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Charlie Mike: Day 21 - Rest

When we feel good, we perform well. Take time to reflect on how your workouts have been making you feel.

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Rest days can be a time for reflection. Sometimes, you don't feel up to much more than that, so why not embrace it?

Today, focus on the last week of workouts. How do you feel when you do them? Exhausted? Yes, of course. Completely wrecked mentally and physically? Or do you feel like you have enthusiasm left to work out again the next day? Be honest. Keep tabs on your workouts and how they make you feel. Learning to listen to your body honestly is essential to making sustained progress.

If things have been going well, keep up the good work. If your workouts have been lacking, readjust as needed. Play around with things. Try changing the timing of the meals around your workout, take a nap beforehand (seriously!), or train in the morning instead of the afternoon. It's amazing how small changes like these can pay off.

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