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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Bryan Gile!

In his younger days, Bryan was in great physical condition. But somewhere along the way, he lost his interest in fitness. After a tragic accident, he decided he needed to get his health back. Read on to learn how he dropped 38 pounds!

Before Before:
248 lbs
After After:
210 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Bryan Gile
BodySpace: BryanGee

Age: 50
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 248 lbs
Body Fat: 24%

Age: 51
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 210 lbs
Body Fat: 12%

Why I Got Started

My story is not the typical "I've been overweight all my life" story that you usually read about here. Actually it is the complete opposite. I was the kid who always had a ball in my hand looking for a game. Growing up and into adulthood I don't ever remember being overweight or out of shape.

My dream growing up was to play Major League baseball. My brother Chris and I even got invited to the St. Louis Cardinals invitation only tryout camp at Busch Stadium. That dream didn't quit pan out because frankly I just wasn't good enough so I moved on to boxing.

Bryan Gile
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I Moved On To Boxing.

I did pretty well at boxing but it was mostly small time, nothing major, and was never going to be more than small time. So, since getting punched in the face is very painful, I decided boxing was not for me.

I gave up my dream of being a professional athlete and decided to concentrate on being a professional dad and husband instead and got on with the business of taking care of my family. Although I was no longer training at a high level I still worked out and managed to stay in decent physical condition.

Bryan Giles Progress
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Bryan Gile's Deadlift Progress.

About 6 years ago I got a fever for running and decided that I wanted to compete again so I decided to start training. I ran in a few marathons. I didn't burn up the course but I was able to complete every event that I entered and was very consistent in my training logging 7-to-8 miles per day at sub 10-minute miles. Not too bad!

Then the bottom fell out. I don't know how or why it happened but for the first time in my life I just didn't feel like working out anymore. For some reason, I was just in a funk and I rationalized it by saying, "I've worked out all my life now it's time to set back and take it easy."

Looking back now I think it was the effects of overtraining for the marathons. I was really hitting it hard which was the only way I knew to train. I didn't realize that now being in my mid 40's my body needed a break now and then and I couldn't maintain the pace I did in my mid 20s.


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Overtraining: Less Is More!
Overtraining is one aspect of bodybuilding that is usually forgotten. This article outlines the damaging effects of overtraining.

The funk grew into full blown depression and along with it came the pounds. I was eating garbage I never ever dreamed I would eat - sodas, anything with sugar, baked goods, I shoved it all in my mouth.

I quickly went from a lean, mean, running machine of 185 pounds to a fat, disgusting, slob of a couch potato. My weight at the start of 2007 topped off at 248 and I looked and felt old for the first time in my life. I was in serious trouble.

Well just like a lot of folks who turn their lives around my wake up call came in the form of a picture that my wife took of me and my granddaughter playing. I couldn't even believe the person I was seeing in that picture was me! It's funny how your mind plays these little tricks on you.

To the rest of the world I was fat and looked old but in my mind's eye I was still the same athletic guy I always was which was the farthest thing from reality. That picture brought it home for me.

Bryan Gile
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I Couldn't Even Believe The Person
I Was Seeing In That Picture Was Me.

That was in April of 2007 and I would like to say I jumped right up that very day and haven't looked back since but the funk was strong and I just wasn't yet! I stopped eating like a hog and even started walking a little but I still wasn't ready to make that life altering move I needed to make until I visited my parents' grave on Memorial Day!

Standing there that day I remembered how proud my parents were of me when I was younger, how they would go to every game and cheer every little accomplishment. How excited my dad was for my brother and I that we actually had a chance to play for the Cardinals. So excited that he actually paid for our entire trip.

I wondered how proud they'd be if they could see how fat and unhealthy I had become. And then came the turning point, I remember how young they were when they died. My father was just 55-years old, only 5 years older than myself! The tears started flowing because I knew right then and there that if I didn't pull myself up out of this funk I could soon be dead as well.

I went straight home and found BodySpace on the net and created a profile. The next day I bought myself a gym membership and some free weights and got to taking back my body and my health.

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How I Did It

Thanks in large part to the information I got from and the support, friendship and inspiration I received from the many friends I made on BodySpace, I began to make big changes. I cleaned up the diet and I lived in the gym. As a matter of fact things were going so good and I was making such strides that I made the decision to compete in a contest.

I decided I would compete in the NPC Heartland Classic in April of 2008. You would think this would be the point where the happy ending happens but unfortunately fate had other plans.

Bryan Gile
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I Began To Make Big Changes.

Just a few months shy of my contest goal a serious accident sent me reeling right back to square 1. I was completely devastated that all my hard work had seemingly gone down the drain and had pretty much decided I would never compete.

Then I met BodySpace member Susan Beth. Susan was from Toledo, which is very close to where I lived, and she was training for her first contest in April of 2008 just like I had been.

We soon became good friends and she invited me to help her backstage at her show. Being backstage with all the competitors and feeling the energy and excitement first hand made me hungry to once again compete.

Bryan Gile
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Being Backstage Made Me Hungry To Once Again Compete.

Thanks to Susan, who has been my training partner, all my friends at BodySpace, and the understanding of my wife Maggie who lets me hang out with another woman and has been a key part in my support system, I've turned things around once again and plan on competing in several contest in 2009.

Bryan Gile's Supplement Plan

Bryan Gile's Diet Plan

My diet varies according to my goals but it is usually a typical bodybuilder's diet, eating every 2-to-3 hours consisting of lean proteins, slow burning carbs, and a few good fats.

Make no mistake though, diet is the main key to success. If your diet is not spot on you're wasting your time in the gym. A typical day of eating for me looks like this:

Bryan Gile's Training Routine

My training routine came to me courtesy of a blog by BodySpace member Jim Cipriani. The title of the blog was "To Make Gains, Progression is the Name of the Game" and the topic of the blog was progressive overload. In the words of Mr. Cipriani:

    "You cannot increase your strength by lifting things that are already easy. For muscular growth stimulation, you must constantly attempt the momentarily impossible. Below a certain intensity of effort, no amount of exercise will produce growth stimulation.

    For maximum growth stimulation, an intensity of effort that at least approaches your momentary limit is an absolute requirement."

At the end of Jim's blog he provided a link to his website so I went there and read a couple more excellent blogs on progressive overload and high-intensity training.

Bryan Gile
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You Must Constantly Attempt The Momentarily Impossible.

As I read these blogs a light began to come on and I realized I knew absolutely nothing about training intensity or the meaning of training to failure. I thought I did but as I read Jim's words I had to admit I didn't. In Jim's words:

    "Maximum intensity is only produced when an exercise is taken to a point where another rep would be impossible."

Those words really struck a chord with me. Now I start each workout with heavy weight, enough so I can only perform 6-to-8 reps using very strict form.

I emphasize the negative reps big time taking as long as 8 seconds at times to lower the weight and have my training partner help me cheat a few reps till my muscles are crying for mercy and I can no longer move the weight on my own.


Negative Reps Video Guide

This technique focuses on the negative portion of muscle contraction (the eccentric or lowering phase).

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Then instead of stopping I drop the weight, immediately pick up a lighter weight and bang out a few more reps using the same level of intensity. I continue doing drop sets until even the lightest weight is impossible to move.

The first time I did this type of workout I could not believe what was happening! My muscles were so pumped that I thought the skin was going to tear. I had veins bursting out everywhere! It was incredible. I had never experienced anything like this before! I was sweating like a dog, and was about to empty the contents of my stomach.

Let me tell you my friends if you are truly serious about gaining mass and getting huge, do yourself a favor and look into high intensity training and the overload principal. I train 5 days per week and my split looks like this:

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