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Cathy Priest Interview, September 2002.

Famous pro bodybuilder and Lee Priest's wife. How is life with Lee Priest? How are the fans? What contests are you doing? Check out the new pics!

Cathy Priest returned to bodybuilding a year ago and has been going strong ever since. Here is her latest interview!

September, 2002

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1. Has there been any big events for you in the last month?

Yes, there was our 2nd wedding anniversary on July 1st. Everything goes so fast. I'm so please with my life with Lee. It's so easy when you have someone who likes the same things as you. We have a wonderful love life and we are good partners when it's time for contest preparation. I help him and the only thing I want for him is to concentrate on training hard, resting and being ready for his next show (2002 Mr. Olympia). The higher he places, the more prize money he gets. GOOD LUCK LEE! ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!! Don't forget that all your fans and I are there to support you!

What did you do for the anniversary?

We went to Las Vegas for a few days and had a beautiful time. We ate a lot and played some video poker as well. I don't care for it much but I enjoy watching Lee win!

Did he win?

Most of the time he does. "Lucky him!" Last time, he won $900 playing video poker but I stopped him. I shouldn't have though because it was paying out well!

Did you visit any other beautiful places while you were there?

Yes we went and visited the Elvis Museum. We have a friend named Sony Bolem who is an Elvis impersonator and performs as Elvis. His wife Rosi is an incredible baker and she baked a "forest noir" cake for us. It's great when you aren't dieting! They stayed with us for a couple days at our house after the Vegas trip while attending Lee's 30th birthdays party. Rosi made a birthday cake which was a replica of Jeff Gordon's car for our 25 guests who attended. Everyone had plenty to eat as well because Lee and I like to serve a lot of food at our barbecue parties. We even had people singing karaoke during the party!

Are you currently preparing for another show?

Oh yes! Two weeks after Lee's birthday, I started dieting and will be for 4 months. I am getting ready for the GNC / Physical Pro show which is going to be in New Orleans on November 8th. My husband will also be competing at this same show. What a wonderful day it would be for the fans and us if we both win!! (Hoping!)

Do you think you will have a chance at winning?

That would be nice, but I try not to think about it too much. Right now, my focus is just on training hard and dieting very strictly for it. That includes no more M&M's too! The house is empty of them right now. This time I have a good opportunity. Mr. Jay Robb (Jay Robb Supplements) sponsored me with my supplements. I'm very pleased with the results that I get from that product line. I'm using whey protein, pina colada, our fat burners, amino acids, and vitamins. People need to try our whey protein... it's very good quality!

Do you train by yourself or do you have a personal trainer?

Last time I prepared for a show, my best friend PJ Bowen was more of my training partner. She is very good at training people because she has been doing it for many years. This time I told her to be my trainer and to give me direction and guidance. So now, I just keep quiet and do as I'm told. It's not always easy though. At times, I feel like I want to complain but I don't. She knows my limits and definitely pushes me to them. She knows it too, especially when I call her a bitch (laughs). She just smiles with satisfaction back at me when I do. To her that is an indication that she is doing her job and doing it well! We will do a grand opening day with Lee and I at the Max Muscle store in Lancaster, owned by her. Below is the ad for the event:

We had Paul Dillett visiting us at our house recently and he asked me, "Do you think you would ever quit bodybuilding to pursue a career in figure? I know you have been at bodybuilding for many years now, and I think that you would be a great figure competitor". I thought about this back in 1995 when I first turned pro. I was interviewed back then and was asked the same question. My answer back then was that if I do fitness, I would just be another fitness girl in the sport, but if I pursue bodybuilding, then I would be unique.

"Yes, that is correct. You are a small and symmetrical bodybuilder with a pretty face. But what about the money?"

Thanks for the compliment, Paul! That is exactly why I am thinking about switching over to figure. I get compliments all the time, however, I realize that times have changed and figure and fitness is starting to take over. There isn't a demand for female bodybuilders in the magazines anymore either. I am one of the few who get 3-4 page articles written up. It's very difficult to find a contract or sponsor as a female bodybuilder. I guess there's a stigma that's attached to it. They just aren't as marketable. I will look pretty much the same, but with a different title like (Cathy Priest, figure competitor) and the door will be more open for me.

Do you think there are more advantages to being a figure competitor versus a bodybuilder?

Oh yes! Training - wise, it will be much easier for me. I train very hard and it is difficult for me to be big. Perhaps deep down and in my mind, I don't want to be a big woman. I think I would be comfortable at around 120-125 lbs. And it would be fun to do because I enjoy contest preparation and I like it most when I can do it at the same time Lee is doing it. Nothing else will change for me other than my workout routine and supplementation. That's it! I will stay the same classic woman. And come contest day, things will me much easier for me. I will have more energy to help Lee.

I will not be known as a bodybuilder anymore. I myself will feel like a normal person again when I go out in public. Then there will be no reason for me to not have a contract. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't party, I don't do nude photo shoots. I will never change the good person I am, so what's the difference? More money!

Besides bodybuilding, what else do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with my husband is the best. We go out to the movies, eat out at different restaurants, go swimming in our pool with my dog! Every Saturday night we watch the races at Irvindale Speedway. I enjoy this a lot! And then Sunday morning, we sit and watch Nascar on TV.

How did you become interested in Nascar racing?

It's because Lee did a lot of racing last year and I watched and learned a lot about what goes into it all. I enjoy watching him throughout the preparation and performance of the races. I dream one day for him to become a Nascar driver. He just received his Nascar driving license so he's on his way as we speak.

But what about you?

Me? I just like driving bumper cars around. That's about it. Nothing too serious.

Seriously for now I just want to enjoy driving my new Miata Special anniversary edition 6 speed, (photo 8) but the problem is it makes me go too fast sometimes... as luck would have it, the day after I got it, I was on my way to the gym. I was wearing my Jeff Gordon hat, my Nascar shirt, sporting my Jeff Gordon gearshift knob, my red Simpson shoes, and my Jeff Gordon license plat. I was getting ready to focus on my workout when all of a sudden I was surprised. No, it wasn't Jeff Gordon who surprised me, it was a policeman. I got a speeding ticket!! I should have told him I am Lee Priest's wife. Lee is the king here in Lancaster everywhere we go!! (laughs)

When you travel and meet fans, do you like it?

Of course! It's always nice to meet new people. You can learn newt things and make interesting contacts. This can be a benefit for some development down the road. Fans dream and they see us like an idol. We give them the motivation to make their dreams come true.

Do fans sometimes make you furious?

Furious? Not furious, but sometimes you talk with someone once and after that, they think the door is open! The funny part is that you then hear them say to their friends, "I know Lee and Cathy Priest, I know them very well!" Big deal! They do that because they want to have attention and make believe to people that they know some our secrets. Like we have secrets! Some try to know everything about us. They don't think we are like normal people and that we have a life too.

Back to training. Do you train every day?

Yes and I do cardio too, 2 times a day! I train at home with the Powertec equipment that I like very much! Our home gym looks very beautiful. I have a lot of motivation to train in our gym. I also go to the Powerhouse Gym in Lancaster twice a week.

Our Home Gym

More Questions Coming Soon!

Next time there will be an interview with more training and diet questions. If you have any questions to ask me or Lee Priest, send your question by e-mail to and we will check it out! Also, think about competing or watching the Lee Priest Classic Contest in April of 2003! I will give you more details next month.

Time to go! Remember, dreams do come true!