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Charlie Mike: Day 39 - Rest

Take this day off to get regrouped and mentally prepared for three days of tough testing!

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You've just done two days of tough conditioning—how are you feeling? If you're feeling a little beat up, then you did the workouts right! A little soreness and fatigue is also a good indication that you need a rest day. So take it.

While you're taking a break today, I want you to think about some goals you have for your retests. I don't want you to do any of the tests without a goal in mind. You already know how much you can squat for 3 reps, and you already know how quickly you can row 1,000 meters when you're fatigued. Use that knowledge to come up with some concrete numbers that make you excited for the upcoming days!

When you're mentally prepared and amped to try out your new lifts, you're much more likely to do well!

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