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What You Can Expect At California Pizza Kitchen: Menus Can Be Deceiving!

California Pizza Kitchen, aka CPK, has a wide variety of seemingly healthy choices on the menu. But, their nutrition information may shock many... Find out just how many calories you can expect. Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • The nutritional information for CPK may be quite shocking.
  • If you're thinking of getting an appetizer, beware of the calorie count.
  • If you've got a craving for CPK you might have to make it a cheat meal.

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    California Pizza Kitchen, aka CPK, is a large step above fast food without the long wait associated with fine dining. CPK has a wide variety of seemingly healthy choices on the menu. But, their nutrition information may shock many nutrition gurus out there. You can easily blow through a good portion of your calorie budget in just one meal!

    California Pizza Kitchen Is A Large Step Above Fast Food Without The Long Wait Associated With Fine Dining.
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    California Pizza Kitchen Is A Large Step Above Fast
    Food Without The Long Wait Associated With Fine Dining.

    Navigating CPK

      When it comes to looking at CPK's nutrition info, calories are all we have to go by. They don't publish the fat, carbohydrates, sugar and protein in each meal. But, there's a lot you can determine just from looking at the calorie counts on each appetizer, meal and dessert.


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      The appetizers at CPK count as a full meal unless of course you share them with several people. Without knowing the nutrition breakdown of some of these appetizers, the chicken lettuce wraps seem like a great choice right?

      Chicken and vegetables served in a lettuce leaf. But, at 912 calories the tasty soy-ginger sauce or side of spicy chili-ginger sauce must contain quite a bit of sugar.

      If 912 calories seems high, take a peak at the Sonora Egg Rolls which tally 1050 calories and the Avocado Club Spring Rolls which serve up a whooping 1180 calories!

    California Pizza Kitchen
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    California Pizza Kitchen
    Haven't been there in a while but I love it. I've only ordered 3 things there before. Shrimp Scampi Pizza, Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Thai Curry Pasta or whatever it's called. What do you guys eat? Thinking about going there soon?
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      Skip these choices, split the lettuce wraps and ditch the side of spicy chili-ginger sauce or, choose a spring roll (just over 300 calories each).

    Soups, Salads And Main Courses

      Asparagus soup and Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley soup are the best soup choices (not high in protein but very filling and full of vegetables). All of the salads are the cleanest options on CPK's menu (no surprise there). Just skip the tortilla chips, candied walnuts, crispy wontons and garlic-herb croutons and get oil & vinegar dressing on the side (or no dressing).

      What are your other options at CPK? Skip the main entrees, choose thin crust pizza if you have a craving (less than 200 calories per slice) and under Specialties, opt for Ginger Salmon minus the sweet ginger sauce and with the wok-stirred mixed vegetables. Or, chose the pan-sauteed mahi mahi with wok-stirred mixed vegetables.

    A Look Up Close: CPK

    Item Calories Modifications
    Baja Chicken Spring Roll 326 Each None.
    Asparagus Soup (cup) 106 None.
    Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley Soup (cup) 184 None.
    Moroccan Chicken Salad (half) 421 Skip the dried cranberries and dates and get the dressing on the side.
    Miso Salad (half) 618 Skip the crispy rice noodles and wonton noodles and get the Miso dressing on the side.
    Chinese Chicken Salad (half) 503 Skip the crispy wonton noodles and get a different dressing on the side.
    Original Chopped Salad (half) 446 Skip the salami and get the dressing on the side.
    Ginger Salmon 979 Skip the sweet ginger sauce.
    Pan-Sauteed Mahi Mahi With Wok-Stirred Mixed Vegetables (1/2 Serving) 560 None.

      If you forget anything on this list, remember this - go for salads without the wontons, buttery croutons etc. and always opt for an oil-based dressing on the side.

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      Anything with a sauce will typically add teaspoons of sugar to your meal. So, be careful with dishes that are disguised as all veggie and protein, such as lettuce wraps. If you are watching your carbs but craving pizza, eat a salad first and then choose the thin crust pizza.


    There aren't many clean options at CPK so if you have a hankering and want something not on this list, save it for a cheat day and split the portion so you aren't doing too much damage.

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