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An Interview With The Sexy Monica Starr: Country Girl Gone City, Gone Country!

In this interview we shall see what is going on in Monica's life and why she has returned to her roots and country life once again! Check it out and learn more about this sexy country girl.

OK! It may sound like I'm double talking here BUT hang with me, there is a rhyme to my reason. I have the honor of interviewing one of my favorite fitness personalities, heck one of my favorite people on the planet - The incredible, beautiful, sweet Ms. Monica Starr!

In Monica's first interview here on she was interviewed by the talented Curtis Shultz entitled Country Girl gone city... In this interview we shall see what is going on in Monica's life and why she has returned to her roots and country life once again!

Cow Girl Gone City Girl: Monica Starr! Cow Girl Gone City Girl: Monica Starr!
Monica Starr is a true country girl, born and raised in Kansas growing up farming corn, wheat, milo, and sunflowers working on her family owned and operated feedlot.
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Green acres is the place to be... farm livin'... I know Monica you are going to kill me for going that route again!

[ RC ] Hello Monica!! How are you?

    [ MS ] Well... Now that I have that song from Green Acres in my head... GRRRRRR... Thanks Rotten Robbie!! No really, I am doing great! Thanks for asking.

[ RC ] It looks like I'm stuck with that Rotten Robbie moniker!! LOL!! In your first interview with you had left the country life for city life. What brought you to the decision to leave your comfort zone and country life in the first place?

    [ MS ] I moved to Maryland with a friend of mine. I wanted to see what city life was all about, and I knew there would be more opportunities for me.

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Monica Starr.

[ RC ] What were your likes and dislikes about living in a more populated area?

    [ MS ] What I like about the city: Good food whenever you wanted it delivered. Great gyms. Fun bars. Good friends. Great jobs. What I disliked about the city: The hustle and bustle that never seemed to slow down. The traffic. The crime.

[ RC ] Yeah!! I know what you mean. I used to live in the N.Y. metropolitan area. Now that you have gone full circle. Do you feel there are more advantages living in a bigger city, as far as the fitness industry goes?

    [ MS ] Absolutely! There are a ton of great advantages to living in a city, as far as fitness industry is going. In the city, I was closer to photographers and job opportunities. I don't let living in a small town affect that though. I travel a lot for shoots and jobs, and I thoroughly enjoy it!! I get the best of both worlds: City life and Country living.

[ RC ] I know your family owns 10,000 acres of farmland in Kansas and raise horses, chickens, cattle and buffalo. Tell our readers a little about this Green Acres (hee-hee) paradise of yours?

    [ MS ] Our farm and ranch is owned by my Dad, brother and Grandpa. It has been in the family for many generations. We have lots of animals, and we farm a lot of land. I enjoy the work, and I love the animals! I really like working side by side with my Dad and brother. I may be a girl, but I can work just as hard and long as they do!

[ RC ] That sounds great. There is nothing like being side by side with the family. I also remember during one of our conversations you telling that you also do some horse sculpting. Would you care to expand upon that?

    [ MS ] My friend Kristin and I sculpt little horses and sell them. She is the one that introduced me to it. I have to hand it to Kristin: SHE is one talented, patient woman! She has taught me so much about sculpting!

    We have so much fun molding and shaping until the finished product... hopefully... looks like a horse. It is fun, tedious work that really keeps us laughing at each other's mistakes.

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Monica Starr.

[ RC ] I'm sure you are being modest! You seem very talented in all you do... Okay now back to the fitness world. In your last interview on you were competing in Figure competitions. Tell us about your competitive career?

    [ MS ] I used to compete in Figure. I really enjoyed it! (yet another advantage of living in a city) I competed in Figure for four years and placed second and third at a few big shows. The competitive bug has always been biting me, and now it is in the form of a racecar bug! he-he!!

[ RC ] RACECARS, WOW!! Tell us about this racecar bug of yours?

    [ MS ] A couple years ago, my youngest brother and I got a Cruiser car together. A Cruiser Car takes two people to drive it. The DRIVER SIDE person (my brother) runs the brake and steering wheel. The PASSENGER SIDE person (me) runs the gas.

    You follow the same rules as racecars like Hobby Stocks: roll cage, fire suit, helmet, neck brace, etc. It is a lot of fun!! We haven't won anything, but it is such a rush!! We have fun together.

[ RC ] What brought you to the decision to stop competing?

    [ MS ] I stopped competing for personal reasons, and also because I moved back home. We don't have any shows in this neck of the woods. I do miss it though. Who knows... maybe one day I'll step back on stage.

[ RC ] I know we would all love to see you on stage again. You certainly have made a name for yourself in the fitness model industry and you look great. Tell us about your modeling career?

    [ MS ] My modeling started when I began competing. It just took off from there. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best fitness photographers in the industry. I have several shoots this summer with some awesome photographers too.

    I have been in Muscle Mag, Oxygen, Planet Muscle, American Curves, and a few others. I still get excited when I open a magazine and see myself. I think all models feel that way. It's just really neat, and it's a great honor to grace the pages of those fantastic magazines!

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I Still Get Excited When I Open
A Magazine And See Myself.

[ RC ] Those are some pretty prestigious magazines. What was it like the very first time you saw yourself in a fitness mag?

    [ MS ] My first magazine publication was in Oxygen. I was so excited! I laughed. I cried. I screamed. I called my Mom and she bought five copies! It's pretty cool!

[ RC ] I love your website How is that going for you?

    [ MS ] My website is going great! When is yours going to be up and running? I have a wonderful webmaster who is the mastermind behind getting all my content up and live for people to see. I update it every single week!

[ RC ] I'm going to have to get in touch with your webmaster. He does such an incredible job with yours!! Although there is a big advantage to having Monica Starr as your subject as opposed to Rob Carbo... Your weekly updates are just fantastic. Do you have any exciting projects or events that you are now involved in, if so tell us?

    [ MS ] I am the spokesmodel for BioPharm Nutrition, and I am pretty excited about that. I have some other irons in the fire, but I won't let you all in on them till they are up and running full steam ahead!

[ RC ] Aww come on!! We won't tell anyone... promise... I'm interested to know your workout routine. How do you incorporate weights and cardio with that already hectic bronco busting workday of your?

    [ MS ] hehe! You crack me up, Rob! Working on the farm and working with horses is a workout all in itself! I do lift weights a lot:

    I do cardio every day. I am not one of the lucky girls who can skip a cardio session, but HEY! I LOVE CARDIO!

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Monica & Rob.

[ RC ] Love cardio? Maybe that's what my problem has been all these years. I know we have bee down this road before but how do other women react to you?

    [ MS ] Women in a small town, and the men too, are very... I don't know... they can be pretty harsh. Women can be really mean! I will say that I have met (in person and just through email) some of the most amazing women!

    The women in the fitness industry all seem to understand each other, and the ones I have met have been super sweet to me! As for the negativity that comes from the people in a small town, I harness the bad energy and turn it into good energy. It keeps me driven!

[ RC ] I think that's what can happen in a small town. People ridicule what they don't know or understand... any names or stories you would like to share with us about women in the fitness industry?

    [ MS ] Oh My Gosh! There are so many great women that I have dealt with in the fitness industry! I hate to leave out any names! I have met Monica Brant... she is so sweet and sincere! Wendy Rider is also amazing! We are doing a shoot together this summer. Also Lilly Ruiz is a sweetheart! Ava Cowan is really cool too. I don't know! There are just too many to name! They have all been helpful and kind!

[ RC ] I know you have a hectic travel schedule. How do you feel when shooting with a new photographer? Do you have any good or bad stories you would like to share?

    [ MS ] I love traveling, and I really enjoy working with new photographers. I don't have any bad stories that come to mind, but so far... My experiences have all been pretty good.

[ RC ] What do you do for fun, I mean, when you are not riding horses and playing farm girl?

    [ MS ] I love to draw, read, and write. I also love riding motorcycles and going camping. I am very much into the great outdoors! You really ought to come down and go horseback riding sometime!

[ RC ] I might just take you up on that but if the horse turns things around and starts riding me, you better bail me out!! What do you do to relax?

    [ MS ] I promise, Rob... I got yer back! I find that working out is a great way to get ready to relax. So for me... I workout hard, take a long hot shower, and then I crash on the couch with my pooch to a good movie!

[ RC ] Speaking of your pooch, tell us about Retter?

    [ MS ] Retter is my Weimeraner. I got him about five months ago. He came into my life when my other Weimeranar's life ended suddenly and very sadly due to some sort of rat poison on the farm. It was the single most saddest day of my life so far.

    Retter is Geist's (my deceased Weim) nephew. You can read the story on my website under my Diary Button. Look for A TRIBUTE TO GEIST. It will tell the story. I still tear up when I try to discuss it.

Monica Starr
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Monica Starr.

[ RC ] What do you feel are your strengths both personally and in the business world?

    [ MS ] I am an honest, fearless woman. I think that gets anyone far in personal life, as well as the business world. I work hard, play hard, and I am willing to try anything... almost.

[ RC ] Not that I can see any but what do you feel are your weaknesses?

    [ MS ] Now if I told you my weaknesses, people might try to find them and pick them apart! I think I'll keep those to myself. I am always working on improving on them so that they turn into strengths.

[ RC ] On a normal day what is Monica Starr doing at:

Midnight Snoring!
6a.m. Getting ready for a workout.

[ RC ] Lets play word association:

Fitness Monica Brant
Happiness Horses and dogs
Power Love and family
Money New toys!
Monica Starr Tomboy and queen of the racetrack!
*laughing ok...Maybe not the Queen of the racetrack!

[ RC ] Where do you picture yourself 5 years down the road?

    [ MS ] I picture myself continuing to do what I love: Working out and teaching others about the importance of being healthy and taking care of your body and mind.

[ RC ] As always it has been an honor and a pleasure to do this interview with you. Do you have anything to say in closing?

    [ MS ] I really appreciate you interviewing me. It's always a pleasure dealing with the Wonderful, Big, Bad Rob Carbo! Thanks Rob! Keep up the good work! And a huge thank you goes out to all my fans who have been so wonderful to me! Thank Everyone!

    OK ROB... if you need anything else! Please feel free to send the questions my way! Thank you for this interview!

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Monica & Rob.