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Charlie Mike: Day 23 - Bench Press, Metabolic Conditioning

Fatigue starting to set in? You've earned that feeling, but there's more strength left in you than you think. Push yourself past your limitations. Continue your mission.

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After you press some heavy-ass weight on the bench today, the two circuits will be a huge test for your lower body. Remember, this is your program, so make modifications when needed.

If you're gym doesn't have a GHD machine, get creative and try what's known as a "natural" glute-ham raise. To perform it, have someone hold your feet, or place your heels underneath a racked bar (or the knee rest on a pull-down machine) to keep your toes from moving. Then, lean forward while trying to keep your hips straight. Use your hamstrings to pull your body back up. If those babies aren't crying in pain after 15 reps, you're doing something wrong.

Running a mile 2-3 times is not an easy task, I know. But you signed up for Charlie Mike for a reason. That reason is change. Do your best and know that you're leaving the old you behind.

Day 23: Bench press, metabolic conditioning



Bench press

3 sets of 3 reps at 90%, 3-minute rest
Bench press Bench press


Circuit: 3 rounds without stopping, then rest 5-10 minutes
Dumbbell sumo squat Dumbbell sumo squat

Hip thrust

15 reps
Hip thrust Hip thrust
Glute-ham raise Glute-ham raise


Bodyweight walking lunge

1 set of 100 reps, rest 5-10 minutes
Bodyweight walking lunge Bodyweight walking lunge



2-3 sets of 1 mile at 80% of max effort, rest 4 minutes between miles
1 mile at 80% of max effort, rest 4 minutes between miles 1 mile at 80% of max effort, rest 4 minutes between miles

Don't forget to write down your bench press weight, your circuit times, what weights you used, and how you felt after finishing the workout.

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