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2006 Olympia Weekend Expo From The Bodybuilding.Com Booth.

Right at the top of the Olympia weekend 'Must-Do' list is attending the 2-day Olympia Expo. Get an inside view on what happened, who was there, and what had to offer. It was a great weekend...

The exciting 2006 Mr. Olympia weekend is a bodybuilding and fitness extravaganza whirlwind year after year held this year in opulent Las Vegas.

Fans, friends and family come to enjoy the contests for the crowning of the Olympia titles for the Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia.

The Olympia Expo

Right at the top of the Olympia weekend "Must-Do" list is attending the 2-day Olympia Expo. In fact there are many who travel from far and wide to visit the Expo specifically... foregoing the evening contests held at night in trade out for a night out on the town or to attend the many star-studded Olympia After Parties in Sin City!

The Expo started in the morning at the Hilton Convention Center on both Friday and Saturday and went on until 5 PM.

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The Expo Stage.

The Mr. Olympia Expo is a sight to see filled with high tech booths from the top supplement companies in nutrition, fitness apparel, extreme sports, new training devices and everything and anything related to health and fitness. You can get personal autographs from Pro Athletes and your favorite sexy Magazine models.

Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler & Hollywood Producer Stephen Huntsman.

Attendees all are carrying stuffed, packed bags full of free samples (in Hollywood we call it "SWAG") and if that weren't enough, there are and tons of beautiful bodies everywhere you look to inspire you to look after your physical self for the entire year.

The Booth

The booth rocked the Expo with a line-up of top industry representatives and the best and most sample give-aways ever!

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Christina Lindley, Lauren Powers, Brenda Kelly & Fawnia Mondey.

We had IFBB Masters Pro winner, Bob Cicherillo, Cover Models Timea Majorova, Christina Lindley, Fawnia Dietrich and myself. We also had beautiful bikini and figure models Ginger Redeker and Gina Lara.

Ginger Redeker!
Ginger Redeker Wallpaper
NPC Figure Competitor & Fitness Cook!
Photo By Gary Gardiner.
Week #23 - 8/15/2006
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Gina Lara!
Gina Lara Wallpaper
Fitness Model & Calendar Girl!
Photo ©2006 Michael Stycket,
Week #22 - 8/08/2006
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Timea Majorova & Brenda Kelly.

IFBB Olympia weekend competitors Valerie Waugaman - who placed 12 in the Ms. Olympia Figure and Dayana Cadeau - who placed 2nd in the Ms. Olympia stop by to sign autographs for the fans. Congratulations to both and to all of the athletes!

Russ Deluca our Buff Daddy Boss came from the home offices in Boise along with CEO Ryan and Jeremy Deluca to check out the action and meet and greet.

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Bob, Ryan, Russ & John.

Also from the home offices were Head Webmaster Will, Richard, Gary and marketing director David Middleton. We needed all of the help we could get, as the booth is always a favorite for all to visit and there is never a lull in the action.

Ryan & Bob
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Ryan Deluca & Bob Cicherillo
With Bob's Belt From The 2006 IFBB Masters.

We handed out more samples fromm the top supplement companies than any other booth at the Expo. was incomparable for traffic and the always-popular Olympia T-shirts were on hand for free for those who entered their E-mail addresses at the computer stations right in the booth. Another main attraction at the booth was the media section where the Chapman Media Group taped webcast shows throughout the weekend.

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Setting Up For A Webcast.

Brenda Kelly's 2006 Olympia Expo Girl Power Hour

I had a spectacular show on Saturday afternoon called Brenda Kelly's 2006 Olympia Expo Girl Power Hour. It was an awesome array of the best female bodies and athletes that were there for the Olympia weekend. There were 4 separate interview sessions that came in to join me for the webcast.

Interview #1:

    Interview #1 was with "The Nutrition Magician" Kim Oddo and 5 of his 7 Olympia Figure athletes who were competing that very night. It was so exciting to hear their thoughts and meet them all right before the big show.

An Interview With Kim Oddo! An Interview With Kim Oddo! Kim Oddo shares how he got started in the industry and tips on choosing a trainer that's right for you. He is currently working with super star Monica Brant on her upcoming Arnold Classic figure competition.
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    Kim is definitely their coach, support system, guide, spiritual advisor, get the idea. Kim is the rock these women can depend on to bring them through some of the toughest times and the best of times.

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Kim Oddo & His Olympia Figure Athletes.

Interview #2:

    Interview # 2 was with my longtime friend the newest TV star trainer from "The Biggest Loser" Kim Lyons! She is so positive, motivating and friendly as always and it is not hard to see why Kim has been put in this position of media stardom.

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Brenda & Kim Lyons.

Interview #3:

    Interview # 3 was a mix of fit and sexy women with Olympia Fitness competitor, Julie Shipley-Childs who just placed 7th on the Olympia stage the night before. Julie was joined with Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding competitors and figure models. I wanted to represent the many types of beautiful women at the Expo.

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Julie, Brenda, Timea & Christina.

    Both Timea Majorova and Christina Lindley 2 of the hottest models on the fitness circuit were there straight from the booth! I love how all of the different physiques are represented for women at the Olympia.

Interview #4:

    Interview # 4 was with my 2 dear friends, Lauren Powers and production partner Ms. Olympia competitor Gayle Moher who placed 9th the night before.

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Lauren Powers & Gayle Moher.

    Lauren and Gayle are set to shoot a documentary with a camera team following them throughout Europe! The show is about women bodybuilders and the men who love them. How exciting! It will air in the UK on the Discovery Channel. There is definitely something for everyone's women physiques tastes at the Olympia Expo.

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Brenda Kelly, Steve Huntsman & Lauren Powers.

Webcast: Brenda Kelly's 2006 Olympia Expo Girl Power Hour.


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Brenda Brenda
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From Brenda's BodySpace.
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Supplement Awards also had its own annual supplement awards presentation during the Olympia Expo right in the booth. Check out who won! This is your chance to see what's new, tried and proven to really work for you!

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Ryan Deluca, Bob Cicherillo & Christina Lindley
Present The Supplement Awards.

View More Pics From The 2006 Supplement Awards Here.

2006 Supplement Award Winners. 2006 Supplement Award Winners. The winners are in... Find out who won the 2nd Annual Supplement Awards right here!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    Watch The Video Of The 2006 Supplement Awards Here.


The 2006 Olympia Expo at the booth was completely excellent. I recommend it to all who want to experience the pursuit of bodybuilding, health, fitness and the need to be on the cutting edge.

See you at next year's Olympia!

Take care of yourself. You're worth it.

Brenda Kelly

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