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Workout 4 Sheet-Ripping Sex!

Workout just to improve your sex life! When in the groove of a good workout program, you feel sexier than when not. I've put together some great training and nutrition tips to improve that most important activity! Read on ...

If working out could insure amped up sex sessions allowing you to reach a higher level of hot, sheet-ripping sex, it would motivate you to focus more on your fitness priorities, right? Right.

Workout just to improve your sex life! Many already know that when in the groove of a good workout program, you feel sexier than when not. Most feel we look sexier and we definitely feel hotter when our bodies are tighter and in shape. There can be huge differences in sexual confidence or lack of it depending on if you are on or off of your personal exercise program.

Sexy Brenda Kelly
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We Look Sexier & Feel Hotter
When Our Bodies Are In Shape.

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An overlooked added bonus to our physical training is found in the higher performance levels during our actual sexual encounters. You know, practical application, where talk needs to be backed up by action. This is not to discount well-timed, hot, steamy sex talk in addition to the practical action, of course.

Here is an example of the need for physical fitness for top scores in sex.

Picture this, you are in the middle of potential mind blowing sex with a red-hot partner who is primed, ready and wanting more of your sexy self and you ... get a leg cramp that puts you on instant injury reserve. While you scream, clutch yourself and roll about in a definitely non-sexy attempt to rid yourself of the nameless, excruciating pain, maybe you should consider your fitness level and even your current nutrition program - or lack of them.

Nutrition Program

How are you eating? Here are some basics on clean eating tips and things to watch out for.

Clean Eating Tips:


Are you getting enough protein? A quick rule of thumb is one gram of protein for every pound per day to prevent the loss of valuable lean tissue.


Fruits & Vegetables:

Are you eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables? Five servings a day as suggested is a great rule to follow.

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Five Servings A Day Is Best.

You may be deficient in vitamins or minerals. Lack of potassium has been linked to cramping. Potassium rich foods include bananas, oranges, tomatoes and potatoes.

Daily Supplements:

If you are not eating correctly and even if you are, are you taking your daily vitamins, minerals and or supplements?


How is your daily water intake? Can you remember the last time you drank enough plain water? Less than 8-10 glasses a day and you may be dehydrated which can be another major reason for cramping.

Stay On Top Of Nutrition:

All of these things can add to the cause of your unfortunate, abrupt end of your once potential super hot sexual session reducing it to the now not so hot, disappointing and even embarrassing anti climax of you - in this naked, undesirable, unattractive physical state.

Avoid this sad story and stay on top of your nutritional needs by eating clean and healthy meals. You can power your body up with nutrition for higher sexual performance.

Avoid Fats:

The best way to get started on a training diet program is to immediately cut back on fats (keep it to 15-20 percent), sugars (includes alcohol which is highly sugar based!) and processed foods.

Eat protein at least 3-4 times a day and add in lots of veggies with whole grains. If you don't have the time or the inclination to cook, there are options to choose to eat clean with convenience. You can find food out in the real world of restaurants and fast food establishments if you look and order correctly.

If you are ordering from a kitchen ask for your food plain without skin, oil or sauces. Ask for steamed veggies. To season, ask for lemon wedges, squeeze them over food and sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.


When ordering a green leafy salad, always ask for a low fat dressing on the side and add it yourself. Try to use as little as you can stand. Opt for no bacon or cheese and use minimal nuts and seeds. To really cut the fat, try balsamic vinegar or squeeze lemons over salad and add freshly ground pepper to use for dressing.

Fast Food:

Eating fast food can be more challenging to get enough protein in without the fat and empty processed calories. Try ordering the grilled chicken whatever and simply remove the meat, eat it alone and toss the rest. Find places with rice, beans or potatoes. Order them as plain as possible. Veggies are more difficult to find other than salads. Use your salad guide above.

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Super Market:

If you don't mind some minimal prep time in the kitchen, hit the super market.

For protein, buy cooked, roasted white meat. Get it skinless if possible. Prepare by de-boning, slicing and store in airtight containers for a quick grab and eat snack or to use over salads for protein. Cans of white albacore tuna in spring water are easy protein fixes to use over salads, over baked potatoes or alone.

Buy cut up veggies and pre made salads to open and eat.

Instant Foods:

egg whites

Instant oatmeal and liquid egg whites are huge time savers in the kitchen and easy, too. I love my liquid egg whites from Eggwhites International. Since I eat eggs every morning, they save me from endless, daily cracking and separating of eggs. Order yours right from!

In the kitchen, have on hand non-stick spray and light olive oil. If you like seasoning, experiment with the no salt varieties and fresh herbs. Use condiments sparingly. Low fat condiments include:

        • Balsamic vinegar
        • Hot sauce
        • Wasabi
        • Mustard
        • Ketchup
        • Soy sauce
        • Salsa
        • Teriyaki
        • Low & No fat non-dairy salad dressings

When food is not available, choose your favorite flavored high protein meal replacement shake or a high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat bar.

Staying Power Training

Now let's talk about working out for real staying power.

When the right chemistry comes up and inspires you into a sexual marathon, you want to be on top form for your game. Gasping with pleasure, flushed with desire with hot, sweaty skin on skin is dramatically different from gasping from being out of shape, purple faced and overheated while obviously needing an intermission, food, sleep and a sponge bath. Stamina is a wonderful thing for great sex.

There are all sorts of time sensitive sexual experiences to enjoy that only come after combining time, quality and quantity, like Tantric sex, a practice that envelops its practitioners in ecstasy that can last for hours. Don't miss out because you hit the endurance wall!

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Get the benefits for sexual endurance with cardiovascular training right along with a healthier cardiovascular system, higher burning metabolism, increased energy and fat loss. Your endurance cardio sessions will help assure you are able to really play it out with a partner who inspires that "lost in time sex syndrome."

Aerobic (meaning: to use oxygen) is a non-stop, continual activity for cardiovascular fitness and endurance. To be aerobic you must train at your target heart rate for at least 20-30 minutes. Examples to choose from include walking, running, swimming, cycling, stair climber, elliptical rider and rowing. All are considered aerobic when done non-stop.

Train aerobically to enhance endurance sexual fitness 3-4 times a week.

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Heart Rate:

To get the feel of a good working target heart rate level for yourself, listen to your body and use the talk test. You should be working hard enough to break a sweat and breathing should pass the talk test. If you can do your cardio session while telling your best friend all about your hot, sexy dream you had about them last night in detail, you are not working hard enough!

You should have enough breath to speak a couple of sentences, but not a monologue. If, however you cannot even say an entire sentence, slow it down a bit until you can. Have a fitness professional figure your target heart rate out for you and monitor you at first if you aren't sure.

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Your sex life will improve if you find the motivation to physically exercise. This will work to create balance with your physical body along with your mind and spirit. A true high-level sexual encounter has aspects of your mind, spirit and body all involved at some point.

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All three may not be involved equally all of the time without fine-tuning. If you have been doing your mental, spiritual and physical work, you can look forward to some incredible moments when they can be firing full board all at once. Look for sexual fireworks!

Get motivated to balance your life with physical exercise along with your daily mental and spiritual practices. Look for your workouts to raise your sexual enjoyment for you and your partner.

Motivating Your Partner:

Speaking of your partner, many people ask how they can motivate their partners to get fit or lose weight.

The best way to motivate someone else to get into better shape is to lead by example. If you are the one always ready for more and they are lagging behind, speak up! Offer to help research a workout or nutrition program or better yet, find something active you both enjoy to do with each other for exercise (other than more sex).

Support for each other will build trust, boost communication and create common goals you can share together. These aspects are just as important for a complimentary sexual partnership that sizzles.

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Boost Communication
To Create Common Goals.


Brenda's Motto:

"Extend yourself in the mental, spiritual and physical states.
One cannot excel without the others."

So, want to feel sexier? Want some real, high quality sex?

Question: Have you been on or off of your training programs?
Come to think of it, I have to go do a super set of push-ups and sit-ups.

Answer: I'm definitely on.

Focus and take care of yourself. You're worth it.