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Choose The New You By Breaking Your Bad Habits!

You can break your bad habits, no matter how strong they are. Read this personal story of trial and error to see motivation in action!

Changing your diet, which can be your worst 'habit', is like doing everything opposite handed. Try relearning how to write with your opposite hand, or using the mouse on your computer with the other hand. It's a habit we have learned and one that would be almost impossible to change overnight. It takes the same mental concentration to change your diet as it would to learn to do these things in your daily life opposite handed or in reverse.

The dietary supplement industry is a 14 billion dollar per year industry. I am only responsible for about half of that total. For a while during my weight loss journey I did believe the hype of a 'quick fix' pill. I mean, it took me only a short time to put on the weight; taking if off should take the same amount of time, right? Not even close.

I even did the thing where I would wake up after taking the pill the day before to see if there was change. I would jump on the scale hoping there were 5 pounds magically gone over night. As if a love handle went, poof! Lifting up your shirt, flexing your abs, and sucking in sometimes gives us false hope, well, most of the time. Yet, we do not want to face reality and change our reality.

It is hard to admit that we let ourselves go and now have to work it all off in a painful manner. Making yourself eat healthy and go to the gym everyday is so against the norm and has become a taboo in social standards.

I am sure all of you know the 'workout freak'. Who wants to be that guy/girl? I will admit that I am that person, but this is now, not then.

After many failed pills, supplements, and what I thought were great diets, I went back to my training and education. I remember thinking about how I had fallen into the trap that so many people today do with dietary supplements. I thought about how the solution was in my hands the whole time. I had the key to unlocking what was under the layer of fat and Buffalo Wild Wings that had become my body.

If I were to look at the layers of fat I had like a cross section of earthly layers, I would see a layer of beer, a layer of fast food, one harsh winter with a long lazy period lasting two years, and finally, the oil - my blood - that needed a good long cleaning. Maybe a rainy season to wash it out?

The key was my choices. The things I chose to eat daily and the exercise I had decided was too difficult had to change. The combination of the two was to become my diet pill, my solution, and my soon to come way of life that would get me to where I am today.

Now I am sure you are all sick of hearing how I have made my goal, how "YOU CAN TOO!", and how I make it sound so easy.

I had a very hard time breaking my habits. Most of the time I tapped out or submitted to my favorite foods. They had a hold of me. What was making me return to pay these fattening foods a visit, the very same foods that made me fat?

What was underneath all this laziness that had never been around my life? I could not figure out why this habit was being so hard to take control of; I had to figure it out.

Mine was fairly easy for me to figure out. I am stubborn, plain and simple. Just like I decided I was mad about not making the NFL and was going to rebel like a teenager, I decided I was going to have muscles again. This long journey has reassured me of how strong willed and determined I can be.

But that is a choice, just like I would decide to go to Burger King and get a mound of ketchup with my meal; I decided to eat at Subway instead. It was on my own shoulders to make the right choices daily, me and only me. Just like you choose how to spend your money, you can choose how to spend it on your meals. What you get for that purchase is up to you, and how you feel and look will reflect your own spending habits.

Knowledge was my back-up and ammunition against my eating habits. Make your choices your power, learn about eating healthy, try new ideas, and see how your own body reacts. This is a process or a journey and not an easily reversed problem; it takes time and has to involve you changing your lifestyle.

I wish you all well and will keep you posted on my own progress. I am cutting weight as we speak and will have pictures soon. Good luck and remember it is possible. You can do it.

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