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Built By Science Daily Trainer: Day 8, Legs

Start the week under a barbella there's no better place! Your legs have gotten a week of rest, so they should be ready for a tough training session. Get it done.

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Congratulations! Week one of the Built by Science trainer is complete. You've been introduced to the movements, tempo, and rest periods. This week, work on perfecting those workout aspects so you feel 100 percent comfortable when you walk into the gym. If tempo training or timing your rest periods is new to you, this is the time to focus on mastering those ideas.

Today's workout is similar to last week's, but there are some slight differences. One of the most important variations is the extra set of back squats. If four sets were almost impossible last week, then you know you may have to drop a little weight. If four sets were way too easy last week, then you know it's time to add some pounds.

exercise ball pull-in

The back squat is not an easy movement to perfect, but you can keep your knees and back healthy by keeping two cues in mind. First, sit back. Your first move should be to hinge the hips instead of bending the knees. If you sit back, you can use your glutes and hamstrings instead of relying solely on your quads. By sitting back, you'll notice that your torso isn't perfectly upright— that's OK, it doesn't have to be. Second, keep your knees out. If your knees cave in while you're squatting, you are placing unnecessary stress on them that could lead to injury.

This trainer won't work unless you bring the intensity every day. So get pumped and use that energy to build some muscle!


Barbell Squat

5 sets of 8 reps Tempo: 3-0-1. Rest: 60-90 seconds
Barbell Squat Barbell Squat


Romanian Deadlift

3-4 sets of 10 reps Tempo: 3-0-1. Rest: 60-90 seconds
Romanian Deadlift Romanian Deadlift


Barbell Lunge

3-4 sets of 10-12 reps Tempo: 3-0-1. Rest: 60 seconds
Barbell Lunge Barbell Lunge


Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift

3-4 sets of 10-12 reps Tempo: 3-1-1. Rest: 60 seconds
Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift


Seated Calf Raise

3-4 sets of 10-12 reps Tempo: 3-2-1. Rest: 60 seconds
Seated Calf Raise Seated Calf Raise

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