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20 Ways To A Healthier You!

Here are 20 ways to give you the kind of health that will make you feel like a million bucks, even if the bottom of your couch cushion still doubles as your ATM! Try them now.

People always try to cheer others up with, "At least you have your health." That's because it's still the best thing you can own, no matter what's in your garage, closet or DVD collection.

Here are 20 ways to give you the kind of health that will make you feel like a million bucks, even if the bottom of your couch cushion still doubles as your ATM!

dot 1. Hit The Hay dot

    Somebody said sleep was for the weak - and that's the weakest thing we've ever heard. From contributing to better alertness on the job, to giving your body the kind of rejuvenation it needs to get the most out of your workouts, hit the pillow or you'll hit a wall in your accomplishments.

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Get?

Less Than 3
10 Or More

dot 2. Keep Track Of Your Strength dot

    Write down how much weight, how many reps and sets you do for your workouts. It will help you to shoot for new highs the next time and also will inform you instantly on whether your strength gains are where they need to be.

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dot 3. Drink In Life, Drink Less dot

    We all need to unwind and a cold brew or Courvoisier goes down smooth, but a few too many and you lose tomorrow's productivity to Old Man Hangover. If you want to be at your best, drink a lil' less.

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Hangovers Are Never Fun.

dot 4. Stay Positive dot

    It's been proven a thousand times that positive thinking is one of your best allies. From aiding athletes in turning assumed losses into victory (Namath!), to helping patients stay healthy, by expecting good things to happen, you increase your chances of getting what you want.

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Positive Thinking Is
One Of Your Best Allies.

dot 5. Get Weak dot

    Anybody can work on their strengths, but it's improving your weaknesses that will make you succeed a lot easier in the gym. Find that certain underdeveloped muscle group and work on it at the beginning of your workout, because that's when your energy is at its peak.

Weak Links!
It seems that most articles written today are trying to improve your bench press. However, if you want real success in the gym you will also have to be proficient in other exercises.
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dot 6. Stretch Your Limits dot

    Even the most seasoned athlete can get lazy with stretching, but it only takes hearing one "pop" to learn your lesson - and be put through complex and grueling rehab. Make sure to hit all the important muscles, especially those forgotten hamstrings.

Stretch Stretch
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Don't Forget To Stretch Your Hamstrings.

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dot 7. Grab A Partner dot

    Though it can be hard to coordinate schedules, finding a training partner can add an instant motivator to your gym time, along with someone to make sure you maintain correct form. Nothing can get you in the gym on a cold day like a partner saying those three words of encouragement: "You Freaking Woosie!"

dot 8. Fast When It Comes To Fast Food dot

    We all love seeing those golden arches, but those lumpy love handles, not so much. Eliminate your fast food by half and you'll see your body respond. If you need help, go rent Morgan Spurlock's " Supersize Me." It ain't pretty.

Click On Your Favorite Restaurant To Learn The Truth!
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dot 9. Take A Timeout dot

    Try to put aside five minutes a day to meditate. It's proven that deep breathing and mental relaxation can keep the body at its best. Ohmmmmm... Ohmmmmm...

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Put Aside Five
Minutes A Day To Meditate.

dot 10. Just Add Water dot

    Humans are made up of more than 90% water, so why do we drink so little of it? If you're passing on el agua then you're passing up on one of the best sources for health and energy on Earth. And, no, Cokes don't count.

Water: Your Secret Weapon! There are many types of water and like anything some are better than others. This article will shed some light on the importance of water including how much to drink, types, and more.
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dot 11. Hit The Lower Back dot

    The lower back is one of the last areas people tend to work, yet one of the most vital areas to keep up to avoid injury. Whether deadlifts or hyperextensions, do some sort of strengthening movement or we see a chiropractor in your future. Also, a stronger lower back leads to better abs because they're opposing muscle groups.

Lower Back
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Train The Lower Back To Avoid Injury.

dot 12. Buy A Piece Of Exercise Equipment dot

    Even if it's just a stationary bike, one of the best purchases you can make is a piece of home exercise equipment. This way, bad weather won't be an excuse not to get your sweat on (though laziness is a pretty good excuse, too).

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dot 13. Dine In dot

    With very few exceptions, no matter where you eat, you never know for sure how many calories or fat are on the menu. At home, you can regulate everything that enters your body, not to mention, save a few bucks in your pocket.

How Often Do You Dine Out?

A Few Times A Year
Once A Month
Twice A Month
Once A Week
Once A Day Or More

dot 14. Relax dot

    Working hard is great. Working your life away is... well, unhealthy. Make time to just relax, whether that's getting together with friends, watching a sporting event or just reading a new book. Seriously, you're stressing us out, dude!

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Make Time To Just Relax.

dot 15. Take A Walk dot

    Are you one of those people who drives to a store just down the block? Try keeping that car in park and strap on your sneakers, Mr. Lead foot. An extra 30 minutes of walking a day has numerous health benefits and on days when you don't get to the gym, it's better to have some cardio than none.

Walking As Cardio?
Between walking to work and school and I walk like 3-4 miles a day around the city and I'm always late so I walk pretty fast. For the days that I don't do cardio, does this count? What does walking 3 or 4 miles at a fairly quick pace equate to as far as going on an elliptical or something? - kokings.
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dot 16. Watch Your Saturated Fat Intake dot

    While the body needs fat to survive, most of us could survive many times over from the amount of fat we take in. Make sure to read the labels on your food for how much saturated fat you're ingesting and don't let it go above the daily allowances. Unless double chins are in this year.

Good & Bad Fats!
Body fat usually results from an inadequate diet and is comprised of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Get facts about the good and bad fats, their effects on the body, and tips to keep body fat in check.
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dot 17. Join A Sports Team dot

    Participating in sports is not only a good social activity, but it burns calories and improves coordination. Just because you're not a kid anymore, doesn't mean the blacktop and diamond should be off limits. Be a participant in life!

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Baseball Is A Great Workout.

dot 18. Be Pro Protein dot

    Nothing builds muscle like protein. If you can get a gram of protein per every pound, more power to you, but just half a gram can do a world of good... of course, that's only if you put the time in the gym to back it up.

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Nothing Builds Muscle Like Protein.

dot 19. Run For Your Life dot

    Running is still one of the top ways to measure your level of fitness. But it requires the right footwear, correct stride and the patience to allow your running times to improve gradually. By adding your favorite music or favorite friend to run with, the time will fly by - and your gut will likely shrink.

dot 20. Make Amends dot

    They say it's much harder to stay angry than forgive. Let go of those grudges that have been weighing you down, because that squat bar weighs enough already.