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Charlie Mike: Day 7 - Mile Run Test, 1,000 Meter Row Test

Finish strong and finish fast. Give these two endurance tests everything you've got!

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You've made it to the last day of Week 1. But before you give yourself a pat on the back, I've got two more challenges lined up for you: a one-mile run test and a 1,000-meter row test. Your goal should be to do both as quickly as possible.

If your lungs are burning and your legs feel like they're about to fall off, you're doing the tests right. One final warning: if you're going to eat something less than an hour before this workout, keep it light. Otherwise, it might be making a second appearance after your 1,000-meter row!

Don't forget to write down your times and make a note about how you feel after each test!

Day 7: Mile run test, 1,000 meter row test



Mile run test

Run 1 mile as quickly as possible
Running, Treadmill Running, Treadmill
Note: Rest 20-30 minutes.



1,000 meters as quickly as possible
Rowing, Stationary Rowing, Stationary

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