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2006 Body Rock Review By Brenda Kelly.

The road to the 2006 BSN and GNC Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure and Monica Brant Fitness Classic started months and even years before my Friday July 7 flight to Dulles from LAX @8 AM. Here is some of my feedback of an awesome show...

The road to the 2006 BSN and GNC Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure and Monica Brant Fitness Classic started months and even years before my Friday July 7 flight to Dulles from LAX @ 8 AM. Promoter Steve McAdams and Monica Brant put on a bang up show year after year with top-notch entertainment, industry Pros, quality athletes and a huge viewing audience along with cutting edge vendors. sponsors Bob Cicherillo and I were there to host the awards ceremony along with co promoter, Monica Brant. I had a total blast onstage with Bob our new Masters Olympia Champion and our favorite IFBB Olympia Fitness Champion, Figure star Monica. We three together have been hosting this event for 3 years as Emcees.

The Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness contest was held on July 8th at the George Mason University in DC/VA. There were over 150 athletes, 900 prejudge tickets sold, 1150 finals seats sold and a whopping 41 venders booths! The weather was perfect and there is an outdoor café with healthy options for all.

I was so excited to see Monica and her wonderful husband Scott as well. They moved this year from Santa Monica, CA to Texas! We all miss them at the Mecca and wish them the very best in their new lives and home. When I saw Monica, she was even more beautiful than ever so this new change must be working out for them very well indeed.

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Monica Brant.

This year Monica's new sponsor company BSN played a major part in welcoming the Body Rock attendees and athletes. They were at the front entrance for a special welcome to the fans. Monica was just signed last year to BSN and she will be a perfect and beautiful representative for Fitness and Figure women.

The Expo

The venders at the expo offer hundreds of give-aways to all during the entire event.

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The Stage Had Beautiful Lighting.

The expo stage had exciting entertainment the entire morning and afternoon including:

  • Karate
  • Hip hop
  • Travis Bagent - world class arm wrestler
  • Dips and chin-up challenges
  • Best biceps contest
  • Fashion show
  • And a meet the pros with IFBB Pros - Bob, Adela, Phil Heath and Gunter. is one of the sponsor/venders and I have been representing them for 4 years.

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Brenda & Bob Had A Blast!

My first Body Rock show was representing Kenny Kassel's Beautifit agency 5 years ago! I hosted the first fashion show on the Expo stage with Merry Christine original contest and Dazzle wear;

I am proud to say 4 years later the fashion show has been a fun attraction every year with the venders and Expo audience! This year I am to continue the tradition and host the 2006 Body Rock Expo Fashion show featuring apparel from:

  1. The Body Rock
  2. Monica
  4. Mak Attack Fitness Wear
  7. True Impact Sports -
  8. S&D Sportswear -
  9. The Valkyries -

Make-up for the models was provided by Shades of Monet. Monet had a booth and professional make-up artists at the Expo. They added a shimmering, high tech look to make our models both seductive and sophisticated and the models loved being pampered! Azziza even had lavender feathery eyelashes! Check it out at:

Thank You To Our Fit And Stunning Models:

    Laura Mak IFBB Fitness pro and CEO
    Laura's Groove Attack dancers; Jada, Jonsie, Doralis and Lorraine
    Sandra Simons our Island girl from Bermuda
    Corry Mathews who will be at the Team Universe next week in Figure
    Rachael Viernes, 15 years old from Woodbridge, VA
    Detrick Horsey
    Susan Dejarnette from Madison, VA, a ballroom dancer
    Yaw Owasu a football player from West Africa
    Nicole Harrison a personal trainer from Washington DC
    Azziza a 15-year-old honor roll student and model for Forever 21
    Lorraine Rosa a National Fitness competitor.
    Lindsey Boswell from Alexandria, VA with the best calves onstage.

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Brenda Kelly & Laura Mak.

All brought to you by and the Body Rock.

Since Bob and I are so busy during the Expo we need a helping hand at the booth and I just want to thank Michelle who is so beautiful, fun and upbeat for all of her help and support all day and into the night.

Thank you also to our wonderful photographer, Ian who followed the entire event for us all! I hear he is also responsible for some apple martini instigating with my good friend, sexy Grace Grimes who was there with Met Rx.

Bob had a really fun segment on the Expo stage with "Meet the Pros." The audience got to really get up front and personal and ask them anything they wanted. Gunter, Adela, and Marcus Haley were all onboard giving their tips and tricks.

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On Stage During The Expo.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony was a spectacular stage production. It is easily one of the best in our sport in the US and perhaps in the world! Head promoter Steve has it all going on from headsets (connecting all the crew and emcees), beautiful lighting, backdrops, a great music system and stage design, plasma screens on the expo stage, big screens on the main stage, make-up backstage, Jan Tana services for tanning and even a chiropractor!

I know the athletes and audience alike have come to love The Body Rock to compete or just to watch such a stunning production display. The competition line-ups are extremely high quality and the judges have a tough job since so many are in such excellent shape.

I am always bragging about hosting the Body Rock with Monica because we have such a wonderful relationship as friends, competitors and women. Monica and I have been through many fitness adventures together - shopping for her stage shoes on Hollywood Blvd. for the Olympia, fitting and designing her competition suits, designing party dresses, posing practice and working side by side at the Arnold, GNC and Olympia for

Chris Slatt, Brenda Kelly, Bob Cicherillo, Christina Lindley, Valentina Chepiga, Louis Dorman & Monica Brant @ The 2005 Arnold Classic.

It is so important for us women to bond and support each other in the health and fitness world since it is and has been predominately run and supported by the men. There are times that only a woman can understand, train and explain things to each other that a male trainer may miss.

Monica has always been a class act and solid representative. Monica rocks, Monica rolls. She is our flagship of the female athlete/competitor. I love that she is someone for the women in our sport to look up to as I have from the start of our friendship. Her husband Scott is always the most wonderful support for her and he and I have become great friend as well.

Two competitors I had the privilege to meet during the Body Rock are women who have formed a lasting bond of friendship through competition.

Jill Travaglia from Lowell, MA who was in the 5'5" class and took 5th and her friend, Brooke Doran from Kingston, MA who was in the 5'7" class took 3rd. I loved meeting them not only because they were positive and beautiful representatives of the figure sport but also because of the support they obviously had for each other as athletes, competitors and friends.

I have always felt this type of relationship is important to experience with your peers as athletes. I also had a group of women I trained with during my competitive fitness career. We trained side by side and went to shows together for over 3 years during my competition days and we are all still as sisters.

Many of us turned pro and we all found sisterhood. The friendships you build during this time will be lifelong as you all go through cheering for each other, struggles both physical and mental to achieve your goals.

Both Jill and Brooke raved about the Body Rock and said anyone who was working there and anyone who attended they met were the nicest people they have ever experienced at a contest. This is part of the wonderful atmosphere Steve, Monica and their excellent staff bring home every year. It is a really wonderful, supportive, inspirational vibe I have come to love and look forward to every year as well.

Thank you to the Body Rock event staff and my sponsor,

Focus and take care of yourself. You're worth if.

Brenda Kelly