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Charlie Mike: Day 28 - Push Press, Metabolic Conditioning

We're going to finish Week 4 with an awesome barbell complex. Have some fun with it!

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The barbell complex is a great way to train your entire body in one go! The reps are high to get your cardiovascular system working, and the movements are heavy and complex to get your muscular system moving. Your whole body is being put through the wringer!

You'll have to go through 5 reps of power cleans, front squats, back squats, and push presses before you're allowed to rest. Remember to choose your weight based on your weakest lift, which is likely your push press.

Day 28: Push press, metabolic conditioning



Push press

3 sets of 3 reps at 90%, 3 minutes rest
Push press Push press


Circuit: 6 rounds
Barbell overhead squat Barbell overhead squat

Kettlebell swing

20 reps, rest 5-10 minutes
Kettlebell swing Kettlebell swing

Barbell complex: 2 rounds
Barbell power clean Barbell power clean
Barbell front squat Barbell front squat
Barbell push press Barbell push press
Back squat Back squat

Don't forget to write down your push press weight, your circuit times, what weights you used, and how you felt after finishing the workout.

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