Fitness 360: Workouts & Training - Brittany Tacy, True Brit

Brittany is a throwback in the gym. She lifts heavy and keeps her routine basic. Her results speak for themselves.

Brittany trains like a boss. "Don't be fooled by my size—I can impress most men with the weight I use!" she says. At 115 pounds, she'll military press 40-pound dumbbells, bench-press 100-pounders, and abuse the leg press machine with five plates on a side. "I have always trained by using classic, basic bodybuilding techniques," she says. Arnold would be proud.

"I never allow myself to plateau," says the 24-year-old. "If my workouts start becoming less difficult, then it's time to add more weight, superset a few exercises, or try something different with my cardio. Anything to challenge myself."

Brittany likes to hit the weights in the afternoon and does cardio immediately after. "I want to be at full strength for the weights because my primary goal is building and maintaining my muscle," she says, noting that she likes to increase poundage from one set to the next.

"After lifting, my heart rate is up and I'm already sweating, so I finish things off with 20-to-25 minutes of cardio."

Day 1: Legs



Day 2: Shoulders/Triceps/Abs


Resume regular sets


Day 3: Cardio

Day 4: Chest/Biceps


Day 5: Legs (Repeat Monday's Workout)
Day 6: Back/Rear Delts/Abs
Day 7: Rest