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An Interview With IFBB Fitness Pro, Julie Shipley-Childs!

Julie won her first IFBB Pro Show at the NY Pro Fitness Classic this year! She will be competing in the 2006 Olympia as a fitness competitor. See how she is getting ready for the show right here!

Julie Shipley-Childs' Road To The IFBB Fitness Olympia Stage

Julie and I have been friends through fitness since 1999. We traveled the world together performing our fitness routines and had the same choreographer in Seattle! Julie has always been known for her exciting, beautiful routines on the fitness stage and is an inspiration to all aspiring fitness athletes.

Julie won her first IFBB Pro Show at the NY Pro Fitness Classic this year! She is definitely in the running for the Ms. Fitness Olympia title. Congratulations Julie!

[ Brenda Kelly ] For the 2006 Fitness Olympia what are you doing different for your physique and routine?

    [ Julie Shipley-Childs ] I have a different routine... a tighter physique but smaller overall shape and I love my new body!!

[ BK ] How will you do this through your training?

    [ JSC ] I am doing heavy upper body training and high reps for my lower body with lots and lots and lots of cardio!

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Julie Shipley-Childs.

[ BK ] What do you feel is your most outstanding body part?

    [ JSC ] My shoulders have always been my favorite body part.

[ BK ] What will you do for your presentation for the Olympia stage?

    [ JSC ] I will tan in the booth - not a lot though because I don't want to over tan my skin and use Jan Tana for the stage.

[ BK ] What is your Olympia contest nutrition program?

[ BK ] What is your contest history to get to the 2006 Olympia stage?

    [ JSC ] I have been lifting weights for 9 years. My whole life I have been doing some sort of athletics including: Soccer, Gymnastics, Gymnastics and more Gymnastics! I was a NFL cheerleader - as a Sea Gal with the Seattle Seahawks!

    I got my pro card at the 2002 USA Championships and have been competing since 1998. I qualified for the Fitness Olympia at the 2005 Sacramento Pro, 2006 Arnold Classic and the 2006 New York Pro - where I won my first IFBB Pro show!

[ BK ] What Olympia Fitness competitor do you most admire and why?

    [ JSC ] Jen Hendershot for her routines and attitude... and awesome soul.

[ BK ] How are you feeling right now going into the Fitness Olympia?

    [ JSC ] Awesome and excited!!!!!!

Julie Julie
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    Vist Julie's Website Here.

Julie's Bio

Date Of Birth: November 3

Born/Grew up in: Seattle, Washington

Current Residence: Laguna California

Marital Status: Married - Happily

Height: 5'7"


    Contest: 138
    Off-season: 146

Measurements: 36c, 27, 35

Current Occupation: Model fitness athlete and personal trainer

Favorite Food/meal:

    Healthy: Oatmeal pancakes
    Cheat food! Carrot cake

Favorite Music: Hip hop (most)

Favorite Hobby: Hiking, Snowboarding, diving.