across your workout on I am a personal trainer trying to get back in shape and back in the business. I want to be able to have enough work to do it full time, concentrating on at-home training for at-home moms. I took a year off and gained about 25 lbs.

Of course, you have to look good because you are your best advertising, so I need to get back into shape. You have a great figure and I am using your pics as inspiration to keep me on my workout regiment/diet. Thanks for all your info on, I really like the "ask the fitness model" series. I have a couple of questions for you that I haven't seen covered (or missed)...

  1. I see in your workout you do a lot of reps. You do not look really "muscular" just very fit/tone/lean which is what I want, but I gain muscle easy. How much weight do you use? Do you use resistance or weight on your ab exercises or just your bodyweight?

  2. What is your approx body fat %, and body type (endo, ecto, meso)?

      Learn What Body Type You Are Here.

  3. How long does the lifting part of your workout last and how much time do you take between sets (or do you do it circuit style)?

  4. What fat burner are you using now that there is no ephedra?

  5. I read somewhere you are a cert. trainer. What organization did you use?

I would like to thank you in advance for answering this e-mail. I know you must be a pretty busy woman, and I really appreciate it!

-Diane M. Robertson Peak-Physiques

    Lots of questions Diane! Lol. Here are the answers:

    1. I gain muscle easily also. The old workout I listed on the previous columns has actually drastically changed for me because I am now doing lots of acting, and have to be very small and lean. I keep my reps very high usually 12-20 reps for upper body and 20-30 for lower.

      My weight training consists primarily of circuit training, supersets and giant sets. I use very light weights (five pounds usually) for upper body and I usually use my body weight or light weight for lower body.

Superset Video Guide

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    My weight workouts consist of lots of lunges, squats, butt presses, and the normal upper body exercises. I just try to keep up my heart rate, and take little or no time between circuits.

    On ab exercises I use no weight. You have to keep in mind though that I trained heavier than this with weights for years building tone and muscle, now my goals are different.

  • I have no idea what my body fat % is, because I don't compete. To know that for me would be pointless. I go mostly by how my body looks, and what my measurements are. I would say I am a mesomorph, or at least that is what it told me when I took this quiz on

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    1. My weight training generally lasts about an hour because circuits take so long to go through, even working quickly. I try to take little or no time between sets.

    2. Right now I still have not really found a great fat burner, I like any hoodia product for curbing the appetite.

    3. That is true that I am a certified trainer. I got certified originally through AFAA, however the most widely used organizations are ACE or ISSA.