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Buff Dudes And The 9-Week Journey For The Goblet Of Gains

Not every quest is about rescuing some princess. Some are about hunting the most precious of treasures: sweet, sweet muscle gains. Across nine weeks and nine video game levels, the one and only Buff Dudes will help you transform your body, crush your goals, and develop an arsenal of techniques to keep you growing for years!

The Buff Dudes: Journey for the Goblet of Gains

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Not every quest is about rescuing some princess. Some are about seeking out the most precious treasure known to man or woman: sweet, sweet muscle gains.

You're about to go on the most important voyage of your lifting life. Across nine weeks and nine levels, you'll transform your body, crush your goals, and develop an arsenal of tips and techniques that will keep you growing for years.

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Meet Your Trainers

The Buff Dudes are brothers Brandon and Hudson White, two diehard lifters who are also lifelong devotees of movies and, duh, video games. B.U.F.F stands for "Better Understanding of Food and Fitness," and since 2012 the brothers have helped spread the gospel of gains through weekly videos on their wildly popular YouTube Channel. Hundreds of millions of views later, they expanded to offer two new channels, Buff Dudes Workouts and Buff Dudes Food, to further the righteous cause of making the world a more buff place.

The Buff Dudes The Buff Dudes

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Every character, in every journey, must start at level one. But that doesn’t mean this will be easy! Make no mistake: Your quest for the Goblet of Gains will be long and difficult. To have any hope of succeeding, you must be supremely confident in your skills. Watch these three videos, finish 9 workouts, and you'll be prepared to face the challenges of world two.

Your workout split for this three-week phase will be straightforward: three full-body workouts a week with a rest day between each one, along with 3-4 sessions of steady-state cardio, and rest days all weekend. You can do this!

What You Master To Level Up!

  • The Golden Five
  • Buff Foods
  • Cardio


This is when things get serious, and many turn back. But not you. In this world, you'll learn to avoid the pitfalls that many fellow travelers unwittingly set for themselves, how to make the most of nutritional power-ups, and you'll prepare for yet another boss battle against a new and difficult foe.

Your workout split in world two transitions to a two upper-body workouts and two lower-body workouts each week, plus two HIIT session for active rest and one full rest day. It's more work than phase one, but you're ready for it.

What You Master To Level Up!

  • Supp Essentials
  • Gym Mistakes
  • Enter the Superset


The goblet is so close, you can almost wrap your hands around it. But there's still plenty to be done. Because you want to feel and perform like a warrior, not just look like one, you'll master the fine art of mobility, learn how to bullet-proof your abdomen, and add a slew of new movements to your arsenal--all while working harder than you ever have before! This is where you'll truly earn your Buff Dude status.

Your schedule for world three takes the intensity up another level by embracing the body part split. You'll train back and chest, then legs, then shoulders and traps, triceps and biceps, legs again, and then chest and back. That's six days in all, but at this point in the journey, you're battle-hardened and more than prepared for the final push.

What You Master To Level Up!

  • Mastering Mobility
  • Working Core
  • Exercise Evolution

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The Goblet of Gains Core Products

The Goblet of Gains Core Products