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Muscle Beach 4th Of July At The Booth!

Joe Wheatley Productions presents the competition and fitness expo that has been building tremendous momentum... Learn who was inducted into the hall of fame, how many competitors there were and more!

Happy 231st birthday America! What is the best way a fitness enthusiast can celebrate our 4th of July? We all go to Historical Muscle Beach Venice for the Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach competition in California!

Joe Wheatley Productions presents the competition and fitness expo that has been building tremendous momentum at the popular destination for bodybuilding and fitness fans! The Bodybuilding and Figure contests take place every Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Franco Columbu
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Franco Columbu Greets Joe Wheatley.

They are held right on each of those Holiday dates every year. If you haven't made plans to show up or seen these new and improved events don't hesitate to make your travel plans now! The Marina Pacific is the host hotel and they rock. It is placed right on the boardwalk and when you arrive, there is really no need to drive since anything you need is within walking distance!

Make reservations at:

Bring your family, friends, sunscreen, bikinis and swim trunks since the Pacific Ocean is just steps away on the sand. If you want to shop for sandals, towels and suits when you get there, no worries! There are tons of beach shops that line the boardwalk.

You can easily get a workout in by renting bikes, roller blades, swimming in the ocean, and Gold's Gym is within walking distance just a couple of blocks away! You may even see IFBB Pros and movie stars working out while you are there.

Victor Martinez was working out both at Gold's Gym and the Muscle Beach outdoor weight pit for a week before flying back to NY and stopped by to say hello at the booth before he left.

Big Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit! Big Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit!
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Posing Posing
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Victor Martinez.
Photos By SecondFocus.

Prejudging was at 10:00 AM and the Finals were at 1:00. There were a total of 70 hard body, fit competitors all having fun in the sun on stage.

Franco Columbu, 2X Mr. Olympia and longtime friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abbye "Pudgy" Stockton who was the top of the vintage Muscle Beach human pyramids, both were inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame during the finals.

Franco Columbu Franco Columbu
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Franco Columbu Is Inducted Into
The Muscle Beach Hall Of Fame.

Terry Bradshaw from Iron Man Magazine presented the awards and the title sponsor for the event was HeadBlade. Check them out at:

Speaking of our Governater ARNOLD, he has always supported the Bodybuilding industry and rode through the Muscle Beach show on his bike looking fit and strong. Thank you Arnold for always being there for your base fans! We love you!

Arnold Arnold
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Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All inductees for the Hall of Fame that were presented with trophies during the shows have been sponsored by Iron Man Magazine and will be part of the Muscle Beach Walk of Fame with their names on bronze plaques placed around the outdoor weight lifting area sponsored by

Each inductee as well as the Lifetime achievement awards recipients including Joe Weider and Jack La Lanne who will be at the 2007 Labor Day event will also be included. Go to to get the impressive list of the rest of the award recipients who have been honored.

Jack La Lanne Legends Interview: Jack La Lanne
Date: 4/19/2007

For more great photos of the Muscle Beach event check out these websites from the local photographers including our favorite, Ian Sitren from:, and

The exciting new news for the next Muscle Beach show on Labor Day 2007 includes not only the grandfather of fitness, Jack La Lanne, also stay tuned for the camera crew who will be filming the event for download viewing available online for the first time ever right on

Labor Day at Muscle Beach will be a spectacular, not to be missed show. Come join us! You will be coming back again and again. We all do!

Come Join Us!
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Come Join Us!

Please stop by and say hello at the booth, pick up a free sample, watch the Bodybuilding/Figure contest and get motivated in beautiful, sunny California!

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Take care of yourself. You deserve it.
Brenda Kelly

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