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Down Under Champion Aims For The Top In Tampa: An Exclusive Interview With Rising Star, Costantinos Demetriou!

After a lucky meeting with Pro-Bodybuilder Dennis James, rising pro champ Con Demetriou is on target for showing major physical improvements at the 2010 PBW Tampa Pro Show. Check out an exclusive interview with him below!

Article Summary:
  • One of Con's major goals is to bring more size to the Tampa stage.
  • Placing in the top 3 would be a major success for Con Demetriou.
  • Con Demetriou is a fan of avocado and olive oil for his healthy fat intake!


Rising Pro Con Demetrious Is On Target


After a fortuitous meeting with pro bodybuilding great Dennis James, which led to a training advisory arrangement and resulted in him nailing his conditioning to be in his best ever shape for the 2010 Europa Show of Champions, rising pro champ Con Demetriou, with his new found peaking strategy, is on target for showing further physical improvements at the 2010 PBW Tampa Pro show.

While bringing his usual classic lines and enviable shape but with improvements in conditioning and cuts to the Europa gave him his best pro placement yet -5th- Con feels he could have been fuller; he says his muscles were not as carb loaded as they could have been.

Con Demetrious At The 2008 New Zealand Grand Elite Pro.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Con Demetriou At The 2008 New Zealand Grand Elite Pro.
View More Pics Of Con Demetriou At The 2008 New Zealand Grand Elite Pro.

Building on what he now considers to be the perfect plan of attack for attaining peak conditioning, he now aims to bring greater size along with the shape that has made him a much-respected pro champion. In the following interview he explains how he will be at his best come show time and what he has in store for the competition.

[ David Robson ] Hi Con. How is it all going four weeks out from the 2010 IFBB Tampa Pro show?

[ Con Demetriou ] I feel great but the weather here in Tampa is so hot and humid it is unbearable for someone like me who is not used to these conditions. I moved here a few weeks ago to be with my new girlfriend. My training is going real well and I am on track with my diet and conditioning. I feel a little more confident now that Zack Khan and Silvio are out of the show, but I am upset that he [Zack Khan] tore his tendons [underwent surgery to repair two detached tendons in both knees]. I have never met the guy but from what I have seen on the Net about him I am a bit of a fan and was looking forward to seeing him at the show.

[ DR ] Is your body looking as you expected it would this far out?

[ CD ] I am happy with how I look, but I want to be bigger. Since working with Dennis James for the Orlando Show I am very confident that I can come in dry and hard. He has shown me how to do it and now that I know the formula I can come in tight from now on. It was worth every cent that I paid Dennis and I highly recommend him as a coach. He is the best coach I ever had and he did it all over the phone and Internet. He sure knows his stuff! I am bigger than last time so I just have to come in nice and tight now.

Con Demetriou 2.5 Weeks Out
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Con Demetriou 2.5 Weeks Out.

[ DR ] What adjustments will you make to your program to ensure you enter the Tampa Pro at your very best?

[ CD ] I would be overwhelmed if I came third and made the Olympia. In my last competition I wanted top five and I made it so this time just a little higher would be fine with me. I just have to stick to the same program that I used for the Orlando [Pro show], but instead, this time, compete fuller. Last time we did not want to take any chances so we sacrificed a little size to make sure we got my conditioning right once and for all. Once I get real hard and am on track or maybe ahead of schedule I will play around with some insulin spiking with a product that Lee Labrada sent me to try out.

It is a glycogen-loading product that is absorbed even faster than the waxy maize starch. I know most people take the waxy maize with BCAAs and glutamine after their workouts, but I like to take it throughout the day before my workout so when it comes time to train I get these tremendous pumps. I cannot do it every day pre competition though; maybe a couple times per week.

Once I Get Real Hard And Am On Track I Will Play Around With Some Products That Lee Labrada Sent Me To Try Out
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Once I Get Real Hard And Am On Track I Will Play Around With
Some Products That Lee Labrada Sent Me To Try Out.

[ DR ] Top three does sound realistic considering the depth of talent this contest will showcase. So what makes you a contender for the top placements at the Tampa Pro? What can the fans expect to see from you come contest time?

[ CD ] I have good symmetry and a pleasing physique. Since working with Dennis I know how to come in shredded, so now all I want to do is keep growing. My aim is to come in just as hard but to fill my muscles out for this show. That would make a huge difference because, although I was so dry and hard for the last show, my muscles were not fully carbed.

[ DR ] Can you describe the training program you are using to prepare for the Tampa Pro?

[ CD ] The last time I trained for a show it was twice per day and I did cardio twice per day. I went very heavy with some exercises. This time, especially after hearing about Zack tearing his tendons and everyone else that seems to be tearing muscles, I have backed off on the weights and tried to make the weight seem heavier while using less poundage.

I am not doing any cardio because it is too damn hot for me here and I hate the treadmill. Also, it is inconvenient to train twice so I am only training once and am going to spend more time posing at home in my air-conditioned room.

[ DR ] How is your nutrition structured for this contest? Have you made any adjustments in this area?

[ CD ] Well, up until now I have not been eating too many starchy carbs because it heats my body up too much, so I have been eating fruits and more good fats like avocado and olive oil. Now that it is four weeks to go and I have to drop the carbs down anyway I have gone back to what Dennis had me on for the last show: a low-fat, moderate-carb diet.

[ DR ] During the final week before a show how do you usually adjust your nutrition and training to ensure you peak to perfection?

[ CD ] The final week is so vital when it comes to nutrition so everything is weighed and adjusted to the last gram. I pay close attention to how my body is responding and adjust my nutrition accordingly.

[ DR ] Are you very big on supplementation? What products are you using in your preparation for Tampa Pro show and why?

[ CD ] I never used to be a supplement guy but since I have been chatting a bit to Lee Labrada he has put me on some good products, such as BCAAs, glutamine and Power Carb. He also put me on these tablets for sore muscles and joints and - for someone my age - I really notice the difference.

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I also am taking his protein powders. I could never take powders because I am quite sensitive to them and usually feel bloated and nauseous. His powders don't make me feel this way. I used to take the fat burning stimulants but these days I don't, as I don't feel healthy taking them: it feels like they are burning me out. I used to love them but these days I feel the effects more. I must be getting old.

[ DR ] What body weight will you expect to be at the Tampa Pro? Is this an improvement over previous years?

[ CD ] Yesterday I was 252 pounds so I am aiming to be a little above 240. For my last show I was under this weight so if I can make it above in the same condition it will be a great personal achievement for me.

[ DR ] What are your goals for the remainder of the IFBB pro season? Is an Olympia qualification within your plans?

[ CD ] I will compete in this Tampa Show and the Hartford Europa a week later and that will be it for me for a while, unless I qualify for the Olympia.

[ DR ] What would you say are your major strengths as a bodybuilding professional?

[ CD ] Well, like I said previously, my symmetry, condition and pleasing shape. I also had 11 years off and have just been back for the past four years, so my body is fresh even though I am 38 years old this year. I also have been traveling for the past four years and, at times, living in some pretty harsh conditions, like in Thailand and India. So I guess it has toughened me up a little and helped me to adapt to different environments.

[ DR ] With Zack Khan and Silvio Samuel out, whom do you see as being your major competition at the Tampa Pro show - and why?

[ CD ] Well Silvio and Zack were the major threats but they are out now, as you say. To tell you the truth, I have not even studied the list - I just have to stick to my program and be the best I can be. I went to watch the New York Pro show and the list of competitors was quite strong, but you never know who is going to turn up in condition or not.

Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Contest.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Contest.
View More Pics Of Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Contest.

[ DR ] You are known as one of, if not the best Australian professional bodybuilder currently competing. What are the main differences between the Australian bodybuilding scene and that of other countries?

[ CD ] I was in India recently and they absolutely love bodybuilders. They treated me like a star. The general public are not so friendly towards bodybuilders in Australia, although we have a good supportive base of bodybuilding enthusiasts that really get behind us.

[ DR ] Just how supportive do you think are Australian bodybuilding audiences compared with fans from other parts of the world? Are they more critical?

[ CD ] Aussies love the big-name pros and treat them like stars. When they compete in the Aussie Pro Grand Prix the whole auditorium erupts and it must make the top pros' feel great. We have only 20 million people so there is no comparison to the US, although we have produced some pretty good pros over the years. They [the fans] are no more critical than the Americans.

In India if they did not think a competitor looked good - as happened at a show I went to when I was in Bombay - they were silent or even laughed and mocked him. If they thought he was good they would treat him like a star. Oh, by the way, at this show there was not one seat empty there and not one woman in the house!

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