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Change Your World In 2006 - Go For Greatness And Glory!

Be ruthless in the way you challenge and accept change. Remember this especially when you are striving to better yourself. Now read on and get motivated!

Ring in 2006 by mentally resolving to kick-start your destiny of greatness and glory. Your mind is the greatest gift you have for it will steer you in the direction it considers the most important.

This is every reason to consciously bring your thoughts towards positive and rewarding goals you choose to focus on. Work hard to use your energy to find a more harmonious path and claim the greatness and glory you were born to have.

You have already won the lottery. You have already beaten all odds just by being one of the chosen ones here on Earth. It is easy to forget this when in the midst of living our busy lives. The wonder of our own birth is forgotten when we grow away from childhood. This does not mean it is gone, just put aside when we are dealing with every day ups and downs.

We need to learn from both positive and negative experiences in our lives as well as learn from the struggles and conquests of those of others' of course, however; strive to focus on what is most positive only. It is easiest to learn from others however sometimes we have to have practical application to get it right.

After a particularly tough spell always ask yourself:

"What was the lesson here?
What could I have done better?"

The most we can do sometimes is to monitor our own reactions and responses. Choose wisely using the strength of your life experiences and insights.

Leave behind thoughts of what others could have, should have or would have done if only... Focus only on what YOU can and will do the next time this pattern comes up in your life. What would be best for YOU to do to accomplish a win-win situation?

Brenda Kelly
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What Was The Lesson Here?

Remember, life will keep putting the same lessons in front of you again and again until you "pass" the test. You can gain personal insight into how and why a difficulty keeps arising if you pay attention. Be determined to do things differently in future. Move on already! Do something different! Change your world and claim your right to greatness and glory!

Challenge Your Approach To Change

An important part of building the life you want is learning to accept change. Accept it, embrace it, and seek it out. Change is the fundamental principal of our lives.

Charles Darwin said,

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

Be ruthless in the way you challenge and accept change. Remember this especially when you are striving to better yourself.

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Be Ruthless.

Einstein said,

"We can't solve problems by using
the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

The universe will automatically give you both positive and negative feedback. These are both gifts to you so you can gain perspective. Experiences to better ourselves are never all wonderful and good nor either are they ever all bad and horrid. They become exactly what we need them to be to obtain wisdom, humility and faith on our way to greatness and glory.

Physical Renewal:

    With no effort on our part, our physical self is changing right this minute without us even noticing it. Did you know that the cells in your body are constantly changing and renewing themselves?

    Every four weeks, your skin is totally new. Your gums are replaced every two weeks, and your stomach lining every four days. Over a year, 95% of all the trillions of cells that make up "you" are changed and new. This is all physical and done without thought.

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A New You Every Year.

The Challenge Of The Non-Physical:

    The challenge comes when we are reacting to a change from the non-physical world into the mental and spiritual planes that involve using our minds. Sometimes when we find ourselves in a mentally or even spiritually stagnant situation and know that something needs to change, the uncertainty this creates can be scary since it pushes us out of our comfort zone.

    Vow not to let the fear of change stand in your way. When a chance for change appears suddenly in your life, instead of flipping out, embrace it and look for the new and exciting opportunities it presents for you.

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    Embrace Change.

    When you are stuck in a life situation and looking for some help, step out boldly and force yourself to initiate a change on your own. In this way you will never stop growing and gaining power for the glory and greatness you were meant to achieve.

    It is most important to remember that change always brings opportunity to grow in a new direction. This is wonderful news! The trick is to plan for greatness and glory and still leave room for flexibility of change. There is nothing to fear from change. You should only fear not to change.

Live For The Power Of Now

"Do not be afraid to have this be
the best time of your life right here, right now."

- Brenda Kelly

We never know what is in store for us tomorrow so live for today and this moment with all of your might whether you are relaxing and regrouping or working out like an animal in the gym. Living in the here and now takes practice and effort at first. Life will pull your energy this way and that (willy-nilly) if you let it. Take control!

If you don't have a solid plan, how can the universe present you with your hearts desire?


What Is Your Goal?
Is Your Goal Not Listed? Click Below To Learn More About Goal Setting.

Remember to leave room for flexibility in your plans since some of the best things in life come from complete left field while going for another separate goal. As long as you are open and active in working out a better life for yourself considering the benefit of others as well, your path will be a wonderful journey full of greatness and glory.

We all know people who cannot stop living in the past and we are all guilty of future tripping to an extent. Living for the now is the only thing that is real right here right now. Be the best person you can be at this time in the present. Be content that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this particular moment.

There is nowhere else in the universe you are supposed to be except here. Now. Pay attention to the people around you and participate in your life with greatness and glory and it will become true.

Mentally Stop Judging & Comparing Yourself Against Anyone Else

It is human nature to judge the actions of others and compare them against our own ideas of what we believe we want or what we believe to be best. This is usually our ego at work on overdrive. The truth is when we judge with our egos we get sidetracked since we really do not know what is best for others and often we don't even know what is best for ourselves as well. Our egos only think we do.

Do You Compare Yourself To Others To Judge Your Progress In Reaching Goals?

Yes, I Find It Motivating.
No, I Find It Discouraging.

How many times have you been set back a step or two because you were bullheaded enough to want a certain outcome to a situation no matter what while ignoring the red flag signals the universe was sending only to find out what you thought you wanted ended up to be one of the worst things that could ever happen?

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Don't Be Bullheaded.

If we would let our egos have a rest, tap into our positive intuition, stop judging the outcome and let go of expectations, we would then be able to allow the magic of divine intervention to more smoothly steer our way to greatness and glory.

More miracles happen when people are in the mood for them. They pop up when we are willing to extend ourselves to extraordinary ideas and practices. With the willingness of an open mind, a little bit of extra magic can even be expected. It is time to understand your own true magnificence of greatness and glory.

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Greatness & Glory!

It's never too late to begin to pick up the reins of power and let the unbelievers eat your dust. You will fulfill your destiny of greatness and glory. Focus.

I am here for you.

Brenda Kelly