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Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2006!

Since the beginning, the events at Muscle Beach have always been open to the public at no charge. This practice continues... Get the latest review and history right here for Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, 2006, held in Venice, California!

Fun in the sun and physical fitness have been the focus of attention at Historical Muscle Beach since the 1930's, 40's and 50's where fit men and women would gather at the original Muscle Beach site in Santa Monica to practice and demonstrate gymnastics and acrobatics.

The Golden Days Of Muscle Beach

In those days, muscled men would bench-press bathing beauties instead of dumbbells. Crowds of beach vacationers and locals would gather in awe as they would witness these outstanding physical efforts of the athletic participants building stunning human towers of beautiful bodies, turning graceful summersaults and effortlessly tossing each other around. The yearly membership dues for the weightlifting group were just $3.00!

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Back In The Day.

Since the beginning, the events at Muscle Beach have always been open to the public at no charge. This practice continues to make Muscle Beach Venice one of the largest amusement attractions in the Los Angeles area and a definite must see on any LA fitness enthusiast sightseer's list for vacationers and locals alike.

 Mandel Family
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Comedian, Actor, Howie Mandel & Family
Watching Some Impromptu Posing.
Photo By SecondFocus.

The focus remains on exercise and nutrition and continues to be the grassroots and soul of the famous bodybuilding industry now recognized throughout the world.

In 1954 Muscle Beach at Santa Monica was closed and the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department moved Muscle Beach to its current site on the Boardwalk in Venice, CA. Shortly after the move "The Pit" (another name for the outdoor weight lifting room) was opened and resulted in a world renown explosion of bodybuilders including such greats as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and Dave Draper.

Pioneers from the 40's - 80's of bodybuilding were indeed the legends of the Golden years of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2006!

The 2006 Joe Wheatly productions Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Memorial Day festivities was a two-day spectacular event that would do the great Bodybuilding grandfathers proud.

Day One:

    On Sunday was a beautiful day at Venice Beach and was set up with fitness booths like World Gym, House of Pain apparel, the US Armed Forces,, and INSTONE all handing out free samples.

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    The rock-climbing wall was a big hit with the crowd and the Air Force Commanders Jazz Ensemble that included a full horn section played both days was one of my personal favorite highlights.

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Air Force Commanders Jazz Ensemble.

    Pre-judge for the Muscle Beach International Classic Bodybuilding and Figure competitors was held in the morning with huge crowds sitting in the outdoor stands with standing room only all around the entire stage area. This is a non-sanctioned show and even though it is a competition, it is a relaxed atmosphere. The audience and competitors alike all had fun in the sun the entire time.

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Day Two:

    Memorial Day was even more beautiful than the day before with perfect crystal clear, sapphire blue skies, 80 degrees and a slight ocean breeze. To kick-start the festivities there was a spectacular F-16 jet fly over to celebrate Memorial Day and begin the awards ceremony.


Honored at this year's 2006 Muscle Beach Venice awards included Mr. Universe Mickey Hargaty who was married to Jane Mansfield in the sixties and seventies. He was given the lifetime Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Achievement Award. Mickey spoke of the 'hay days' of muscle beach and his love for Jane Mansfield, his former wife, who was later killed in and auto accident. He paid homage to all the great bodybuilders from his era.

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Mr. Universe Mickey Hargaty
Recipient Of The Lifetime Muscle Beach Hall Of Fame Achievement Award.

He said, "They're all gone, all the greats are all gone." He went on in his speech to list the names of dead legends; Steve Reeves, George Eifferman, Joe Gold, John C. Grimek and others. He touched many in the audience and you could see the tears in their eyes because of the emotion and the words that were spoken.

Mickey was joined with is wife Ellen and his daughter Mariska who is known for her T.V. series LAW and ORDER. Other legends honored were Samir Bannout, Glenn Sunby, Ed Giuliani and Bill Howard who promoted the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding outdoor contest shows for many years before Joe Wheatly productions took over.

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Ellen & Mickey Hargaty.

In the audience were Armand Tanny and his daughter Mandy, Zabo Kazuski, Iron Man editor John Balik, 2006 Mr. Masters Olympia Bob Cicherillo, and the lovely Model/Competitor/writer/MC Brenda Kelly.

Thinking About Going?

If you have ever thought of taking a trip to the Mecca of Bodybuilding in LA, seeing or participating in a Muscle Beach show would have to be at the top of your list of things to do.

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Check It Out!

The famed Venice shopping boardwalk runs parallel to the water, with the Ocean Front Walk path where bikers, strollers, rollerblades, joggers and walkers exercise in between the sand, pit, stage area and gymnastic/volleyball area.

Get on stage or just bring the family and have a great time! There are competition shows every Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day each year.

There are many more activities for you, your friends and family to do. Work out at "The Pit," join in basketball, handball, tennis courts, skateboard areas, go swimming, shopping, sunbathe, try the eateries or just relax and enjoy the show! All are right there and available at the same time.

Get more information on the contest events by going to See you at the beach!

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Take care of yourself. You're worth it.
Brenda Kelly