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Labor Day 2007: Muscle Beach Championships & Bodybuilding Walk Of Fame.

The newly remodeled outdoor stage held a record number of 60 international competitors who displayed their hard bodies... Learn more about what fans were greeted to and who was inducted into the Walk Of Fame and more!

Want a healthy fun-in-the-sun action packed day at the beach complete with a bodybuilding and figure competition? Well you've come to the right place here at Muscle Beach in Venice, CA for the Muscle Beach Championships! I was at the booth and let me tell you, we rocked the entire beach spreading the word of health, fitness and bodybuilding!

The newly remodeled outdoor stage held a record number of 60 international competitors who displayed their hard bodies on stage for the Bodybuilding and Figure contest for the capacity beach crowd. It was a hot and steamy day in LA with temperatures of 100 degrees at the historical beach on Sept. 3 in California.

Fitness fans and enthusiasts all flocked to the beach to browse new health products at the fitness expo, to pick up some free samples, see their favorite Bodybuilding icons and celebrities and to just chill out with fitness friends.

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The Newly Remodeled Outdoor Stage.

An added attraction for all was the unveiling of 23 bronze plaques around the weight pen - the same one that Arnold (the Governator) and Lou (the Hulkster) worked out in at Muscle Beach for the new Bodybuilding Walk of Fame sponsored by

Everywhere you looked, people were talking to fitness professionals for advice, snapping hot hardbody PICS, and cooling off with the beach breezes and having a great time!

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Some The Competitors.

I was at the booth signing autographs and the Ironman Over 40 issue, along with IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo and the team. Whoohoo! We gave away free samples, coupons and had a blast!

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Lauren Powers, Bob Cicherillo & Brenda Kelly.

Admission is free to the public for all Muscle Beach shows, which are held every Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. The events are held on the exact days the holiday falls on, not the weekend before or after. Mark your calendars and join us! [*Editors Note: If you want to drive, get there early because parking can be difficult to find - LA likes to visit the beach when it gets hot.]

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Girls At The Booth.

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Bill Grant & Russ Deluca.

Prejudging for the Men's and Women's Bodybuilding and Women's Figure was at 10:00 AM and the finals started at 1:00 PM. The expo opened at 9:00 AM.

And BAMM! came out like a flame of fire!

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Brenda Kelly With Russ Deluca, Bob Cicherillo & Pricilla.
Photo By: Tony Christlieb, Courtesy Of Joe Wheatley Productions.

The king of the Labor Day bodybuilding extravaganza was clearly Jack LaLanne! Promoter Joe Wheatley, Ironman Magazine Publisher John Balik, and Treasurer Russ Deluca inducted Jack into the Bodybuilding Walk of Fame at Muscle Beach on Labor Day.

Jack's acceptance speech brought tears to many eyes in the audience and brought clarity about goals and life issues to the many the generations who work to have a balanced mind in health and fitness. His wife Elaine is the most wonderful partner bringing joy and help in any way she sees fit to Jack and they are in an amazing marriage/relationship. Yes, her name is Elaine LaLanne!

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Elaine LaLanne, Jack LaLanne & Brenda Kelly.
Photo By: Tony Christlieb, Courtesy Of Joe Wheatley Productions.

The King Pin and grandfather for health and fitness over the years has been Jack Lalanne. He always lends something special to every event and enterprise he undertakes. I have always been inspired myself at Jacks sense of discipline and enthusiasm.

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Lonnie Tepper, Jack LaLanne & Elaine Lalanne.

To be able motivate the public is no small feat and Jack has done this with positive and encouraging energies which by itself raises him above the norm. I witnessed a non-stop line of people who wanted to get close to him and tell him how much they adored, admired him, wanted to share experiences and get advice. Jack was gracious and encouraging to all. I was so impressed by his wisdom and commitment to excellence at any age!

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Thank you to Ironman Magazine for sponsorship of the awards for all of the Hall of Fame inductees. Ironman Publisher John Balik and his beautiful daughter Lilli were there to celebrate the land mark recognition of all of the icons who have been inducted and have made significant contribrutions to the Bodybuilding industry. Thank you!

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John Balik With Daughter Lilli.

Lonnie Tepper from Ironman and I did an on-camera interview for the event and there were many physique photographers including,, website photographers,, Ron from, and many more cameras everywhere!

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Lonnie Interviews Brenda.

Promoter Joe Wheatley felt it went extremely well and was moved by the moist eyes of the crowd when the entire beach sang happy birthday to Jack who will be 93 years young on Sept. 26. Many heartfelt thanks to our grandfather of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Jack LaLanne.

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Joe Wheatley, Brenda Kelly & Lonnie Tepper.

Special appreciation goes out to the presenting sponsor for the Muscle Beach Championships, Host sponsor was and A Joe Wheatley Production.

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Headblade Booth.

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

Brenda Kelly

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Brenda Kelly.