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Video Main Page: Empower Me In 6 Weeks With Shawnee Harkins!

Celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins shows you how to empower yourself in just 6 short weeks.

Empower Me in 6 weeks

with Celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins

Follow along as celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins shows you how to empower yourself in just 6 short weeks via motivation, training, and education!

This is a 6-part video series empowering you to improve your health and fitness in just 6 weeks. Celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins works with new client, Lucia Gerbino, to set up a personalized plan for her including training sessions and diet, then works with her step-by-step to reach her goals.

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About This Series

Celebrity Trainer Shawnee Harkins brings to you "Empower Me in 6 Weeks," a mind, body and soul transformation for her featured client and for the viewer! Watch each week as Shawnee teaches, educates and motivates her clients to reach for the top in their fitness goals!

This show's title speaks for itself, as Shawnee works with each client for a total of six weeks, empowering them with knowledge and support. This is their starter kit to their own health and fitness!

There is no fat camp or marathon training involved. This show is the real deal, teaching everyday individuals how to make a permanent life style change. Training with ex-firefighter (and once paralyzed) Shawnee Harkins is no walk in the park!

She is a tough trainer, and accepts no excuses! Harkins proves that exercise can be fun, as we watch her infectious energy spill over onto others! Stay tuned, with each season, as Shawnee brings to you a new client, and a new attitude!

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