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Youth Quest Maintenance 101!

As we age, our bodies seem to decrease in stamina and appearance. Everyone is trying to find the secret to youth and vitality. Here are a few of the natural chemicals that we believe can help us in our quest.

The quest for the fountain of youth is as old as the ancient kings who sent out searches far and wide for the cure of their aging bodies and vitality.

Seekers of youth and physical revitalization realized to their dismay, our human bodies can break down much faster than our mind and spirit.

As We Age...

As we age, mental and spiritual abilities can widely increase, as our bodies seem to decrease in stamina and appearance.

Men and women alike seek rejuvenation of the physical self from the outside in as well as from the inside out. The intention is to bring balance to our growing mental and spiritual awareness with the vitality of a youthful physical quality using controlled application of new technology.

The use of herbal extracts to beautify and enhance athletic performance has been studied and practiced for thousands of years.

Soothing herbs, natures healing potions and the pampering of natural spas have been an important part of the top end of civilization to help create a higher quality of physical youth and vigor for those seeking this level of lifestyle.

Today we have amazing technology in discovering human cell components that can be identified, created and stabilized to use as treatments and catalysts for specific results geared towards youth maintenance.

Gamma Oryzanol:

    Gamma Oryzanol, which was one of the first plant sterols to be studied, is a combination of substances found in rice bran oil. In Japan, it is a widely accepted fact that rice bran oil contains many beneficial traits.

    Gamma-O has been scientifically as well as clinically proven to naturally increase testosterone levels by up to 800% and to release endorphins that lower stress and cortisol levels. All of this takes place without the harmful side effects of steroids, prohormone or andro products.

Implications Of Cortisol Release!
There is another hormone associated with bodybuilding. This hormone is cortisol, a steroid hormone, and is probably the most underrated of the bodybuilding hormones.
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How Stress Affects Things...

Levels of cortisol and stress have both been proven to be key factors in fat metabolism.

Stress can affect your body in a variety of ways. When stressed, many people have a hard time losing body fat even with a good nutritional program and solid training schedule.

What Are All Of The Basics You Have Always Been Told
     To Apply When Determining Your Stress Level?

    A healthy balance would include weight bearing exercises, cardiovascular training, proper nutrition and water, enough sleep, fulfilling work and a positive support system for your spirit. If any one of these aspects are missing or not up to par, you may be headed for stress.


      Endorphin release is a great way to offset stress in your mind and body, which raises your spirit. A good cardio session or workout can trigger endorphin production naturally. All who exercise with intensity can relate to how great it feels to have these endorphins kick in.

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      Endorphin Release Is A Great Way To
      Offset Stress In Your Mind And Body.
      Thanks Brenda!

      Your mind feels clearer, your body feels strong and this definitely gives your spirit a positive boost.

      On the other hand, if you have ever had to forgo your exercise schedule for any reason including injury, surgery, kids, travel or even work deadlines and felt sluggish and depressed you have probably experienced endorphin withdrawal.

      Anyway, to turn on your endorphins is a good thing all the way around.


      Both men and women benefit from an increase in testosterone in many ways. It is just a matter of strength of product, dosage and frequency that would be different for women than men.

      Although men have 10-20 times more testosterone than most women, testosterone is not just for men or athletes anymore. Benefits of testosterone have been mostly linked to competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and football players to increase strength, muscle gains, reduced body fat, add enhanced energy during workouts and reduce post-workout soreness for quicker recovery.

      Testosterone aids in the growth of lean muscle tissue while raising your metabolism to burn off more unwanted fat. Those looking for more sexual vitality, more youthful skin and hair will also find positive results.

      An increase in sex drive is another reason to up your testosterone. While there are no simple tests to identify testosterone deficiency as a cause of low sex drive, the fact remains most women and men who take testosterone supplements experience an increase in sexual desire.

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      An Increased Sex Drive.
      What Other Reason Do You Need?


Even if they do discover the key to immortality, it won't be much use unless they also find the secret of eternal youth. We don't want to live forever unless we can look and feel good too. We want to look younger, preferably without our adolescent and pubescent paranoia.

None of us wants to go through that again, do we? What you really want is a wiser head, a younger heart and spirit with a well-maintained body.

I say, bring on all of the youth maintenance technology has to offer and if it increases my sex drive as well... even better!

I am here for you,
Brenda Kelly