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Cathy Priest Interview, May 2002.

Cathy Priest came out of retirement and competed on February 22nd, 2002 during the Arnold Classic weekend. She received fourth place...
Cathy Priest came out of retirement and competed on February 22nd, 2002 during the Arnold Classic weekend. She received fourth place, which didn't quite guarantee her an invitation to the 2002 Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas. Here is the latest news about this awesome female bodybuilder!

1. Cathy, you just finished competing at the Arnold Classic! You finished in 4th place. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is good, RIGHT?

Yeah! But I was focused on placing in the top three. I set my sights on the top two in hopes of competing in the Olympia so that Lee and I could get ready together again.

2. Do you think fourth place was what you deserved to get?

If you really want the truth, I WAS SHOCKED!!!

3. Why?

Because all morning at the prejudging I was being called out as the top three. I was feeling really good, and the audience was behind me cheering me on, so I thought top three for sure! If politically you look at it Valentina would come in first (being Ms. Olympia) then you have Dayana Cadeaux second (Ms. International) and in third myself, which for me would be as good as winning the show. That's how I truly thought it would end up... not me coming in fourth. So again I was shocked.

4. I was there in the audience and actually heard the same thing that you just said. One lady was commenting on how you had put on size, looked so feminine and were in great shape... so go figure!! So, at the night show when they told you, you got fourth place what did you feel the audience reaction was?

I was feeling VERY DISAPPOINTED! But I know my fans were with me, and their reaction to my placing helped me know that I was still a winner! So, I do the MYTH POSE and the Priest tradition goes on. We both placed fourth. At least we kept it even in the family so there are no arguments at home! Ha Ha!

5. Cathy, what are you plans now?

I am presently training more than I ever have in between shows, and having a lot of fun every day. I can not wait to go train!

6. That's not the Cathy I know, what happened??

In a brief detail, I awake at 5:30 a.m. Lee and I do cardio in just enough time to watch "DAYS OF OUR LIVES," that we previously recorded. Then, I eat a cheese omelet (real cheese, yum) and have some fruit salad and one bagel and Lee has the same thing also. After that we clean up and do the daily chores. One of my favorite parts of my day is taking care of my dogs. (They are so cute!!)

Cathy and Lee with Winston, an american eskimo
and Nasca, a yorkshire terrier. (Notice the
logo on Cathy's shirt and pant leg?) Click To Enlarge!

Honey, a german shepperd and Lois, a staffashire terrier.

Now it is time to get serious. The coffee maker goes on, the phone call gets made, the training time is set, it's time to train... go go go!

7. But Cathy, I still don't know why you are so excited this year to train! What's up?

Do you know how nice it is to walk 10 feet and be in the gym? Lee and I wanted to put together a home gym so we went and bought a piece of equipment from "POWERTEC." We got it home and used it, and WOW! We liked it so much, we called them back to let them know how nicely made their equipment is. They responded back very quickly, and made a dream come true for Lee and I. They worked with us in putting together a PowerTec gym. The exciting part for me is to have the chance to exclusively train on this equipment for my next competition!! You will then see how great my conditioning will be. I like this equipment so much that I am going to work with my business partner, and sell PowerTec exclusively. You see my business partner is also my training partner. After training on it, WE BELIEVE IN POWERTEC!! I'm the kind of person to SAY THE TRUTH, NOT TALK CRAP!!

PowerTec equipment! Click to enlarge.

7. That's awesome! What's next?

You know!! I take my glutamine and carb drink, then take my creatine and aminos. I would like to give you the names of the products I take, but too bad, at this time I do not have a supplement company to honor.

8. You mean you don't have a sponsor or contract with anyone yet??

I hope to find one soon, my focus now is to prepare for the GNC PRO INVITATIONAL, in New Orleans just 2 weeks after the Olympia. I am working hard to be in my best shape ever because Lee won his show (2002 San Francisco Grand Prix) so now I am feeling the pressure (as she smiles) so I am excited to soon begin my diet and precontest training. I'll keep you posted on any new developments that come my way.

9. I hear you have added something new and different to your life this year. Tell me what it is!!

Yeah!! I feel like I am one with Nascar Racing… let me explain. I watch it on T.V., Lee buys a Nascar edition Monte Carlo car, Nascar special edition truck, I made his Nascar jumpsuit, we go to Nascar store, the house has Nascar memorabilia, and not to mention hours at the race track with Lee perfecting his racing skills, and me the women behind the video camera watching him go round and round. But, who cares if he receives Jeff Gordon's pay! What a thrilling experience for him and me because I love it!

Lee ready to go.
I'm very happy with his performance!
Lee finished second.
Lee's mum Lyne, Lee and I.

Lee and Greg Smith will be racing in the Silver State Race in Vegas 16-18th, They are sponsored by "BODYBUILDING.COM" for the race. Greg and Lee wish to thank Russ and Ryan DeLuca of for their support.

Greg Smith, Master Of Vets.
Greg and and Lee race together sponsored by

Cathy, thank you for taking time to let me interview you.

No problem, I look forward to our next interview, let me know when you want to talk again!



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