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Women Who Fear Pumping Iron!

There is a misconception about female weight training and how we should be eating, supplementing our bodies and exercising. I will reveal a few facts that contradict the old myth about women who lift heavier weights resulting in a 'huge...

There is a misconception about female weight training and how we should be eating, supplementing our bodies and exercising. I will reveal a few facts that contradict the old myth about women who lift heavier weights resulting in a "huge and bulky" physique.

The Facts That Break The Myths

Often, women who see me in public, immediately notice that I am in great shape. The most common remark I receive is, "You must be at the gym seven days a week for at least three hours per day"! Clearly, I would like to state that I have been paying visits to the local gym on and off since my late teens. I began visiting the gym during my high school years to partake in different aerobic classes. I was so obsessed with taking aerobics that I became a certified aerobics instructor.

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Women Immediately Notice
That I'm In Great Shape.

Ironically, there was a young woman at my gym who took aerobic classes 5 times per week and hit the weight room afterward. Every time I looked at this woman's physique, I was impressed by her body's incredible definition and overall tightness according to her small frame! Here I was taking aerobic classes with high frequency and my body was not as tight and defined as my new mentor. My whole life I remained slim, but without symmetry and proper definition until I hit the weight room.

At the time, I was a bit intimidated to hit the weight room surrounded by huge bodybuilders. I didn't know how to train properly and I certainly did not want to make a fool out of myself with machines that I was unfamiliar with. But, my biggest reason that kept me away from lifting weights was the fear of getting "big and bulky". Boy, was I wrong! Weight training was the perfect missing link in achieving my desired appearance and health goals.


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Don't Fear The Weights! One question many women ask themselves is how they should be training different from their male counterparts. Big mistake.
Shannon Clark

Today I know from experience that females do not become huge by simply lifting heavy weights. In fact, if you are trying to narrow down certain areas in size like your waist, arms or hips, pumping iron is the best way to achieve trimmer and firmer areas. When I began to lift weights, it seemed as though I was getting bigger and bulkier at first. This was because I had not been really lean to begin with. It is plain and simple to say that I wasn't eating right.

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I Was Not Lean To Begin With.

A combination of diet, supplementation and a proper weight training/cardiovascular program leads to increased metabolism by burning fat and achieving lean muscle gains. Depending on how fast your body reacts to the new adjustments, you should see results within 6-8 weeks.

Unless you are preparing for a figure/bodybuilding show, most average women do not strive for an overly muscular physique. I currently weigh 122 lbs and stand almost 5-6" tall. I've been weight training consistently for the last four years and changed my eating habits. I have a small frame and went down two sizes by weight training! I have always strived for slimmer hips and thighs for my frame and height. As for my arms, I no longer worry about waving "goodbye" to the fat that surrounded my triceps.


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In essence, weight training is perfect for building, shaping, strengthening and sculpting problem areas. It constitutes to great symmetry, strength and definition. I alternate between medium to heavy weights and make sure I train one body part at lease once or twice per week.


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