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Supplementation For A Leaner Sexier You, In 12 Weeks!

The diet is sound and the training regime was challenging, so why the failure to achieve the goals? In this article we are going to take a look at what supplements should be used to aid you in your quest to get a sexier body in 12 short weeks.

Everyone at some stage of their lives has had the intention of starting a training program to get in shape for that wedding or beach vacation. Most of us have come up with the same opinionated conclusion, "I trained my @ss off and failed to get the results I wanted." This is a common statement from those of us who have failed to achieve our objective.

For many, the diet is sound and the training regime was challenging, so why the failure to achieve the goals? For many it's a poor supplementation program. It is vital when undergoing a training program that one uses the correct supplements to help achieve their fitness goals.

The timing of when to use the supplements is also a concern. So in order to choose your supplements, sit down and consider what you want to achieve. Do you want to gain muscle, loose fat, run a 10k? For most, loosing body fat to get in shape for the summer is the main objective of undergoing a training plan.

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Most Of Us Want To Get
In Shape For Summer.

Now you can relax... well just a little. In this article we are going to take a look at what supplements should be used to aid you in your quest to get a sexier body in 12 short weeks.

When designing a diet plan, it goes without saying that a supplementation plan should also be a staple, especially when working within a target time frame such as this.

The amount of calories required to achieve your target bodyweight can be calculated using our calorie calculators available on, however, when your total daily calorific requirements are summed up, the figure should be divided up into equal amounts spread throughout the day so that you can consume nutrition every 2.5 - 3hrs in order to optimize ones metabolic rate.

Bodymass -

This proven method of dividing nutritional requirements into small but frequent meals transforms the body into a body fat burning furnace so to speak, the body is constantly working to digest the food; which requires energy, in other words burns calories.


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Meal Frequency!
Along with increased attention to your diet, you are likely trying to eat every three hours... Now, do you have to be extremely anal about this? Absolutely not!
Shannon Clark

The consumption of a protein source with each meal creates a more anabolic state within the body by increasing the rate at which the body digests muscle protein. This helps build leaner firmer muscles, which require more calories to maintain, and in turn leads to a leaner more athletic physique.

So now that we have the basics of calorie requirements out of the way, lets get down to business - What supplements do we need to get lean, toned and muscular in 12 weeks. I'm sure that many of you are confused about what supplements to invest in, as we all know only too well just how many are out there - we are bombarded every month when we open the pages of our favorite fitness publications.

dot Protein: dot

    First and foremost you need a good protein supplement. After all the word "protein" comes from the Greek word "Prota" meaning of "prime importance." When choosing your protein supplement the quality of the protein you choose is of vital importance.

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Author, Brian Bullman.

    Protein sourced from dairy has a great biological value which means a greater percentage of the amount of protein consumed is actually utilized by the body. Dairy protein also has a large amino acid profile containing one of the greatest natural sources of essential amino acids (meaning we need to consume them as the body can not synthesize them) this allows the body to build and repair muscle at a greater rate than a lesser quality protein.

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dot Fat Burners: dot

    The next supplement on the stack should be a good fat burner. In the past most fat burners contained ephedra and worked with great effect. Following the ban of that particular ingredient, research lead to effective alternatives. There are a number of very promising new ingredients when it comes to natural fat burners, including Citrus aurantium, 7-Keto, yerba mate, and guarana.

Fat Burners, So Many To Choose From.
My wife is interested in a fat burner and got sucked in on some advertising pictures by Cytolean. I want to know what would be best for a woman to take that is just starting to get back into exercising. - toppknotch.
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    There are many individuals who would rather use and or promote the use of prescription strength fat loss medication, but in my opinion using the natural alternatives is a much healthier approach which will yield much better long term results.

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dot Selenium: dot

    Selenium is another supplement to add to the wish list for your ultimate body transformation supplement stack. Selenium is a mineral found in organ meats such as hearts and kidneys, seafood, brewer's yeast, fresh garlic, mushrooms, wheat germ, and some whole grains and is essential for protein synthesis.

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Author, Brian Bullman.

    Selenium also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol (BAD) while aiding in the increase of HDL cholesterol (GOOD). The mineral also aids in balancing production of T4 and T3 in the thyroid, which are responsible for metabolism regulation.

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dot Zinc: dot

    Next on the list is Zinc, It is a vital ingredient of more than 300 enzymes needed to maintain a healthy immune system, to wound repair, maintain fertility in adults and growth in children, protein synthesis, cell reproduction, preserve vision, boost immunity, and protect against free radicals.


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Immune System Support!
The immune system needs to be taken care of to ensure proper health. Here I will talk about what types of supplements are associated with this maintenance.
Jayson Kroner

    Zinc is also an important structural component of many proteins and hormones including testosterone, which everybody and their grandmother knows is the number one hormone for increasing muscle tone!!

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dot DHEA: dot

    Now its time to get the credit card out and spend a little more for our next supplement, although not expensive by itself, the cost of stacking the most effective supplements can add up to a tidy little sum, and anyone who has been involved in sports would verify it when I say we could have the down payment for a house with the amount of money being spent on supplements over the years, however, with the right knowledge and a little shopping around between brands you may be able to save on the Benjamin's.

    The next supplement on the shopping list is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA is the most abundant androgenic hormone within the human body and is heavily involved in the production of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and corticosterone.

DHEA Supplmenting.
I bought some DHEA at a vitamin store and was wondering how much I should supplement from a bodybuilding/powerlifting standpoint. The Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA comes in 25 mg pills and recommends 1 a day. Should I take more of that to reap more of the benefits? - vvarhead17.
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    The declination of DHEA parallels that of HGH with aging, so by the time one reached the age of 65, they are only producing approximately 10% of that produced at the age of 20. Supplementation of DHEA may help to enhance immune resistance against infection, reduce the risk of age-related diseases, including cancer, coronary heart disease and even osteoporosis.

    DHEA may also improve blood sugar sensitivity and help prevent adult-onset diabetes. Most importantly for us DHEA may also help to facilitate weight loss and help decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. DHEA may also aid to increase cognition.

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The above supplements are my recommendations and what I used religiously to get in shape post injury. They worked with amazing results for me and can do the same for most when used with a sound nutritional plan and training program. However I also add in a good multivitamin/mineral to ensure that I am getting in enough nutrients.

I also like to use L-Glutamine to aid my recovery, especially when reducing the carbohydrate intake, L-Glutamine is a free form amino acid with great recovery capabilities, so much so that some medical professionals prescribe glutamine post trauma, such as burns and of course post surgery to aid the reduction of recovery times.

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Author, Brian Bullman.

So now, there you have the low down on some of the top supplements to help you transform your physique into that swimsuit wearing, sun worshipping, eye catching, jaw dropping (other parts of the anatomy Stimulating) body you've always wanted. So get out the credit cards get in the groceries and sign up for that gym membership, you have no more excuses, in the words of UFC's ultimate referee Big John McCarthy - "Lets get it on!"