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Ask A Fitness Model Issue 8!

What I've been up to, and tips on fashion, beauty, and what is HOT for 2005!

Questions & Answers

What I've been up to, and Tips on Fashion, Beauty, and Whats HOT for 2005!

I'm tired of wearing the same old sweats to the gym. Can you recommend a fashionable but comfortable way that is also in style to inspire me more to get to the gym in 2005?

    Yes! Glad you asked. I am also tired of seeing the same old clothes all the time at the gym. By far, my favorite new line of clothing is made by fitness guru, Laura Mak . I particularly like their pants because I am really tall and they make them extra long!

    The clothes can be bought at directly online here: She generally always shows up at fitness expos like the Arnold Classic. They are easy to find.

    Sherry, Laura Mak and Bryna DeLuca at the 2002 Arnold.

    Another place to get cute workout attire is online through Phat Muscle also makes some cute women's attire, as well as men's here: Don't be afraid to wear bright colors, they are really in this season.

Christina, I am an aspiring model. I just wanted to tell you I have followed your career and recently I saw you on SPIKE TV's Video Game Awards hosted by Snoop Dogg. Have you been doing acting as well as modeling recently? What else have you been doing?

    As far as what I have been up to, here goes! I moved out to Los Angeles exactly six months ago. Since then I have been modeling and acting out here. I recently did film the Spike TV Video Game awards as you said, a Models Edition of Fear Factor, an episode of Las Vegas, and three films one of which I am still filming.

    The three movies are all still in production and will be released sometime in 2005. One is Wannabees with Ashley Simpson, Carrie Fischer, and Kip Perdue. The second is "Alpha Dogs", a Nick Cassavettes film (he directed John Q) featuring Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, and Sharon Stone. The Third is "The Island" with Scarlett Johansen and Ewen McGregor.

    Christina in her new print campaign for

    As far as modeling, I have recently done a few spreads for: FHM Australia, a TV Direkt spread and Cover, Summum Magazine, Men's Fitness Russia, the annual BOSS calendar, Muscle and Fitness's Hot Bods Feature, Maxim Germany, a print campaign for, several catalogs for lingerie, swimwear, handbags, etc. and some commercials. So watch for me this year! Thanks for following my career and good luck to you in yours.

Christina, I noticed your hair always looks great. I am constantly fighting my frizzy hair. It is naturally wavy, and I straighten it, but it is still frizzy. Is there anything I can do? Wearing it in ponytails all the time doesn't help either. How can I have shinier, healthier hair?

    My first tip is to invest in a CHI professional flat iron, they are porcelain, hard to get and expensive, but the best investment I have ever made!

    Get your CHI professional flat iron here.

    If you color your hair, there are several steps you can take. Ask your stylist to recommend a good maintenance program for your hair as far as shampoo, and hair care products. Spend money on good shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for dry or color treated hair.

    Some of my favorite nourishing lines include: Biolage, and ALTERNA Caviar Products. You can buy them from your hair care professional, or online usually cheaper.

    I usually get my beauty products from a's Health & Personal Care store. Fight frizz with a great product I would recommend, Matrix's Sleek Look Smoothing System Hair Crème that you apply to wet hair before blow drying. Also, "Shine IN" by Framesi is a really great product to add a healthy gloss to the hair without weighing it down. Hope that helps!

I am currently a personal trainer, AFAA certified. Since graduating from college I found that I have put on about 25lbs. I am currently 5'4 144lbs. My body fat % has clocked in at about 27-31 depending on the device used.

In the past month I have started back my hard training which is about 45mins. weights, alternating upper and lower body with abs and back everyday for 4 days/week. I will also do at the very least 30min of cardio. I have gained a good bit of muscle; I can now curl 15lbs instead of my old 10.

Even through the fat, I can see muscle definition in my legs, arms and chest - where little was before. My question is, I know muscle is more dense then fat and muscle burns fat even while at rest. So, with my new muscle gains, why have I not been able to at least lose inches in my waist, legs and chest?

My muscles are getting bigger but the fat is still there. I have cut my calories down to about 1200/day and about 5 mini-meals. I suspected a medical problem and the doctor will tell me to cut more calories, I don't have many left to cut.

I have studied this for 4 years and still don't know what to do. I just want the dimples in my rear gone. Please help I am becoming VERY frustrated fast!

    If you truly suspect a medical problem, or even suspect it just for your health I would recommend getting a check up. Have your doctors run a blood test, and specifically ask them to check your thyroid activity. Their may be some issue with that.

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    If there is no issue with your thyroid and you are perfectly healthy, then you are just dealing with the side effects of growing older. As you said yourself, you are not in college anymore or at the same physical level you were at in that time in your life.

    You are going to have to work even harder than you did in college to see similar results. Looking at what you say here, it looks to me that your calories are on point. I would ask you to examine the contents of the calories though, what percentage is lean protein and what % is carbs?

    I would recommend you to be on a high protein, moderate carb diet with natural fats to lose the weight. If you really want the fat to come off and the underlying muscle to show, you are going to have to up the cardio to 45 minutes-1 hour a day minimum.

    Christina in her new print campaign for

    After doing that for a month, if it still doesn't start to come off I would recommend doing cardio twice a day for that long, just until you reach your desired weight, then go back down to once a day.

    Maintain the circuit training weight routine you are on, just make sure to keep the weights lower, and reps higher, with very little rest between each machine, this way you are burning fat while weight training also.

How do I make goals for next year, resolutions that I can actually keep? Not only for my health, but also for my professional life. Do you ever make resolutions or goals for the New Year and actually stick to them? I have never been able to. Please help!


    I can't tell you for sure that this will work, but it always works for me. I make a list of ten goals every year that consist of professional and personal goals.

    Five are easier tiny goals I am almost sure to achieve, and five are harder to reach, that I will really have to work my ass off for.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Build Muscle
>Improve Energy

    Every week in the New Year I read the goals and assess what I have or have not accomplished. My rule is this; I absolutely have to cross off at least 8 of my goals as "DONE" by the end of the year. I actually manually cross them off or put a check besides the ones I have accomplished.

    Looking at what you have already done inspires you to do more, and have a few very easy goals somehow also makes the harder ones seem easier to achieve. Reward yourself every time you achieve a New Years Goal, think of it as a goal not a resolution because goals are more important to achieve.

    You reward can be as simple as a massage, a pedicure, a day off from work, hire a maid to do the cleaning one weekend only as a different kind of reward to yourself! Make sure you enjoy what you accomplish as well!

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