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Manners - Increase Your Dating Demand!

Rudeness and bad manners seem to be at an all time high these days with people too busy to pay time and attention... Get the basics right here and impress your date!

We all want to be in dating demand even if we are hooked up.

Have you ever noticed those smooth, popular people with no more looks or money than you that always seem to be surrounded by hotter level dates than themselves? Do you ever ask yourself if this could ever be YOU, for a change? If there were something you could do to help it become a reality, you would do it right? Of course you would.

Modern Day Miss Prissy @ss

Meet Modern Day Miss Prissy @ss, your new dating and etiquette coach.

MD Miss Prissy @ss' manners all originate from my original modeling/ charm school instructors, who were a real live bunch of Miss Prissy @sses teaching at "The Sears Discovery Charm School for Young Ladies" during the early 70's. I looked up the school on the web and it is still in existence and going strong! Check out the extensive manual online if you are interested. It's a hoot.

These basic Miss Prissy @ss teachings work great when combined and brought up to date with modern day living considerations.

  • MD Miss Prissy @ss says: It is easier than you think to appear attractive enough to hang out with. Displaying charm and attentiveness to another is really just acting with plain old fashion manners, my friend.

  • MD Miss Prissy @ss is sad to have noticed the steady decline of fundamental manners displayed by young ladies and gentleman as each generation becomes of dating age. Rudeness and bad manners seem to be at an all time high these days with people too busy to pay time and attention to looking up proper protocol for every social situation.

  • MD Miss Prissy @ss sees lots of romantic opportunities slipping by unnoticed and unclaimed. What a shame!

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    Claim Romantic Opportunities.

  • MD Miss Prissy @ss says let's use some old fashioned manners to bump up your romance level of enjoyment for the times of today.

Manners & Class

We have to start somewhere, so it may as well be the definition of the words "manners" and "class" as told to my class by the original Miss Prissy @ss.

A Miss Prissy @ss original Quote on Manners and Class: "What one would do even alone in a closet."

I kid you not. Our "How to have Charisma" instructor told us this - It is a good rule if you can de-code it properly for today's use.

MD Miss Prissy @ss translation of manners:

"Something you would do if someone else
whose opinion you cared about was watching;
as in using a tissue instead of your finger
or washing your hands after you have
used the restroom."

MD Miss Prissy @ss says if you hope the other person has washed THEIR hands, YOU should wash YOURS as well. It is really just a case of treat others as you would like to be treated thing here. This is logical stuff if you just stop to think about it.

MD Miss Prissy @ss says: manners would not have to be this extreme. It is silly, for instance, to ask to be excused out loud while alone... or in the closet. Modern, proper manners have a time and place. Learn where and how you can use them when it counts.

MD Miss Prissy @ss was raised in the USA. Remember, manners range differently from culture to culture. Slurping your soup straight from a soup bowl is VERY OK in Japan while it is considered rude and not OK here in the USA.

Use your best judgment considering your surroundings or if you are really stumped at how to properly eat, do what MD Miss Prissy @ss does as in... when in Rome... do as the Romans do. Observe and copy.

Basic Table Manners

One of the casualties of the missing "Family Dinner Hour" is basic table manners. The family table was where young ones were generally taught fundamental table manners and as the dinners started phasing out, some of the table manner lessons seem to be getting left behind as well.

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Table Manners Are Lacking These Days.

We have a grab and go food society for eating everywhere from standing up over the refrigerator to navigating a sandwich to your mouth while driving along the 405 in rush hour.

MD Miss Prissy @ss says hot, sexy dates are not impressed if you are seen out in public eating without manners at a nice place like an animal.

It can be a huge turn off watching someone holding utensils like primitive weapons, jabbing, stabbing and stuffing food down while friends are ducking from flying food out of your mouth. No, this is certainly NOT attractive.

There will be times you will want to impress with the use and knowledge of your TABLE manners.

Utensils & How To Work Them:

    To the left of your plate are up to 3 forks. The smaller fork farthest away is your salad or appetizer fork. The biggest one in the middle is for the main course and the smaller one closest to the plate is your desert fork.

    To the right of your plate is your knife, a soupspoon is in the middle and your teaspoon is on the outside of the plate. Sometimes the desert fork and teaspoon are at the top of your plate horizontally.

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    To hold your fork correctly, extend your eating hand and fingers like you are going to give a handshake, thumb pointing up. Place the fork in the crook of your thumb and curl the fingers in under the fork leaving the index finger on the top of the fork. Your thumbprint should be touching the side of the top of your index finger. You should be able to hold the fork with the thumb, index and middle finger underneath.

    Stab your food with your fork and bring the food to your mouth, fork top facing up. Your mouth does not go to the food. Got it? Do not blow on your food. If it is too hot, wait a bit. Just don't do the open mouth pant with the fork still in your mouth holding the hot food thing.

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    A Proper Utensil For Every Occasion.

    Close your lips around the fork with all of the food in your mouth. Doesn't fit? IT'S TOO BIG of a bite then now, isn't it?

    Extract the fork with your lips, keeping the fork facing upwards careful (MD Miss Prissy @ss Cringes) NOT to scrape it on your teeth. Put your fork down on your plate, hands in your lap, chew and swallow. Now is when you use your napkin if necessary.

    MD Miss Prissy @ss says putting the fork down and napkin dabbing after every bite is overkill unless the Queen is present. Just put the fork down sometimes and wipe milk mustaches and food falling off your face every so often.

    Do not talk with food in your mouth. Finish swallowing and THEN talk. This way no one has to see your disgusting chewed up food, or even worse, you spray your disgusting chewed up food everywhere because you are talking with your mouth full. Bluck!

    Do not drink with your mouth full of food. Chew more thoroughly and swallow first.

    Only pick up your knife if you are going to cut something, not to use it as a scoop into your fork. Ask for a steak knife separately if you need one. When you are done cutting, put the knife down, pick up the piece of food on your fork WITHOUT the knife in your other hand.

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    Only Pick Up Your Knife
    If You're Going To Eat Something.

    Soup is supposed to be eaten by scooping the spoon away from you. MD Ms. Prissy @ss says scoop however you want as long as you are not clanging your spoon against the bowl the whole time. Just scoop the soup, not the entire side of the bowl every time.

Eating Out


    When making a reservation, it is proper for it to go under the Gentleman's last name. After the Gentleman checks in for the reservation it is the "Ladies First" rule. It is proper to let your lady walk in front behind the host to your table. The lady follows the hostess first and the men fall in behind.

    When at the table, the host will sometimes ask for your coats. The lady is always helped out of her coat first by hopefully her date. Hey, if your date is a hottie, grab for it first!

    The man hands his coat to the host last.

    The host may pull out the chair for the lady to sit in. It is also proper for the man to pull out the chair for your date to sit in.

    Your host may place your napkin on your lap for you. If they do not, it is fine to put it on your lap yourself as soon as you sit down.

    Ladies are handed the menus first.

    Ladies order first.

    After the food shows up, it is proper to wait until everyone at the table is served until you dig in. If the rest of the table tells you to go ahead, it is at your hunger level discretion to wait or not at that point. If it were an intimate setting, MD Miss Prissy @ss says it would better to be safe and wait until all are served.

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    Wait For Everyone To Be Served.

    When community dishes arrive like appetizers or Chinese food, do not eat directly from the serving dish. Never put your personal eating utensils into the community dish. Use a serving spoon. The gentleman serves a portion to his date on the separate smaller plate usually provided, and then serves himself a portion on his own appetizer plate. MD Miss Prissy @ss says it is fine to use your bread plate for more than bread.

    If you have to leave the table for any reason, excuse yourself. If it is an intimate dinner, set your cell phone for message pick up. It is considered rude to talk on your cell phone while out on a one on one date and sometimes it is not appropriate in an important group meeting either.

    A gentleman should ask his date if they are finished with their food and drink before asking for the check.

    A gentleman helps his date out of the chair, and walks out with the lady in the lead.

    It's a beautiful thing this manners stuff.

    Whew. Just remember, ladies first and you can't go wrong most of the time.

    MD Miss Prissy @ss says it may be preferable for a lady to walk behind her date in crowded situations because he clears a better way through. However, while being seated as long as there is someone showing the way, it's ladies first.


    MD Miss Prissy @ss says there is always time for a balance of both the prissy and the practical world.

    In a fun, informal social situation, it may be more like... hey, whoever gets to the seat with the best view of the action first wins. If you need help with your damn coat just say so, but I think we both can handle it ourselves. You can tell your date to order you a Coke on the way to the rest room (wash your hands, right?) and it is OK to eat while using your fingers without proper utensils.

    There are times you just want to get some grub down without the Miss Prissy @ss manner patrol getting on your back and it's fine, really. Just as long as your manners make an appearance when it counts.

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    Sometimes You Just Want Some Grub.


    Generally the gentleman tips on a date. Although not mandatory, it is considered proper to tip for good service.

    Waiter: 15-20 percent to the waiter of the pre tax amount considering the service and amount in the party.

    Bartender: 10-15 percent of the bar bill. If the bar tab is separate, it is a separate tip.

    Wine steward: 10-15 percent of the wine bill.

    Servers at the counter: 15 percent.

    Coat check: $1.00

    Valet: $1-$3.00

    Headwaiter or Maitre d': $20 - $100.00. Depending on your frequency and occasion.


When in doubt, ask yourself the question: if you knew someone whose opinion you cared about were watching your actions, would you behave using manners if you knew how? Of course you would.

You never know when someone may just motivate you to want to pull out all of the stops and impress with class and manners. That super hot Miss Prissy @ss over there may check your table manners out right now you rugged, charming caveman you. That's right... chew... then swallow... and no blowing for now.

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You Rugged Caveman You.