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Tips To Promote Yourself - Spokesmodel Representation Guide.

Follow this simple guideline and make it easier to get and keep jobs in your favorite Bodybuilding, Fitness and Health industry companies! Learn more from the following tips to raise your chances of getting noticed!

The 2007 Olympia at the one and only booth marked my 8 years of working in my favorite industry, the bodybuilding, fitness and health world. I have always loved to travel all around the country and even the world to represent amazing new products, hear what people's health concerns are and talk directly to the public and fans one on one.

Meeting my fans in person is high on my list of top priorities. Another list topper for me is getting to know new friends who I meet and work with and of course catching up with old with friends who have become life long. has always rocked out catering to the expos and athletes and it is always a complete pleasure to be on board with them!

While many of my friends and I are appearing at Expo booths representing products for companies, a lot of us are approached by expo attendees who ask us how they can get booked for these gigs as well. Some are already models, writers and competitors and some are just starting to get interested in the fitness industry and want to be more intimately involved.

Here are some tips to follow to raise your chances of getting noticed and hired.

Most of the time it is best to show up in person. Just sending an E-mail with a JPEG attached is usually lost in people's inboxes. Realize these companies get hundreds of this sort of mail and cannot spend time downloading each one. If you cannot get there in person, use the regular mail and mail hardcopies of an 8 X 10, resume, contact info and what expo or show you are requesting to work for your best bet of getting a response.

-> Self-Promo Package:

  1. Always bring cards with your name, website or such, phone and E-mail contact.
  2. Bring headshot and Body shot 8 X10's. If you don't have these, make arrangements to set up a photo shoot to get them.
  3. Photo Shoots:

  4. Have a current resume of your Bodybuilding/fitness/sports/writing/modeling experience available.
  5. Make sure you get your promo items into the right hands. Talk to the people who are working and ask them who to give these things to. Sometimes it may be the boss, marketing director, owner or manager.
  6. Follow up with whomever you gave your promo materials to with a phone call or E-mail when you get home.

Resumes & Comp Cards
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Resumes & Comp Cards.
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-> How To Act At An Expo Booth:

  1. Be professional. Wear company logos and look your best. A lot of us use spray-tanning products and most of us step up our training sometimes weeks before a big job.
  2. Smile! Be friendly to everyone - all day. Even when things get hectic.
  3. Be helpful. Ask to help everyone working with you. It is a team.

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Jamie Eason & Ginger Redeker
At The Olympia Expo Booth.

View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Expo Here.

  1. Get there early. Before the doors open to the public.
  2. Have change ready if you are selling product or 8 X 10 autographs.
  3. Be present at all times. No talking to or texting your friends on your cell phone during work.
  4. Represent. Stand whenever possible. No slouching in a chair in the back.

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Charles Glass & Jeremy Deluca, Brenda Kelly And Russ Deluca.
View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Expo Here.

  1. Get reimbursement and travel details clear before you show up.
  2. Learn about your company and their products. Do your research before you show up. Ask any questions you are not clear on before or when you get there.
  3. Talk to the people who are working to ask them how they like their particular company and what is expected. Each company is different.

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Nancy Di Nino & Tana Gabrielle
At The Olympia Expo Booth.

View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Expo Here.

-> Things To Watch Out For:

  1. Problems? Remain calm and go to the person in charge. No being grumpy to any customers, fans or attendees.
  2. After party alert! If you have to show up early the next morning, make sure you don't show up without sleep or hung over. Leave early and go out on the last night of the event as late as you like.
  3. Over eager fan behavior. You do not have to let fans touch you or treat you disrespectfully just to be nice. If someone is bothering you, tell him or her nicely you are not comfortable with their behavior and if they don't stop or leave, let someone know.
  4. Do not hand out your personal phone or home address unless it is for business only. If you are not sure, use your E-mail for a contact.
  5. Keep your blood sugar maintained at a normal healthy level and stay hydrated. Make sure you eat something for breakfast and break for a bite for lunch. Have water with you all day.


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  1. If you don't know the answer to a question about a product say so and either find out or direct them to someone who does know. Don't guess.

-> Capitalize For Your Future:

  1. Get cards from photographers, writers, magazine publication contacts and other models and trainers. Follow up with phone calls and E-mails after the event.
  2. On your break, introduce yourself and get contacts from the other companies that are there.

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Photographer Bill Dobbins & Brenda Kelly.
View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Expo Here.

  1. Send thank you correspondence to your company after the event.
  2. Make sure you let people know if you would like to work another show or expo as soon as you can.
  3. Give back. Advertise your experiences with your writing, pictures, your website or personal web page.


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  1. The biggest tip I can give you for representing a company and their products with the public is to just have fun! If you are having a good time, your team will want you to work with them again and the attendees will want to come over and spend time with your booth. A good spokes model is a very valuable asset for any company.


Follow this simple guideline and make it easier to get and keep jobs in your favorite Bodybuilding, Fitness and Health industry companies!

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

Brenda Kelly