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Building A Professional!

Over the next 14 months, following my advice and that of his coach Pierre De Bont, we will turn Philiep into a Pro!

Name: Philiep Van Nuffel
Location: Wemmel, Belgium
Place of Birth: Asse, Belgium
Date of Birth: July 29th, 1969
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Favourite exercise: Squat
Most hated exercise: Vertical leg press
Weakest body-part: Right shoulder, calves
Most admires: Dorian Yates
Height: 169 cm (5'7")
Last Competition weight: 83 kg (184 lbs)
Current Bulking weight: 93 kg (206.5 lbs) and climbing rapidly
Years training: 14
Years Competing: 8

  • March '94 - NABBA (under 70 kg) 3rd place
  • April '94 - IFBB quarterfinals (under 70 kg) 3rd place
  • June '94 - IFBB semifinals (under 70 kg) 3rd place
  • October '94 - IFBB finals (under 70 kg) 3rd place
  • June '95 - IFBB semifinals (under 80 kg) 3rd place
  • October '95 - IFBB finals (under 80) 3rd place
  • October '95 - Grand Prix Charleroi (under 75) 1st place and 3rd overall
  • June '96 - IFBB semifinals (under 80) 2nd place
  • October '96 - IFBB finals (under 80) 3rd place
  • '97 - Did not compete
  • June '98 - WABBA semifinals small division, first place and selection EC
  • November '98 - WABBA finals small division, second place
  • June '99 - WABBA selection EC, passed
  • June '99 - WABBA EC (European Championships) small division, 10th place
  • October '99 - WABBA finals, 1st place (Belgian Champion) + selection WC
  • November '99 - WABBA WC (World Championships), 12th place
  • October '00 - WABBA finals, 1st place (Belgian Champion) + selection WC
  • November '00 - BPF Olympia Cup (under 85 kg) 1st place
  • November '00 - WABBA WC small division (World championships), 6th place
  • October '01 - Grand Prix Luxembourg, 1st place
  • October '01 - Jubilee Serge Nubret in Paris, 2nd place
  • June '02 - BPF selections for European Championships, passed
  • June '02 - BPF European Championships, unanimous 1st place by a large margin

Measurements After European Championships

Arms: 46 cm (18.5 inches cold)
Legs: 68 cm (27.2 inches cold)
Waist: 78 cm (31.5 inches cold)
Chest: 123 cm (50 inches cold)
Calves: 42 cm (16.8 inches cold)
Forearms: 35.5 cm (14.2 inches cold)

Over the next 14 months, following my advice and that of his coach Pierre De Bont, Philiep will take time off from competing. Mainly that means he will miss the fall shows. I have worked closely with Philiep for the 6 months leading up to the European Championships in Naples, Italy. He came to me to ask for guidance on how to finish in the Top 3, and with my help and a lot of dedication, he won that contest by a large margin and on a unanimous decision from the judges. The competition was baffled by his shape. The man who came in second after him had also recently won second place at the IFBB world championships.

Right now, Philiep is European Champion, two-time national champion and in the best shape of his life. What follows is an unrivaled experiment. Under my guidance Philiep will make a transformation, adding 20-25 lbs to his frame and come in at an even better shape for next years fall shows. He will be competing in 2 IFBB grand Prix's. And if he can finish first or second in both those shows, he will earn his pro card. With Philiep's current record, including a 6th place in the world championships, winning the European championships and leaving the man who was second at this years world championships trailing in the dust, it doesn't take a rocket science to see that Philiep has a good chance of achieving this.

What will be remarkable is the way in which he will do it : 20-25 lbs heavier, in a higher weight class (heavyweight instead of light heavyweight) and by a larger margin than he did now. Make no mistake, we are not in the business of turning skinny teenagers into cover models, or make fat people thin again to promote supplements. Through adapted training, basic supplementation and good nutrition, we will turn a European champion into a professional behemoth in 14 months. You will watch this man get fat, add muscle and come back into shape, heavier and sharper. In articles, to appear every two weeks hopefully, I will attempt to detail the progress. and I are proud to present the pinnacle in personal training:


#1 - Getting To Know Philiep!
I want to take this first article and tell you how we met, and who this extraordinary man is! Check out his contests he has competed in and how he plans on gaining 25 lbs on lean mass in 14 months!
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#2 - My First Endeavour With Philiep
This time I would like to take the time to tell you the story of our first mutual endeavour. This will give you some background on how we started working together and how we decided that he had the ability to become a pro.
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